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Thread: [1.0.5][1-05-3] Nov-10-2015 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements

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    [1.0.5][1-05-3] Nov-10-2015 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements

    City Lights for Kerbin and Clouds for Any planet you wish! The config file can be modified to add any number of cloud layers to any planet.


    • Is this where all the awesome cloud Reddit photos are from?
    • Does it confilict with Universe/Texture Replacer?
    • What if I only want lights or clouds?
      You can delete the folders you don't want in GameData/BoulderCo/
    • How do I install?
      Dump the contents of the two zip files into your KSP install folder. Make sure to delete any old GameData/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements or GameData/BoulderCo folder before install.
    • What do I do if I don't get clouds/lights?
      Probably installed incorrectly. Double check this first. If still nothing, go into KSP_Data and send me the output_log.txt file via pastebin, dropbox, or google docs so i can narrow down the issue. But PLEASE double check that everything was installed correctly first. (you should have BoulderCo and EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements folders in GameData)
      Going forward, I will no longer even RESPOND to posts that don't have a good description, a screenshot (if applicable) and a log file. If you don't do this I know you haven't read this, and if you don't read this, I can't really spend the time to help you if you don't attempt to help me.

    1.05-1: Reboot.
    7-4: License update.
    Fixed RSS compatibility. I still recommend different configs.
    Fixes the config mechanism, adds better support for multiple config files.
    Completely re-did configs, much more accessible to modders.
    Added volumetrics.
    Fixed "fadeDist" config problem
    Moved to new rendering mechanism, changed configs considerably. Slightly better performance.
    Moved to PNG, force mipmap generation.
    8K texture
    Fixed texture seam.
    GUI fixes/improvements
    Added choice in shader/spheremapping (default is non-cubic). Back to normal memory usage.
    Memory fixes, Bump map fix.
    Completely re-did the sphere overlays and associated shaders. Textures are now applied via procedural uv inside shader. Main textures are converted to cubic textures and detail and bump are applied as tri-planar.
    This means poles look perfect.
    Altered config file format slightly to fit new texture method.
    Main textures MUST now be 2nXn (width must be twice as long as height).
    Removed test cloud generation from gui.
    Fixed loading bug for shader params
    Improved volumetric cloud generation
    Fixed Cloud Save & load
    Added More Load functionality to clouds
    Compress textures at load to save an additional ~20MB
    Cloud Config now has entry for GUI hot-key
    GUI has option for reset.
    GUI! Access it by ALT+N.
    UV "Fix". Poles pinch, but it is better than the swirl.
    Thanks to:
    5thHorseman for the lights texture
    CaptRobau for the kerbin cloud texture
    Lack for the config and additional textures for Eve, Duna, Laythe, and Jool
    Tw1 for the new city lights detail texture
    therealcrow999 for config updates
    NathanKell for Even MORE texture updates
    Majiir for overlay examples and hints.

    Planetary Aurora
    Planetary Rings!
    Thick atmosphere/fog for locations like Jool
    Procedural Cloud Cover

    Actual Cities/Towns/Farms/Roads/etc.

    [High Res]

    This is done in my spare time, and any contribution helps!


    License (MIT):
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    Sweet, we have city lights before we have cities

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    Any performance drops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theSpeare View Post
    Any performance drops?
    I have'nt noticed any. Though memory might be a concern if you have lots of mods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theSpeare View Post
    Any performance drops?
    I haven't noticed any, but I've not done a benchmark. Sometimes things stutter but I don't know if that's the mod or just KSP.
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    "on any planet you like" wait what? we can put citys on duna and even Jool?!?

    Edit: oh woops its just the clouds aww.
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    Haha, just clouds, but maybe in the future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbray89 View Post
    Haha, just clouds, but maybe in the future...
    that would be awesome I want my Eve city!
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    This is Awesome!, now i can see city lights on the mun! :3

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