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Thread: [1.0.x (partial)] Atmospheric Sound Enhancement v2.2 (2015-05-05)

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    [1.0.x (partial)] Atmospheric Sound Enhancement v2.2 (2015-05-05)

    Adds the effects of the density, temperature and relative speed of the atmosphere to craft sounds. When breaking the sound barrier, muffled sounds (or optionally no sounds) will be heard from the craft when the camera is outside of the shock cone. When passing through the cone, you can hear the shockwave. When leaving the atmosphere, the sound gradually fades to muffled (or optionally nothing) in vacuum. Internally, sounds can always be heard but are muffled. Non-craft sounds such as music are unaffected.

    CurseForge | MediaFire
    Source included, project also available on GitHub, licenced under GPL v2.

    If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding:

    Thanks to velusip and szdarkhack for their major contributions to this mod. The plugin also makes reference to Deadly Reentry for compatibility with its particle effects.

    Change log
    v2.2 (2015-05-05)
    • Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.

    • Rebuild for KSP 0.23 (no changes).

    v2.1 (2013-11-27)
    • Fixed incorrect or missing sound effects in some situations.
    • Fixed some sounds being missed before first staging.
    • Slight performance improvements.

    v2.0 (2013-11-21)
    • Added a configuration file.
    • Added the ability to choose between silence or muffled sound when supersonic or in a vacuum (muffled by default).
    • Customised condensation and re-entry effects.
    • Fixed issues with the Mach sounds not always being played at the correct angles.

    v1.1 (2013-11-03)
    • Fixed sounds still playing while paused.
    • Fixed slowdown when going supersonic.

    v1.0 (2013-11-02)
    • Initial release.

    Configuration options
    The effects can be customised by modifying settings.cfg in the GameData/AtmosphericSoundEnhancement directory:
    • interiorMaxFreq - How muffled the sounds heard inside the craft are. Sounds above this frequency aren't heard. It can be anywhere between 10 (a deep rumble that can only be heard with high-quality speakers) and 22000 Hz (not muffled at all). 0 disables internal sounds.
    • maxVacuumFreq - How muffled the sounds are in external views when in a vacuum, similar to interiorMaxFreq. 0 disables sounds, 22000 gives normal, unmuffled sounds.
    • maxSupersonicFreq - How muffled the sounds are when the camera is ahead of the supersonic shock wave when in an extarnal view, similar to interiorMaxFreq. 0 disables all sounds, 22000 gives normal, unmuffled sounds.
    • interiorVolumeScale - A multiplier for the volume inside the craft. 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, 2 is 200%, 0 for silence.
    • maxDistortion - How distorted and crunchy the sound of the shock wave is. 0 is off (normal) and 1 is on fully (may cause crackling).
    • lowerMachThreshold - The Mach number at which the sonic boom starts to kick in.
    • upperMachThreshold - The Mach number at which the sonic boom finishes fading away.
    • negativeSlopeWidthDeg - The angle (in degrees) behind the shock cone that the shock wave fades away over.

    Current state
    Anything using EFFECTS nodes such as multi mode engines like the R.A.P.I.E.R., as well as the NASA engines, jet engines and Hot Rockets mod, currently aren't affected by this mod due to the way they work. I'm working on changes to deal with this, and hopefully improve performance in general.

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    Huh... you included your source code in the package but no dll...

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    Nova made a mod like this but it still muffled music and chatterer. Can you still hear music and chatterer in this one?

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    Yes, music and any sound effects that don't come from parts are unaffected. Unlike Nova's mod, there's no sound at all in space, but I plan on adding the option for that in future.

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    Great! I love such immersive mods, thx! ^_^

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    Uh, that looks, err... sounds interesting, testing as we speak.
    Edit: This is just... wow. The mach effects... never heard a thing like this... especially with ferram it feels just like you were flying a real supersonic jet.
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    One question:
    it seems like the mach cone is not after the rocket sometimes... when the rocket is flying forward with a speed above Mach 1 (probably also above Mach 2, i rememer that the speed is around 1000m/s at that moment.), the position that i can hear the sound will be somewhere in front of the rocket sometimes, or sometimes somewhere under the back of the rocket for around 15 degrees, instead of just right behind it. and my rocket is flying with almost zero AOA at around 30000m ASL so that can rule out some possibilities i guess.

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    This needs to become stock.

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    I like this. However in its current form it kills my performance due to the endless stream of debug logging. I built a version without it and it works great though

    Now, I'm interested to contribute to this. First off, with this mod the engine sounds continue playing in the pause menu. I'll try to figure out how to stop that from happening.
    Secondly, I'm (later on) going to see if I can make this talk to FAR in some way, to get the density and speed of sound from there (way more accurate). I'll post updates if I manage any of these

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