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Thread: Community Mods and Plugins Library

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    Post Community Mods and Plugins Library

    Scripts and mods are add-ons to your game that are not supported by SQUAD.
    They are generally created by other members of the community and may have varying degrees of effectiveness or even problems.
    Installing any of these has the potential of breaking your game. In general, the users in this forum will attempt to help you solve
    any problems created by the installation of scripts and mods, but you cannot expect SQUAD or the official technical support
    channels to help you with problems created by mods. With that disclaimer covered you should know that the vast majority of mods
    and plugins linked here are stable.

    Last Updated : Mar/28/2015


    API :
    [0.90] Addon Controller by Uzza ; Allows you to enable/disable specific addons or parts for individual saves while in game
    [0.90] ADIOS Tech Tree by Arachnidek ; A huge and challenging tech tree.
    [0.90] Community Resource Pack by RoverDude;
    [0.90] Community Tech Tree by Nertea;
    [0.90] Connected Living Space by codepoet ; API to provide information about which parts kerbals can pass between internally.
    [0.90] CrewFiles by Ippo; Allows other mods to store individual data for each kerbal. It also provides a mechanism to generate data automatically.
    [0.90] DDSLoader by sarbian; Loads DDS Texture
    ^^[0.90] KSP to DDS texture converter by Lilleman;Texture converter tool
    [0.90] Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier by BryceSchroeder, Teknoman117: [WIP]
    [0.90] KSPAPIExtensions by swamp_ig
    [0.90] KSP-AVC by cybutek; KSP Add-on Version Checker
    [0.90] Module Manager by sarbian
    [Soon(™)] Open Resource System by Fractal_UK; ORS is designed to provide a framework for mods to create resources in KSP with minimal effort.
    [0.90] PlanetFactory CE by Kragrathea; [WIP]
    [0.90] Regolith - an open ISRU and Resource framework by RoverDude;
    [0.90] Toolbar by blizzy78; Common API for draggable/resizable buttons toolbar .

    Armory :
    [Soon(™)][Parts] BDArmory by BahamutoD;[WIP] Weapons pack
    ^^[Soon(™)][Parts] Spanners Boomsticks by SpannerMonkey
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Bombs by PatPL; Drop and shoot Bombs

    Cheats :
    [0.90][Plugin] HyperEdit by khyperia, Ezriilc

    EVA/IVA/Hud :
    [0.90][Plugin] AIPS - Better IVA Prop Placement by FinnishGameBox
    [0.90][Plugin] CCP Custom Control Pad by L.J. Silver; Remote control KSP from your Touch device !
    [0.90][Plugin] CrewQ(ueue) - Crew Rotation and Variety by enneract
    [0.90][Plugin] Final Frontier by Nereid; Kerbal individual merits(achievements/ribbons)
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] FireCrew by xEvilReeperx; Fire, Retrain or Retire unwanted crew
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Holiday Jeb by Nazari1382; [WIP]
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] GHud - Logitech G19/G510 by BGog42
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Crew Manifest by sarbian; Transfer/add crew between parts in the same vessel
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal EVA Resource Transfer by marce;
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] KerbalHotSeat by codepoet; With this mod installed your kerbals will occasionally move seats to other seats in the craft.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] KPseudonym by ClockPunkPanic; Customize Kerbal name generation
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Mysterious Projects by Nazari1382
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Mk2 Cockpit Internals by Sam Hall; Mk2 Cockpit Internals
    [0.90][Plugin] NanoGauges by Nereid; tiny ogue gauges for kerbalnauts
    [0.90][Plugin] NavHud - a NavBall inspired Heads Up Display by Ninenium; NavHud provides a new(ish) navigation instrument: A Heads Up Display showing you precisely what way your spaceship is pointing and more.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] PuntJeb by TwistedMexi; Statistics for your Poor Kerbals' Souls
    [0.90][Plugin] RasterPropMonitor by Mihara; Make your IVA a glass cockpit
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Vanguard Technologies | EVA parachutes by Kreuzung

    Flags :
    [0.90][Flags] ESA Country Flags by Woopert
    [0.90][Flags] Kerbalized Flags and Space Agenciest by DirtyFace83 ; Adds 23 Kerbalized Real Life Space Agencies and over 50 Kerbalized Real World flags.
    [0.90][Flags] Tarkata`s Basic Flag Pack! by GunTuga Custom Flag Pack
    [0.90][Flags] UAL002's Lorefriendy Serious Parody Flags by UAL002

