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Thread: [0.23] RemoteTech 2 [0.23.5 Not supported! Wait for 0.24! Busy!].

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    [0.23] RemoteTech 2 [0.23.5 Not supported! Wait for 0.24! Busy!].

    Requesting help with documentation!
    Experiencing problems? Use this community hotfix made in my absence.
    Development is slowly resuming. Back in time for 0.24

    Development update:
    If you desperately do not want me to break backwards compatibility with 0.24, please voice your opinion.

    A rewrite of RemoteTech 1 by JDP, based on The_Duck's Satellite Relay Network. This plugin requires you to set up satellite networks using different types of antennae to make use of your unmanned vehicles.

    RemoteTech allows you to construct vast relay networks of communication satellites and remotely controlled unmanned vehicles. Your unmanned vessels require an uplink to a command station to be controlled. Mission Control at the Kerbal Space Center delivers a vast omnidirectional antenna that will reach your vessels up to and slightly beyond Minmus.

    How to use
    Your unmanned vehicle requires two major components: a Signal Processor, and an antenna. These two must be used to form a connection.

    Signal Processors
    Signal Processors come in three flavors: passive, normal, and command. All stock probes now feature a signal processor.
    Normal signal processors allow a vehicle to be part of a satellite network and be controllable as long as an uplink to any control station is maintained.
    Passive signal processors are included on every antenna and allow them to interact with the network during science transmissions, however they do not provide control.
    Lastly, there is the command one. Currently only provided on the large probe stack by default, it allows a vehicle consisting of 6 or more kerbals to act as their very own Mission Control. While science transmissions need to route back to the Kerbal Space Center at all times, these do allow you to give control to any vehicle connected to them.

    Antennae come in two flavors: omnidirectionals and dishes.
    Omnidirectional antennas form a connection with every vehicle in its spherical range but as a result have far lower range than a dish would have.
    Dishes form a long distance connection between two nodes, and both dishes are required to point at each other. Physically pointing them is not required, you just have to set the target vehicle on the dish. It is possible to form a dish connection with an omnidirectional antenna.
    A secondary functionality in these dishes is the ability to target planets. When targeting a planet, the dish will look for a target anywhere in a cone towards that planet. How wide this cone can be is a property of the dish.

    The requirement to form a connection between any two vehicles is that both vehicles have an antenna that can reach the other. If the distance is 10km, both vehicles require an antenna with a minimum of 10km range.
    Your unmanned vehicle will become controllable as long as there is an active route between the vehicle and any command station.

    Signal Delay
    With the release of the full second version of RemoteTech, signal delay is now enabled by default. All control functionality will be delayed depending on the distance. Managing your signal delay as well as pre-planning your actions becomes more important the further out you go.

    Career Mode
    All included parts have been integrated in the stock technology tree. Have fun! As an extra, once you unlock Unmanned Technology, all probes will feature an integrated 3km omnidirectional antenna at no cost. Science transmissions can only be done with the antennas that have a direct link back to Mission Control. (Not Command Stations!)

    Source & bug reports:

    The source code of this project is freely available under the GPLv2 license. Artwork belongs to their respective creators and may not be redistributed without their permission. This means the plugin as a whole may not be redistributed.

    Future todo list:
    • External mod support (contact me with wishes);
    • Tracking dish animations;
    • Quality of Life improvements;

    I would appreciate it if any issues you find are reported on, with proper problem description, expectation, logfiles plus screenshots.
    If you simply post "It doesn't work", it simply wastes my time. Similarly, don't wait for me to ask for logs or screenshots.

    • MechJeb: Please use the latest development version of MechJeb if you are experiencing weird throttle behaviour.

    If you want to send this poor jobless developer some money for pizza and electricity, feel free to!

    EDIT: My IRC lawyer advises me to tell you donating does not entitle you to anything.

    Credits and special thanks
    RT1 Contributors: JDP, The_Duck, gresrun, Tosh, rkman, NovaSilisko, r4m0n, Alchemist, Kreuzung, Spaceghost, Tomato, BoJaN, Mortaq.
    RT2 Contributors: JDP, Cilph, TaranisElsu, acc, Vrana, MedievalNerd, NathanKell, jdmj, kommit.
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    Release 1.3.3:
    • 0.23 compatible;
    • Switch vessel focus on the map view, allowing easy editing of targets;
    • Flight Computer rewrite;
    • Some UI elements were rewritten;
    • Node Execution;
    • Tweaks, bug fixes;
    • It's been a while, okay?

    Release 1.2.7:
    • Tweaked per-frame load-balancing and fixed a divide-by-zero;
    • ModuleManager 1.5 by Sarbian. Please delete the old one;
    • Static class serving as API for future kOS integration;
    • Fixed bug in TimeWarp throttling.

