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Thread: Time warp levels improvement

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    I agree that the transition period creates real problems and should be configurable. Nowadays I always do "<<>" (left, left, right) in quick succession to skip the transition. It is a decent workaround, but it is frustrating for new players.

    When I first started playing KSP it was extremely irritating to try to walk the line between overshooting and slowing down too early and having to wait for a while. Like doing a suicide burn on every time warp. And for no reason other than a bad user interface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWarior View Post
    Sorry for me going off-topic but can this be potential cause for all those "spontanuous craft explosions" pepole are expiriencing with KSP 0.22?
    End results seem very similar to what pepole are describing with "spontanuous craft explosions".
    I think that's somewhat related, actually. When you switch to a craft it's going very quickly from rails to active, and in that split-second, the craft is going from static to every component suddenly reflecting an actual velocity. Ever hear that wind noise when switching to a craft on the ground? I think that's an indicator of what's happening during the load. The ship on the ground isn't moving RELATIVE to the ground, but the planet itself is moving through space. During that moment while physics are being calculated, the ship is experiencing the sudden acceleration while relative velocities are being worked out.

    That also explains why solar panels left deployed are suddenly broken off when switching away from and back to the ship.

    Back on-topic: I agree it would be nice to have a shortcut key that just killed the time warp, just like there's one to cut the throttle. It doesn't have to be instantaneous; the game should be able to scale the warp back down safely enough to keep things intact, but it can probably do it much faster than the player mashing the "<" key.

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