    Funds and Career:
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Aligned/Formatted Currency Indicator by xEvilReeperx
    [0.90][Plugin] Better Than Starting Manned by FlowerChild; Progression balance mod
    [0.90][Plugin] Contract Configurator by nightingale ; Create new contracts using configuration file syntax.
    ^^[0.90][Plugin] Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor by nightingale
    ^^[0.90][Plugin] Contract Pack: SCANSat by DBT85
    ^^[0.90][Plugin] Contract Pack: RemoteTech by nightingale
    [0.90][Plugin] Contract Reward Modifier by DMagic ; In-game utility for changing all contract and parameter rewards, penalties and other values.
    [0.90][Plugin] Contracts Window by DMagic; Monitoring window designed to give more information and be more flexible
    [0.90][Plugin] Waypoint Manager by nightingale; Renders waypoints in flight mode.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Construction Time by magico13 ; Vessels take time to build.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Payroll and Loans by johnqevil
    Coherent Contracts by peadar1987, Xacktar, DuoDex
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] DebRefund by Vendan
    [0.90][Plugin] Fine Print by Arsonide; More contracts to flesh out the base game
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Kerbal Economy Enhancements by zyngawow
    [0.90][Plugin] Mission Controller Extended by malkuth
    [0.90][Plugin] SETI-BalanceMod - Scope, Economy & Tech Integration by Yemo; Scope, Economy & Tech Integration - BalanceMod
    [0.90][Plugin] StageRecovery by magico13

    Game object or feature alteration:
    [0.90][Plugin] Active-Memory-Reduction-Mod (TextureCompressor) by rbray89 ; Compress your loaded textures to save 100-1000MB
    [0.90][Plugin] Dang It! by Ippo; A random failures mod for KSP
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Deadly Reentry by NathanKell
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Engine Ignitor by HoneyFox ; Features engine ignition limitations.
    [0.90][Plugin] Ferram Aerospace Research by ferram4
    ^^[0.90][Plugin] NEAR: A Simpler Aerodynamics Model by ferram4: Simpler FAR model
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Goodspeed Automatic Fuel Pump by Gaius; Tanks that automatically pump fuel where it’s needed.
    [0.90][Plugin] Hangar by allista ; Provides parts to store complete vessels inside.
    [0.90][Plugin] Hangar Extender by Snjo; Extends the usable area when building in the SPH or VAB
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Improved Chase Camera by BahamutoD; Option to make the chase camera follow your velocity to give you a better feeling on how your plane is moving, its angle of attack, sideslip, etc
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Kerbin City by many
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Isp Difficulty Scaler by ferram4
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement by ferram4; Properly Rigid Part Connections
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Mechanics by IRnifty; Part Failures and Repairs
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] KerbPaint - Paint layering for parts by Texel
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Modular Fuel Tanks by taniwha; Modular fuel tanks for stock resources. Replaces Modular Fuel System (the without-real-fuels mode of it). Use this or RF.
    [0.90][Plugin] Real Fuels by NathanKell; Real fuels, modular tanks, and realistic engines. Replaces Modular Fuel System-RF (the Real Fuels mode of it). Use this or MFT.
    [0.90][Plugin] PWB Fuel Balancer by codepoet ; Automatically moves resources between tanks in your craft to keep the centre of mass in a place of your choice.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] RealChute Parachute Systems by stupid_chris; RealChute is a complete rework of the stock parachute module, more realistic results out of parachutes!
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] SceneJumper theSpeare; Adds buttons that allow player to jump between the VAB/SPH/TS/FLIGHT scenes directly
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] SensiblePumps by Mihara; Automatically shuts down engines on broken-off parts.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Speed Unit Changer by lttito; Speed Unit Changer, a simple plugin to visualize current speed in different units.
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] StretchySRB by NathanKell; Procedural fuel tanks and solid rocket motors.
    [0.90][Plugin] UbioZur Welding Ltd. by girka2k, UbioZur

