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Thread: [1.0.x] Space Shuttle Engines (May 18)

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    Cool [1.0.x] Space Shuttle Engines (May 18)

    Dtobi let me take over Space Shuttle Engines when he left. So here it is

    Klockheed Martian Engine Manufacture - Spaces shuttle engine pack


    * X0, X2 and X3 Space Shuttle Engines
    * X4 Linear Aerospike Engine
    * Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) Engine
    * Double - Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) Engine
    * Shuttle Shoulders attachment point for OMS
    * Two big 2.5m engines. One can rotate (check action groups and context menu)
    * Four tank shapes in four different sizes (16 parts in total)
    * Two fuel controllers for controlling fuel lines' flow
    * Radial mount for shuttle engines


    About the pack:

    The goal was to make the parts to build shuttles by only using this pack, stock parts and maybe other parts like B9 aerodynamic parts.

    The engines are can combined with bi-, tri-, and quad-couplers (strut the stronger X3 engine). A NASA shuttle-like appearance can be achieved with the tricoupler.

    The two weaker engines allow orbital maneuvers because the shuttle main engines will be useless after dropping the main tank moves the center of mass into the vessel. The OMS drives are useless in atmosphere.

    The fuel tanks come in four sizes, allowing various asymmetric shuttle-alike rockets.

    Fuel flow breakers balance tank center of mass (CoM) which must carefully: your tank's weight and vertical position, along with your engines' and boosters' power, determine your CoM's alignment with your center of thrust. The engines' large gimballing stabilizes craft.

    The main engines fly crooked with the CoM right above them and at full throttle overheat.

    Example Craft
    The example craft are supposed to give you an idea how to setup the engines, fuel controllers, tracks, etc.

    Atlantis and Endeavor require procedural wings and B9.
    Explorer requires B9.


    Removed old changelog from before V1.0

    V1.4 Straight SSME, better FX, better KM_Gimbal, better performance
    * Added straight X25 SSME engine for normal lifters
    * FX overhaul. Less blue, fixed smoke.
    * Improved KM Gimbal, fixed a bug that occured when the COM moved past the engine
    * KM Gimbal now uses .Net 3.5
    * KM Gimbal now allows for Yaw trimming, too
    * KM Gimbal now supports multi mode engines
    * Improved CPU performance by further reducing the collision meshes
    * Added multi adapter part for creating engine clusters below tanks

    V1.4.1 Performance improvement and smaller fixes
    * Roll is now disabled for engines without symmetric counterpart. Can be enabled manually.
    * FX performance improvements
    * Significant KM_Gimbal performance tuning
    * Engine shroud and bottom node for the straight SSME
    * Reduced gimbal range of the straight SSME
    * Fixed slightly off center straight SSME
    * Removed S0 engine shroud from editor picture
    * Fixed missing prelaunch effect for straight SSME

    V1.4.2 KM_Gimbal Fixes and Improvements
    * Fixed an issue that the gimbaling would go the wrong way with multiple pods (at least one reverted) on the same rocket
    * Added gimbal constraint to reduce max gimbaling (if things shake too much)

    V2.0 New KM Folder Structure and .24 compatibility
    * Recompiled with .net 3.5
    * New folder structure
    * SmartParts are not included any more. Install SmartParts separately.
    * !!! Please delete all 23.5 Klockheed Martian Folders before installing this update

    V2.1 Fixed KM_Gimbal limitation for asymmetrical gimbal restraints

    V2.1.3 Moved km_gimbal to a new dir and renamed to module to avoid problem with older installs. SSE part now use the module called "KM_Gimbal_3" and the launch effect require SmokeScreen

    V2.2.0 Updated for 1.0
    * DDS textures
    * Fixed nodes
    * Updated ISP to 1.0 level

    IMPORTANT: Please delete the old Klockheed Martian folder before updating. Please also delete the example craft files.


    a) Download the latest version of the Space Shuttle Engines and decompress it in GameData
    b) Download the latest version of KM_Gimbal and decompress it in GameData
    c) If you want the launch effects install SmokeScreen

    Here are some pictures of the example craft included in the pack.
    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Here is an inspirational album of some users' designs. Admirable work!
    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Credits and Acknowledgments

    Thanks to careo for letting me use his gimballing code in the first versions of this mod.
    Thanks to Firov for his altitude smart parts suggestion
    Thanks to Duxwing for copy-editing SSE's and SmartParts front page and README.
    Thanks to wasmic and Firov for improving the game balance of the engines
    This mod was created by dtobi. Most of the credits goes to him.

    After one year of developing and maintaining mods for KSP, it is time to move on for me.

    I will release the code and models into the public domain if anyone is interested. Please just drop me a message if you are interested in taking over the development and maintenance for this mod or if you would like to use its code or models in other mods.

    It was a pleasure to work with you guys!


    This work is shared under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.
    You may non-commercially share it as-is with credit to the author in the download and on the download page.
    Please contact me if you want to modify or extend the code.
    Author: dtobi

    Links, Videos and Tutorials

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    Do these engines detect and thrust through the vessel CoM like the real shuttle?

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    Is these engine work through the vessel COM????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by forsaken1111 View Post
    Do these engines detect and thrust through the vessel CoM like the real shuttle?
    The SAS does that. These engines have are inclined and have a large gimbal range. The thrust goes through the CoM automatically (within reasonable bounds).

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    I Stand corrected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirkut View Post
    You may be lactating. Seek help.

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    Heh, not my thread. He deleted his original post which was what I was asking about.
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    Sorry. I edited the first post and it deleted it... Damn.

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    Now its back :-)
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    Seems interesting if you can work out the issues. I'll give it a try.

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    Could you make a bigger variation to fit with B9 HL fuselage? Thx

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