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    @Mulbin: I do that all the time, I don't even copy the folder .

    As long as you would be able to see them normally (as in the 2 clients are out of the safety bubble), then it works. That's how I do most of my local testing that requires a second player

    @<script>alert("Hello!")</script>, That's by far one of the best usernames I have ever seen. I've decided to let you keep it, but it doesn't actually run the code in the server list / manage page now

    It would have probably worked on the main page if you pointed it at a server.

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    Suggestion as posted on the Issue Tracker: Single Kerbal Mode (and other Co-op Ideas)


    I was discussing with a few friends about how KMP might play further along in development, once the mission-critical bugs have been fixed, and how we would potentially like to play the game.

    We came up with this idea as a means to allowing players to collaborate more, and to allow them to have a more intimate relationship with their vessel/Kerbals.

    I'm aware that the proposed features would require a ton of work (tentatively touched on at the bottom of this post), and even in the best-case scenario would be many, many months away from even being considered for KMP, but I think it's worth discussing for potentially figuring out what sort of features we might want to see later in development.

    Single Kerbal Mode Specification

    • When logging into a server you can choose if you want to have standard control of Kerbals, or play in Single Kerbal mode (alternatively this could be set and required by the server). In Single Kerbal Mode a Kerbal is effectively your avatar, and is bound to you. When first logging on with this mode, You'll have the option of customizing your kerbal, with a name as well as choosing their stupidity/courage levels. Ideally their name would be your username - Remember, for all intents and purposes, while playing in this mode you are that kerbal.
    • For clarity's sake, in this discussion I will refer to the two modes as Single Kerbal mode and Standard mode. Players in these mdoes will be referred to simply as Kerbal Players, and Standard Players respectively.
    • Once a character is created you can join a Mission, which effectively is a party system restricted to other Single-Kerbal players. Ideally it would have a mission interface and mission chat (accessible as in most multiplayer games by a simple /m or /p command in the chat window which would toggle it to party chat, /g or /w toggling back to general/world chat). As the original creator of the Mission, you would become the Mission Leader.
    • When Choosing to launch a rocket, you are restricted to only having your assigned Kerbal in a command pod, the other seats being empty. However you can use the Mission interface to assign other Player Kerbals to the available seats, assuming that they are not already in another vessel
    • Once on the launchpad/runway, the other crew members (Players) will be able to see the ship (so foregoing any bubble syncing restrictions), and will have full control of the components that you've assigned them to
    • Anyone can spectate your vessel, but it is considered private to your current Mission, so a Vessel that's in control a Single-Kerbal player can never be controlled by the Standard players.
    • While in this mode you are unable to switch vessels. If you want to take control of another ship, you need to EVA and get in that ship (Probe controlled-ships, that are currently without a direct pilot would be an exception)
    • If your Kerbal is killed in action, Depending on the mission settings you would either be out for the count, or be allowed to create another Kerbal.

    The idea behind all of this is that your actions will have much more serious consequences. If you manage to get stranded in space or on a celestial body, you are stuck there, and other members of your mission need to mount a rescue. You cannot just magically jump to the tracking station or launch another vessel, although the Mission Leader could terminate your flight (which means they carry a lot of responsibility). This would allow for a much more intimate co-op experience with your Mission teammates than is currently possible.

    Adding what is effectively a Perma-death element to your character would also force you to be much more careful during vehicle construction and mission planning, such as including extra failsafes and backup plans, which I think would create a more realistic space experience.

    Potential Changes Required

    Obviously before this can even be considered, all current game-breaking KMP bugs would need to be fixed. Syncing would need to be seamless enough to allow multiple players to control the same ship without anything exploding. Permadeath is not very fair if while approaching the vessel of another member of your mission, it suddenly explodes randomly.

    Otherwise changes that would be required would include:

    • Custom UI elements, both for Kerbal Creation on Login, as well as Mission Management. Ideally it would extend/replace the Editor's Crew selection screen to allow for selection of members of your current mission
    • The entire Mission backend, how it's stored in the database, Handling mission roles and permissions, etc.
    • Major changes to the current Bubble system, since for this to work players that man your ship with you would probably like to be able to see everything from the moment you spawn and start your count-down
    • Major changes to the ship controls to allow for permissions, such as giving a specific mission player the ability to decouple a docked ship. Also you would need to be restricted from being able to EVA/control other Kerbals, as well as limitations to what vessels you can switch to, and preventing you from launching another ship when your character Kerbal is already on another active vessel.
    • Figuring out exactly how standard players and Single Kerbal players would interact. it might be easier for it to just be a server-side setting that can only be one or the other.
    • Lots of backend changes I haven't even begun to consider.


    Really this is only touching on some ideas that could easily be expanded further. I think the fact that you would be a character in the world, not some Omnipotent Deity able to traverse the boundaries of time and space without restrictions, opens up all kinds of gameplay possibilities. Just as a further example, since each member of your crew would be a unique character, you could even assign roles (either just among your team, or enforced by your backend), for things such as one player being trained in unmanned rover piloting, while someone else might be the docking expert.

    Once again, this post is mostly a brainstorm, just trying to imagine what, under the best conditions, might be possible in a KSP with real multiplayer Co-op. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and discussion
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    How do I run a server with mods enabled? I would search the forum... but the word "Mod" is too short :/

    Just getting a message that I'm not allowed to use mod parts when I try to launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulbin View Post
    How do I run a server with mods enabled? I would search the forum... but the word "Mod" is too short :/

    Just getting a message that I'm not allowed to use mod parts when I try to launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulbin View Post
    How do I run a server with mods enabled? I would search the forum... but the word "Mod" is too short :/

    Just getting a message that I'm not allowed to use mod parts when I try to launch.
    Or you may have to do it manually, as I've found that part manager isn't perfect the last time I tried to use it. Basically there's a file on your server that is called KMPModControl.txt. This is where you allow parts, ban DLL's, restrict this, whitelist that, etc. Open it, it explains what you need to do and how in the comments.

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    I had posted about this previous both here on on /r/KMP. Godarklight responded, but the problem has recurred, so I thought I'd post here again.

    Last night, a friend and I were playing on my server, hosted on the machine I play on. Everything went swimmingly, right up until at one point, the server began duplicating ships. A trip to the tracking station, and /listships, showed a dozen or more copies of existing vessels, spawned from nowhere. It was late, so I went to bed.

    I started up the server again today and logged in. The duplicate vessels were gone, but I was suddenly not getting proper updates from the server. All of my ships load, but none of his ships. He was offline at the time, though I imagine that makes no difference.

    If it helps, when I logged on today, I was on a different network, and had a different ip address. I stopped the server before switching to the other network.


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    KMP is held together by thumbtacks and glue.

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    I'm running a server with my friend and whoever is the second person into the VAB cannot build anything nor can they exit the VAB. The only way to get out is to exit the game. Any ideas?

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    So yesterday we tried to play a 2 player session. Unfortunately the other player started teleporting away from me when he was about to dock to my vessel (couple dozen of meters at first, then to the other side of the planet). Another problem we encountered was node indicator on the navball going crazy (this time it only happened to me).
    Still, this is great mod and I'll be observing it from the safe distance (as everything kerbal related should be observed from the safe, very safe, distance) in the future.

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    I am using the latest DEV server and client and have the problem, that I am not be able to undock.
    It works when I directly undock after dock. But when I dock and then reconnect to the server I am not be able to undock. I can click "undock" once, after that the undock menu item disappears it just doesn't undock.
    The only mod in use is Kerbal Engineer.
    Is there any workaround?


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