    Info/Control :
    [0.90][Plugin] Achievements by malkuth, blizzy78
    [0.90][Plugin] Actions Everywhere by Diazo[/b]; Add the commands from the part right-click menu to your action groups, including resource crossfeed and resource locking.
    [0.90][/COLOR]][Plugin] Anatid Robotics / MuMech - MechJeb by r4m0n
    ^^[0.90][Plugin] Optional MechJeb Modules by sarbian
    [0.90][Plugin] Atmospheric Trajectories by Kobymaru, Youen; The mod displays trajectory predictions, accounting for atmospheric drag, lift, etc.
    [0.90][Plugin] Auto Actions by Diazo[/b]; Automatically activate Action Groups and set throttle when launching a new vessel.
    [Soon(™)][External Python Script] basaGC by ttb ;[WIP] Apollo Guidance Computer for KSP(requires python 2.7)
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Captain Sam's by Greys; Locational Desafification Equipment
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Conics Configurator by OrbitusII ; In-game Conics Patch Mode settings
    [0.90][Plugin] Davon Throttle Control by PrivateFlip
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] FPS Viewer by Ippo; Adds a little window that will show your frames per second in game.
    [0.90][Plugin] Haystack Continued by Qberticus ; Allows you to list, search, and switch to your in flight vessels and their docking ports.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Alarm Clock (KAC) by TriggerAu ; Set alarms and reminders to help you stop at events and manage time
    [0.90][Plugin] KSP Alternate Resource Panel by TriggerAu ; Alternate view of the resources list and also add some staging functionality to the map view.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbin Date Calendar by nuclearping; Adds a small calendar window to display the date and time at home on Kerbin.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbal Engineer Redux by cybutek
    [0.90][Plugin] KerbalFlightData by DaMichel ; Displays essential information for piloting space planes. Intended for FAR/DRE users.
    [0.90][Plugin] KerbalFlightIndicators by DaMichel ;Draws a couple of markers directly in your field of view.
    [0.90][Plugin] kOS Scriptable Autopilot System by KevinLaity
    [0.90][Plugin] Landing Height Display by Diazo; Change the altimeter at the top of the screen to display the distance from the bottom of your vessel to the ground.[/QUOTE]
    [0.90][Plugin] NavUtilites by kujuman ; Instrument Landing System and HSI for runways around the Kerbal System; standalone and for RPM
    [0.90][Plugin] Notes by agises ; Simple ingame notepad / checklist
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Persistent Trails by SirJodelstein; Recording and playback of vessel movement on a celestial body, includes a "total track length" info readout
    [0.90][Plugin] PreciseNode by regex; Maneuver node replacement with additional information.
    [0.90][Plugin] Protractor by mrenigma03
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Proximity alarm by Biff Space ; Landing aid - audio / visual alarm when vessel is nearing planetary surface.
    [0.90][Plugin] Resource Details in Tracking Center by avivey; This plugin shows the resources state of the selected ship in the Tracking Center.
    [0.90][Plugin] RCS Build Aid by m4v; For balanced placement of RCS
    [0.90][Plugin] RCS Landing Aid by Diazo; Use RCS blocks to reduce your horizontal speed to zero to land.
    [0.90][Plugin] RKE On-screen Joystick by spudbean ; Control your craft using your mouse with an on-screen window, and fine-grain keyboard control.
    [0.90][Plugin] Switch Active Vessel by avivey ; Buttons to highlight and switch active vessels.
    [0.90][Plugin] TAC Atomic Clock by TaranisElsu; Displays the current time in Kerbal time units and in Earth time units.
    [0.90][Plugin] TAC Sticky Controls by TaranisElsu;
    [0.90][Plugin] Targetron Jarcikon; Target or command vessel from a list of active flights!
    [0.90][Plugin] Throttle Controlled Avionics by qfeys; New level of attitude control to rockets and other craft with multiple engines.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Time Control by Xaiier ; Slow-motion, hyper phys-warp, custom rails-warp settings, and performance monitor/manager
    [0.90][Plugin] Transfer Window Planner by TriggerAu ; An ingame implementation of AlexMun's Launch Window Planner - find effective planetary transfer burns
    [0.90][Plugin] VOID - Vessel Orbital Informational Display by toadicus
    [0.90][Plugin] Vertical Velocity Control (and Hover) by Diazo; Lock your vertical speed at a specific velocity (up or down), or hover at a specific altitude above terrain.
    [0.90][Plugin] Vessel Viewer by PeteTimesSix
    [0.90][Plugin] WernherChecker by Magion ; Editor pre-flight checklist

    Earth/Wind/Fire and Water :
    [0.90][Parts] Boat Parts/Submarine Parts by InfiniteDice
    [0.90][Parts] Hooligan Labs by JewelShisen, Hooligan Labs; This mod adds airships, submarines and a SQUID(whatever that is)
    [Soon(™)][Parts] GatlingGun by DYJ; Kerbal with a gatling gun, what could go wrong.
    [0.90][Parts]Procedural Airships by RadarManFromTheMoon