    Release 1.2.6:
    • Fixed settings file not auto-generating;
    • Fixed collection modified exception;
    • Possibly fixed throttle jitter again?;
    • Fixed Target/Maneuver in Flight Computer;
    • Disable SAS when Flight Computer is on;
    • Tweaked time warp throttling when commands are approaching.

    Release 1.2.1:
    • Removed kOS integration.

    Release 1.2.0:
    • Fixed (probably) the bug that humiliated me in one of Scott Manley's videos;
    • Flight Computer and kOS integration! (details below); Requires patched dll for now!
    • Fixed Delta-V burns; Cilph can't do basic vector math late at night;
    • "N/A" on TimeQuadrant when no SPU is available; "Connected" when signal delay is disabled;
    • Allow docking node targeting when the other vessel is disconnected;
    • Halved antenna power consumption;
    • Signal Delay is now on by default;
    • Quick hack to not cache lines/cones that are disabled to increase performance for some;
    • Possible fix for long range planet targeting being twitchy;
    • Two new dish parts by Kommit! The KR-7 and KR-14 replace the SS-5 and LL-5 respectively. The old parts will be deprecated but still included so as not to break existing crafts;
    • Settings File is now properly created on load.

    kOS integration:
    • All immediate mode actions now require signal delay to pass;
    • Steering locks now work when the vessel is disconnected;
    • Action groups no longer trigger when kOS has them blocked;
    • "BATCH" and "DEPLOY" commands to send a list of commands as one packet;
    • Requires patched kOS DLL until I merge the changes. Download here.

    Flight Computer:
    • Works pretty much like MechJeb's SmartASS;
    • Use "Enter" to confirm changes in most text fields;
    • Duration format: "12h34m45s" or "12345" for plain seconds;
    • Delta-V burn format: "1234m/s";
    • Cancel commands by clicking on the X in the queue, sends signal ASAP, but delay still applies.
    • Use the queue to view any delayed command; even right-click menu events.

    Release 1.1.0:

    • Added a settings file; auto-generates once the plugin loads. once forced to save by editing the map filter.
    • Filter in map view now properly saves.
    • Tracking Station should now save changes made to dishes.
    • Fixed NPE in editor due to recent ModuleSPUPassive changes
    • ModuleRTAntennaPassive now correctly works when unloaded
    • Dishes can now target the active vessel.
    • Promised Flight Computer NOT enabled yet. The new Squad SAS is too unstable for auto-piloting.
    • Signal Delay can be enabled in settings file. Good luck without that flight computer.

    Release 1.0.7:

    • Fixed NPE when antennas did not have satellites during rendering.
    • ModuleSPUPassive now provides unloaded routing if the craft was controllable as a whole. Might have lead to unintentional bugs. (vardicd)

    Release 1.0.6:

    • Fixed science transmissions not sending all of the data. (Kethevin)

    Release 1.0.5:

    • Fix MechJeb fighting over throttle.
    • Added ModuleSPU to radial MechJeb AR202 casing. This kills functionality if connection is lost.
    • Fix queuing for science transmissions. (Ralathon)
    • Added a ScreenMessage if your partmenu events are blocked due to signal loss.

    Release 1.0:

    • Initial release!
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    Ah so the discussions on the future direction ended and/or you just decided to go with it. I'll give it a go later.

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    Congratulations! I'm very happy to see RemoteTech back in action, and You did some awesome work with integrating RT into stock game behavior to boot.

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    Yay! It's back, thanks for your hard work!
    GERMAN ArmA III Realism Unit: vLLBrig31

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    Please be gentle. It's my first time releasing a major mod. Bugs go on the GitHub.

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    Looking through your window
    Here! Have a pile of rep! Take it all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NASAFanboy View Post
    Is it weird that ... I built a real life replica of a rocket myself and pretended to be on a space mission?
    Sitting in a cardboard box going "All systems nominal, ready for liftoff", followed by me making hissing and explosion sounds made my friends look at me weird.

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    so to make it clear. in this version of RT
    -0.22 compatible
    -no delay
    -working new ASAS

    if this is true than I going to use it soo much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cilph View Post
    Please be gentle. It's my first time releasing a major mod. Bugs go on the GitHub.

    dont worry i been using RT for long time since around .19 or so. if there bugs ill report them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg12 View Post
    so to make it clear. in this version of RT
    -0.22 compatible
    -no delay
    -working new ASAS

    if this is true than I going to use it soo much
    No Flight Computer in this release. When it comes I'll make signal delay an optional feature.

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