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Thread: [0.23] Crowd-sourced Science Logs: SCIENCE NEEDS YOU!

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    [0.23] Crowd-sourced Science Logs: SCIENCE NEEDS YOU!

    (this has gotten messy and I plan on streamlining it... eventually)

    Submit your entries here.

    There are now two versions:
    (1) The official, spell-checked, grammar-perfected, profanity-free, doesn't-hint-profusely-at-easter-eggs version. These entries are all proofread by human beings to make sure they are "in the spirit of the game." To submit entries, use this form (linked above):
    The file itself is here:

    (2) The unofficial, un-filtered, "old-style" version. Anybody can edit this, anybody can add anything, and it comes with no guarantee or warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

    The following thread is for process and file #1 only. What the community does with file #2 is entirely up to them. I am hosting it as a courtesy to the people who insist on having things that I believe are not in the spirit of the game.

    Support for Custom Biomes mod:
    The submission form now includes biomes included in the Custom Biomes mod (scroll to the bottom of the biome list). Other than being sure to choose one of those biomes, the submission process is otherwise done as normal. The custom biome logs are included in the file and do not affect those playing without the Custom Biomes mod. KSP does not check for biomes that don't exist, it just only pulls them if they do. To add the logs for custom biomes, install the file normally.

    Also potentially useful:

    JoolSrfLanded = You're not sure how you even landed on the surface of a gas giant. But it's probably best not to think about it for too long.
    As I'm sure we all are, I've been collecting a lot of science lately. However, I been collecting a lot of the same... old science. Don't get me wrong, I love what's been done, it's just that after reading "It looks very red" for the fifth time, I want something new. What seems like the best way to do this?

    Crowd sourcing.

    The science logs are drawn from the ScienceDefs.cfg file in GameData/Squad/Resources. Any logs you add will appear randomly in the game. Imagine a game where you never get the same log twice...

    MunInSpace = Cool pants, Kyle! Wait... we're in space above the Mun. Put those away. Now.
    Without further ado, I present to you the crowdsourced science logs file:
    (for grabbing only. To submit an entry, use this form.)

    This will only work if everyone participates. At first the file won't have a lot of content. As we add more and more, it will get much more interesting. So please, add to the file!

    To Use (Windows):
    1.a. Open the link. In the upper left land corner, click on "File." Mouse over "Download as" and click on "Plain Text (.txt)."
    1.b. Follow your browser- and system-specific steps to download the file.
    1.c. Find the downloaded file. You need to rename the file to end in .cfg instead of .txt. For Windows, right click the file, left click "Rename," left click at the end of the name, delete "txt," and type "cfg".
    1.d. Move the file into the Resources directory described above, replacing the old file called "ScienceDefs.cfg".
    1.e. Play the game!
    - OR -
    2.a. Open the link and click on any text. Hit ctrl+A to select all, ctrl+C to copy.
    2.b Open your ScienceDefs file (described above). Hit ctrl+A to select all, ctrl+V to paste the crowdsourced info, ctrl+S to save.
    2.c Play the game!

    NOTE: You may want to make a backup of your original file first. I am not responsible for bad things that might happen. As well, we (the moderators) reserve the right to edit any logs as we see fit. We're not going to be jerks about it, but we are Nazis when it comes to spelling/grammar/punctuation, and we will remove entries that don't fit the criteria listed below.

    - If you downloaded the file, make sure it is in the proper directory: GameData/Squad/Resources.
    - If you downloaded the file, make sure it is named properly: "ScienceDefs.cfg" -- eg, not "ScienceDefs (Copy).cfg," "Copy of ScienceDefs.cfg", or "ScienceDefs.txt."

    Known Issues:
    - Getting the same log over and over: I believe this has to do with the way Squad's code selects the log and is not related in any way to the file itself. That being said, if someone things they can fix this with a plugin, please share.
    - REQUESTING AN EDIT: If you notice something that needs to be change (misspelling, etc) please comment directly in the google doc. Select the edit, right-click, left-click "add comment," then type the change you'd like to see. Using this method I will usually reply or edit within 48 hours.

    Adding Your Entries:
    Use the form here.
    Please submit one entry at a time. DO NOT type "1. [Entry One] 2. [Entry Two] etc."
    NOTE: Your entry will not get added until it is proofread by a human being. This may not happen more than once a month, but might happen as often as once a day. Please be patient.