    Life Support :
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Asmi's ECLSS by Shasol, Asmi ; Full credit to Asmi for this mod, I only update and maintain it in his absence.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Interstellar Flight Inc. by Stavell
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Ioncross Crew Support by yongedevil
    ^^[0.90][Parts/Plugin] Ioncross Crew Support Plugin (Starwaster's branch) by Starwaster
    [0.90][Plugin] Snacks by tgruetzm; Simplified Life Support
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] TAC Life Support by TaranisElsu
    ^^[Soon(™)][Parts] Cargo Transfer Bags by Albert VDS; Cargo Transfer Bags(for TAC life support)

    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] AntennaRange by toadicus
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Figaro Global Navigation by PakledHostage; Launch a Working Kerbal GPS System
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] ISA MapSat by Innsewerants; MapSat Module and MapGen rendering tool
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] ORIGAMI foldable antenna dishes by IGNOBIL
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] RemoteTech 2 by Cilph, woogoose; Construct vast relay networks of communication satellites.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] SCANsat terrain mapping by damny, technogeeky, DMagic [WIP/Experimental] ScanSat Terrain Mapping

    [0.90][Parts] Adjustable Test Weight by stupid_chris
    [0.90][Parts] Alcubierre Warp Drive by RoverDude
    [0.90][Parts] BoxSat by DasPenguin85 & Orcmaul ; New modular satellite parts pack
    [0.90][Parts] CORE - Anvil, Dune Raider, Fire Hawk by Absolution; Concept Rocket Engineering Inspired by Reality
    [Soon(™)][Parts] CritterCrawler by BahamutoD;Critter crawler with animated retractable engines !
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Deployable Airbags by RoverDude
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Deployable Emergency Reentry Pod by RoverDude
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Dreamer - SNC Dreamchaser by artwhaley
    [Soon(™)][Parts] ERS by alexustas; Exploration Rover System by A.S.E.T.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] EVA handrails pack by Krasimir
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] HoloTape by RoverDude; Lightweight holographic measuring tape
    [0.90][Parts] Oblivion Aerospace Pack by LostOblivion;
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Oblivion Bubbleship by Devo
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Space Factory Ind. (Soviet-Russian Spacecrafts) by MrTheBull; Use it with BobCat ind. Soviet/American Packs
    [0.90][Parts] Space Shuttle Engines by sarbian, dtobi ; Engines and tanks for asymmetric Space Shuttle-style rockets.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] TiberDyne Aerospace R&D Division - Shuttle System by Tiberion; Shuttle System
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Wayland Corp.Development by Devo

    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Docking Tutorial by blizzy78 ; In-game docking tutorial
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Moon Travel Tutorial by blizzy78
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Rendezvous Tutorial by blizzy78 ; In-game rendezvous tutorial

    [0.90][Plugin] Enhanced Navball by kitoban
    [0.90][Plugin] Navball docking alignment by mic_e; Docking alignment indicator.
    [0.90][Plugin] Docking Port Alignment Indicator by NavyFish; Presenting target alignment and relative position in a clean and intuitive manner.

    Rocket Parts:
    [0.90][Parts] 6S Service by nothke; Compartment Tubes
    [Soon(™)][Parts] AIES Aerospace by carmics
    [Soon(™)][Parts] ALCOR by alexustas; [WIP] , Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] APOLLO (SATURN-V (F1 & J2),CSM, LEM, LLRV) by DennyTX ; The Eagle has landed !
    [0.90][Parts] Atomic Age - Nuclear Rockets by Porkjet
    [Soon(™)][Parts] K-P0110 - Apollo-like crew module by Ledenko
    [Soon(™)][Parts] BobCat Ind. Space&Planet products by Dragon01, BobCat, Asmi, Blista100, Nertea, Yogui87, WCOLE360, Devo; Soyuz&Progess, Mir, HOME(3), Kliper, Proton and more.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Cabana Corp. Research & Development by BananaDealer; Devoted to developing strange, unconventional and (sometimes) down-right impractical parts for use in aeronautics and space design.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Cargo Transportation Solutions by Talisar ;[WIP] A set of parts that facilitate inline storage and transportation of cargo.
    [0.90][Parts] Chaka Monkeyby YANFRET
    [0.90][Parts] FASA by frizzank
    [Soon(™)][Parts] FTmN series Nuclear Rockets by Kommitz
    [Soon(™)][Parts] General Propulsion™ by Galacticruler, fangflight
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Goodspeed Aerospace Parts & TweakScale plugin by Gaius ; An assortment of vaguely stock-alike parts, many tweakable.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Hollow Structure & Hulls by Alskari ;Primarily designed to allow for an internal EVA playstyle.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Original KSP Parts by Blspblackdeath, TheMoonRover ; Abandoned parts for older KSP versions reintegrated
    [0.90][Parts] Kerbal Stock Part eXpansion by stupid_chris
    [0.90][Parts] KW Rocketry by Kickasskyle, Winston
    [0.90][Parts] LazTek SpaceX Launch Pack by LazarusLuan
    [0.90][Parts] Munar Industries by Munar Industries
    [Soon(™)][Parts] N-1. Soviet Heavy Booster by DennyTX
    [0.90][Parts] Near Future Propulsion by Nertea
    [0.90][Parts] NovaPunch by Tiberion
    [0.90][Parts] OMSK Space Products by SnowWhite
    [0.90][Parts] Procedural Fairings by e-dog
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Professor Kerbenstein's Emporium by Kerb-fu; Splendiferous, marvelous and fascinating workshop
    [0.90][Parts] RLA Stockalike by hoojiwana
    [0.90][Parts] Skylab by raidernick
    [0.90][Parts] Smart Parts by Firov
    [0.90][Parts] Soviet Probes, NOW WITH ROCKETS! by Raidernick ; Contains a large array of old Soviet probes and launchers.
    [0.90][Parts] SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts by NecroBones
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Stockalike parts for useful esthetics by TurboNisu
    [0.90][Parts] Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Service Module System bysumghai; Service Module and accessories designed specifically for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod.
    [0.90][Parts] Taurus HCV by jnrobinson
    [0.90][Parts] Tantares Space Technologies by Beale; Stockalike Soyuz & LK Lander and more.
    [0.90][Parts] Transparent Pods by nli2work
    [0.90][Parts] US Probes Pack by Raidernick ; Contains a large array of US probes from old to new.

    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Research Them All by sarbian; Must have if you use plenty of mods !
    Crowd-sourced Science Logs by DuoDex; Imagine a game where you never get the same log twice
    [0.90][Parts] DMagic Orbital Science by DMagic; Science parts for unmanned rovers and probes
    [Soon(™)][Parts] KDEX - Kerbal Dust Experiment by masTerTorch
    [Soon(™)][Parts] KSP Interstellar by Fractal_UK
    [Soon(™)][Parts] L-Tech Scientific Stuff by ludsoe
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Orbital Material Science by N3h3mia ; Labs and experiments to get science from your space station.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Panda Jager Laboratories by Sethnizzle; More parts for building rovers and other science expeditions, based on Mars Curiosity. Integrates well with stock parts.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Portable Science Container by Zorbaq; A backpack that lets you store multiple samples and reports collected during EVA.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Radially Attached Experimental Data Storage Container by Talisar
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] RoverScience by theSpeare ; Better, interactive science for rovers!
    [0.90][Plugin] ScienceAlert by xEvilReeperx;
    [0.90][Parts] Science Containers by Kotysoft ; Some various parts to store your experiments
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Science Revisited by CaptRobau ; Overhauls the stock science system to be more logical and intuitive
    [0.90][Parts] Station Science by ethernet
    [0.90][Parts] Tarsier Space Technology by JPLRepo ; A set of Science parts including Telescopes with Galaxies.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] TreeLoader by r4m0n
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] VetTech - Lightweight Tech Tree by rhoark
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] [x] Science! by Bodrick ; Ingame science checklist

    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Atmospheric Sound Enhancement by pizzaoverhead ; Adds the effects of the density, temperature and relative speed of the atmosphere to craft sounds.
    [0.90][Plugin] Chatterer by Athlonic, Iannic-ann-od
    [0.90][Plugin] RCS Sound Effects by pizzaoverhead
    [0.90][Plugin] Rover Wheel Sounds by pizzaoverhead
    [0.90][Plugin] Soundtrack Editor by pizzaoverhead
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Sounds for your ion drives by kahlzun
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Voiced alers by agises ; Voiced alerts via Windows text to speech.

    Space Plane Parts :
    [0.90][Parts] B9 Aerospace Pack by bac9
    ^^[0.90][Parts/Plugin] B9 Style Shuttle Wings by GilBr0ther ; Wings and tail to build space shuttle, with B9 style textures.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts by Snjo
    [0.90][Parts] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion by keptin; A pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs!
    [0.90][Parts] Mark IV Spaceplane System by Nertea
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Octagon Corporation by Octagon; At this moment, Octagon Corporation will focus on atmospherical devices.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Procedural Dynamics - Procedural Wing by DYJ
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Spaceplane Plus by Porkjet
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace by Taverius

    Space Station/Base :
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Bavarian Aerospace: Tubes by Normak; [WIP] Expandable tubes for your space station/base .
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Civilian Population by michaelhester07 ; Civilians have begun exploring space! Take them with you on your ships and manage them.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] DP Horizontal Space Bases by Night Lone ; Space Bases that you can land and live in horizontally!!
    [0.90][Parts] Extraplanetary Launchpads by skykooler, taniwha
    ^^[Soon(™)][Parts] BahamutoD's Drills by BahamutoD ; Some extra and faster drills for Extraplanetary Launchpads.
    [0.90][Parts] FASA Fuel Refinery by frizzank
    [0.90][Parts] Freight Transport Technologies by RoverDude; A series of modular parts for all of your hauling, mining, and exploration needs!
    [0.90][Parts] FusTek Station Parts by sumghai
    ^^[Soon(™)][Add-on] FusTek Station Parts Expansion KSO Retexture by Sippyfrog
    [0.90][Parts] Lack Luster Labs by Lack
    [0.90][Parts] Modular Kolonization System by RoverDude; A series of interlocking modules for building long-term, self sustaining colonies on other planets and moons.
    [0.90][Parts] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System by helldiver, nazari1382; Kerbin Mini Shuttle
    [0.90][Parts] Kosmos by CardBoardBoxProcessor, Normak
    [0.90][Parts] Salyut Stations & Soyuz by Raidernick ; Contains parts to build Salyut style stations and the Soyuz spacecraft that brought crew to them.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Stanford Torus Parts by Michaelhester07 ; Build a Stanford Torus and the infrastructure that supports it.
    [0.90][Parts] Stockalike Station Parts Expansion by Nertea
    [Soon(™)][Parts] TajamSoft-Generators by Tajampi ; A set of power supply generators for your daily needs.
    [0.90][Parts] USI Exploration Pack by RoverDude ;Small parts, big adventure

    Structural Parts :
    [0.90][Plugin] ActiveStruts by marce
    [0.90][Parts] Mobile Frame System by riocrokite
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Speedy's Hex Truss System by SpeedyB;This truss system is inspired by Semni's original THSS mod.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Special Technologies Tri-Hexagonal Structural Trusses by noonespecial

    Universe/Planet Alterations :
    [Soon(™)][Planets] Alternis Kerbol by NovaSilisko; Alternis Kerbol is a mod that grabs and re-arranges the existing solar system bodies to create something new.
    [0.90][Planets] Alien/Calpamos planet pack by jackkymoon
    [discontinued][Parts] Asteroid Cities by dtobi
    [0.90][Planets] Cerrakk's planet system by Cerrakk
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Custom Asteroids by Starstrider42
    [0.90][Plugin] Custom Biomes by Trueborn
    [0.90][Planets] Kaiser System Planet Pack by Dooz
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbols asteroid belt Deadpangod3;Adds about ten asteroids and a comet.
    [0.90][Planets] Kerbin + Planet Pack(PF) by neocromicon ; Add's 5 new moons to the Kerbin System.
    [0.90][Plugin] Kerbin-Side by AlphaAsh; New bases on Kerbin
    [0.90][Planets] Kerbal Universe 2 by Poryy;
    [0.90][Plugin] KittopiaTech Ingame Terraforming by KCreator;[WIP] Ingame Terraforming Tools
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Kerbal Warp Drive by English Mobster; Procedurally generated systems from a seed you choose!
    [0.90][Planets/Plugins] Kopernicus-Tech by Gravitasi
    [0.90][Planets] Multiple Star Systems by Duracelle
    [0.90][Planets] Outer Planets by CaptRobau
    [0.90][Planets] Real Solar System by NathanKell
    [0.90][Planets] The Boris System(PF) by medikohl; More Planets
    [0.90][Planets] Trans-Keptunian Planet Pack for Kopernicus by Gravitasi; Adds some outer dwarf planets to the Kerbol system.
    [0.90][Planets] Trans-Keptunian Planet Pack for PF by Gravitasi; Adds some outer dwarf planets to the Kerbol system.
    [0.90][Planets] Sido Urania's System Pack(PF) by Sido
    [0.90][Planets] Verviedi Planet Pack(PF) by Poryy; Adds a new star and planets to Kerbal Space Program.
    [0.90][Planets] Yaeah's (PF) by Yaeah; CE Systems(With Rings!)

    Utility/Resources :
    [0.90][Plugin] Action Groups Extended by Diazo; Increase the available action groups to 250 with in-flight editing and state monitoring.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] ActionGroupManager by SirJulio ; Add, Remove, Edit your action groups in flight and more .
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] AmpYear by JPLRepo ; A plug-in and parts providing Power Management, Reserve Power, ION RCS.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Asteroid Recycling Technologies by RoverDude ;
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Asteroidal Resources by RoverDude ; Capture asteroids and mine them for resources.
    [0.90][Plugin] AutoAsparagus by hab136 ; Automatic asparagus staging
    [0.90][Parts] Aviation Lights by BigNose
    [Soon(™)][Parts] BioMass - Renewable Bio Fuel Modules by Roboto
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] CactEye Orbital Telescope by Rubber Ducky ; [WIP] Modular telescope; EVA-serviceable with Kerbal Attachment System
    [0.90][Plugin] ChopIt! Detach part in flight by marce; Allows you to detach every part to which you added the ModuleChopIt in flight.
    [0.90][Plugin] Editor Extensions by MachXXV; Adds custom SPH/VAB rotational/angle snapping, symmetry and more.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Generic Resource Converter by okbillybunnyface ; A simple plugin to do resource conversion in a part. It's intended for use by modders.
    [0.90][Plugin] Hullcam VDS by Albert VDS; Hullcam let's you add cameras to any part of your vehicle or construction.
    [0.90][Plugin] Image viewer by agises ; Just an in-game image viewer.
    [0.90][Plugin] Internet Relay Chat by timmers_uk, blizzy78; Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from within KSP.
    [0.90][Parts] RKE Kanadarm by spudbean ; A set of Canadarm2 look-alike parts, for building your own robotic arms. Includes rotating joints, latching end effector and grapple fixture. (Moving parts requires Infernal Robotics.)
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Karbonite by RoverDude; Resource-gathering high octane mod burrito of ultimate goodness !
    ^^[0.90][Add-on] Karbonite Plus by RoverDude; New resources and parts for Karbonite
    ^^[Soon(™)][Add-on] MapResourceOverlay by Cyrik;
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Kerbal Attachment System by KospY, zzz, Winn75
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Kerbinium Asteroid Mining by PalverZ; Kerbinium is a sought after metal that can be sold for funds.
    [Soon(™)][Parts/Plugin] Kethane Pack by Majiir
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) by KospY
    [0.90][Plugin] LetThereBeLight! by Comma_Dose ; Skip to the next sunrise with the press of a button.
    [0.90][Parts/Plugin] Lazor System by Romfarer
    [0.90][Parts] Magic Smoke Industries Parts & Infernal Robotics by sirkut
    ^^[Soon(™)][Parts] Magic Smoke Industries Station Parts by [B]sirkut[/B
    ^^[Soon(™)][Add-on] Model Rework[WIP] by ZodiusInfuser
    [0.90][/Plugin] Part Angle Display by Padishar; This is a simple KSP plugin that allows you to surface attach parts at accurate angles.
    [Soon(™)][Parts] PartCatalog by BlackNecro; The PartCatalog allows you categorize your parts into Tags
    [0.90][Plugin] PartWizard by ozraven; Editor tool for symmetry editing/removal; delete parts from vessel via GUI list.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] SelectRoot by Industries ; Allows you to select a part on your vessel to become the new root part
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Simple Part Organizer by Felbourn ; Simple utility to sort and/or filter parts by mod, type, mass, name in the VAB/SPH.
    [0.90][Plugin] Ship Manifest by Papa_Joe; Performs resource transfers within a vessel and has pump sounds when transferring resources.
    [0.90][Plugin] Smartstage by Xytovl ; VAB reset button for easy asparagus staging and sepratron activation
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Spherical and Toridal Tank Pack by Talisar
    [Soon(™)][Parts] Stack Inline Light by alexustas; [WIP]
    [0.90][Plugin] TAC Fuel Balancer by TaranisElsu; Allows you to transfer fuel, or other resources, between parts on the same vessel.
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] TAC Part Lister by TaranisElsu; In the editor, lists all parts on the vessel showing the name, mass, and cost of each.
    [0.90][Part/Plugin] TAC Self-Destruct by TaranisElsu; Adds a part that makes the entire vessel explode. For when you want more reliably planned explosions.
    [0.90][Plugin] TweakableEverything by toadicus ; Open a shielded docking port or disable crossfeed. Adjust the ejection force of your decouplers, or open a solar panel in the VAB/SPH.
    [0.90][Plugin] Tweakable Parameters by HoneyFox ; Provides VAB/SPH individual part parameter tweaking capability.
    [0.90][Plugin] TweakScale - Rescale Everything by Biotronic
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Tweakable Wheels by OrbitusII ; Adds handy tweakable options to stock wheels and landing gear
    [0.90][Parts] Universal Storage by Paul Kingtiger, Daishi; Universal Storage provides stockalike, modular resource storage for TAC, ECLSS, KAS and vanilla installs.

    VFX(Visual Effects):
    [0.90][Plugin] Ambient Light Adjustment by blizzy78
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Bolt-On Screenshot System by Ted; This plugin allows you to take screenshots within KSP at a higher resolution
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Camera Tools by BahamutoD;
    [0.90][Plugin] CoolRockets by sarbian, dtobi; Cryo and Launch Particle FX
    [0.90][Plugin] Distant Object Enhancement by MOARdV, Rubber Ducky; Distant Object Enhancement is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances.
    [0.90][Plugin] Environmental Visual Enhancements by rbray89 ; Add city lights to Kerbin and Clouds to any body
    ^^[0.90][Add-on] Renaissance Compilation: artworks remake by Proot ; Compilation of artworks and configurations : visuals, sounds and more
    ^^[0.90][Add-on] Better Atmospheres by Thesonicgalaxy ; Superb config and textures for Environmental Visual Enhancements
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] HotRockets - Particle FX by Nazari1382;[WIP] This is a replacement for stock engine particle FX.
    [0.90][Plugin] PlanetShine by Valerian; realistic planet light reflection to the vessel + other ambient light improvements
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Reflection Plugin by Razchek, Starwaster; Reflective materials
    [0.90][Plugin] SmokeScreen by sarbian
    [0.90][Plugin] Sound and particle FX for stock Ion drive by uraa
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Surface Lights by Why485
    [0.90][Plugin] TextureReplacer by shaw; Texture replacement, trilinear filtering, compression, mipmap generation and Kerbal pimping
    [Soon(™)][Plugin] Universe Replacer by Tingle

    [Soon(™)][*** SQUAD OFFICIAL MODS***] Official Mods By SQUAD by SQUAD; Kerbal Cup

    HOW TO !:
    Short term 'fix' for memory outage: In Video Settings ->Texture Res -> Lower Resolution From Full to Half or Quarter. That will buy you some more memory space
    How to integrate PARTS into Career Mode

    Mod Versions in [0.XX] color are tested and work with the current game version. Mods in [0.XX] color, while still working might have some issues, user discretion is advised.

    To all modders, if you would like to have your mod included in this thread please send me a PM. Suggestions about categories and placements are welcome,
    please check the addon posting rules before submission.

    Please if possible send me the code template filled up in PM , only change the; url, name , your name and description. Thank you !

    HTML Code:
    [[COLOR=#0066ff][I][B]0.xx[/B][/I][/COLOR]][I][COLOR=#333333][Parts/Plugin][/COLOR][/I] [URL="THE LINK TO YOUR MOD ON THIS FORUM"]The name of the Mod[/URL] [I]by[/I] [B]Your Nickname[/B] ; DESCRIPTION up to 20 words
    HTML Code:
    [[COLOR=#0066ff][I][B]0.90[/B][/I][/COLOR]][I][COLOR=#333333][Parts][/COLOR][/I] [URL=""]SelectRoot[/URL] [I]by[/I] [B]Industries[/B] ; Allows you to select a part on your vessel to become the new root part

    This thread will be regularly updated, and it's made to help people keep track of their favorite mods with ease.

    And I just wanted to say to all modders THANK YOU and KEEP ROCKING THOSE ROCKETS !!!!

    Currently Tracking 357 Mods

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    Nice i like it
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    Can we get this stickied? Would be a very useful sticky.

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    I would try and get some short descriptions for each mod if provided by mod authors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihara View Post
    One post in a thread isn't going to cut it. You're going to need a spreadsheet, I suspect.
    Shouldn't be a problem, adding only active and working mods. Plus I can always split and interlink to posts on this thread. It has to be simple and easy to access.

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    I'll be happy to provide a description for the HL mod once you need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nismobg View Post
    Shouldn't be a problem, adding only active and working mods. Plus I can always split and interlink to posts on this thread. It has to be simple and easy to access.
    Just a list is not at all particularly useful. Last update date? Estimated memory requirements? Support of specific features, i.e. career mode? Dependencies?

    "working" and "active" are quite relative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihara View Post
    Just a list is not at all particularly useful. Last update date? Estimated memory requirements? Support of specific features, i.e. career mode? Dependencies?

    "working" and "active" are quite relative.
    A list of mods they are known to conflict with would also be nice
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    Hmmm this is useful! But you forgot me!
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