    Entry Rules:
    - No profanity or sexual references of any kind.
    - Nothing "gross." Yes, this includes bathroom humor.
    - No blatant allusions to Easter eggs.
    - No really obscure pop culture references (not everybody reads Top Gear).
    - No breaking the fourth wall (Kerbals playing KSP, "You have been playing KSP for quite some time," etc).
    - Your log will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Please save us some time and do this all correctly.
    - Your log should be in present tense ("You take," "You look," "Feeling cold," etc).
    - Short, simple logs are preferred ("The Goo is evaporating," instead of "The Goo begins to wisp away into the atmosphere, starting you on a train of thought about [...]"). Try and keep them less than 100 characters unless absolutely necessary.
    - Entries in second person are preferred ("You..."). The only entries allowed in first person are statements made by the Kerbals, and these should be submitted in quotes ("Ground control come in, over."). However, first person is strongly discouraged, unless absolutely necessary.
    - Be sure your log is pertinent to any mission the player might be doing. For instance, references to "previous missions" or a specific Kerbal are usually removed. Keep in mind that everything but evaReports, crewReports, and surfaceSamples can be done by a probe.
    - No static, Morse code, or any language except English. No "mystery transmissions," at least not until Squad indicates that might be a possibility (sorry -- I, personally, like these, but they are outside the scope of the game right now (0.22)). No somethings moving unless it's related to an Easter egg (eg, Squad has, "You look up at the sky and see something zip past..." on Ike).
    - Try and keep it in the spirit and style of what Squad has written.

    A script runs sometime between 4 and 5 AM CST every day that moves approved logs from the submissions form to the file and updates the charts below. In the long run, it may take us up to a week to approve each entry. If you don't see your entry after that time you can assume it has been removed. You can try re-submitting it, heeding special attention to the rules above, or you can PM me with your log to see why it was rejected. Note that we put "spirit of the game" above everything else. We would rather have 10 good entries than 100 bad ones.

    Other Participation:
    - I have opened the file for commenting only. I don't want this to be a dictatorship so feel free to add comments as you see fit. I will do my best to shape the file as the community desires, but please be aware I can't please everyone.

    As this project grows older, the moderators occupy themselves with other things. So we always need more. If you're interesting in moderating, please send me a PM with a short (two-page) treatise on the effects of chaos theory. Alternatively, you might write a few (<5) logs you'd approve, and a few you'd reject, and state why in either case. Note that if you don't use proper spelling/punctuation/grammar that would disqualify you.
    And a special thanks, of course, to the current moderators (those that wish to be recognized, anyways):
    - FoxKit
    - Galacticruler
    - Jagun
    - jamille4
    - Outlander4
    - Tanya Sapien
    - Thrfoot

    - - -

    Just think -- if even 1/10 of us added only one science log... well, let's just say you'd have to play a lot of KSP to read them all!

    - - -

    Just for giggles (updated automatically between 4 and 5 AM CST along with the file):

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    Since we're all space geeks. Discuss.
    Tired of the same old science logs? Check out the crowd-sourced version! Then contribute some of your own.

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    I love this idea! I also hate it when it goes "you record your observations of the situation:. I mean, yeah, but WHAT ELSE!
    Awesome gif by TheFighterC4:

    Is my avatar hard to see? Go here!
    Dangers of Hyperedit:
    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickSawyer View Post
    "There is no overkill. There is only 'Open fire' and 'I need to reload'."

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    Sounds Great, im going to add something tomorrow !

    Edit - Finally, the stock logs are not very diverse

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    I contributed! check in it again, its in the GillyInSpace reports

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    To clarify, if there are multiple versions of the same report, will the game then just select one?

    KerbinSrfLandedShores = You took a sample of the soil. It's very muddy and sandy. There might be a body of water nearby

    Could I then add a second KerbinSrfLandedShores such that

    KerbinSrfLandedShores = You took a sample of the soil. It's very muddy and sandy. There might be a body of water nearby
    KerbinSrfLandedShores = OMG I FOUND A CRAWDADDY! I LOVE HIM I... oops, he laid an egg. A crawmommy this is. Science!

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    Yes! Perfect way to get more variety into the results. Already at 25% more content in just a couple of hours. Keep going!

    Quote Originally Posted by thiosk View Post
    To clarify, if there are multiple versions of the same report, will the game then just select one?
    exactly. Random selection. Also, each experiment can have one or more "default" texts that will be selected if no Situation-specific text could be found.

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    This is amazing. Contributing to it now!

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    Any logs included in the Cabana Corp. R&D ScienceDef.cfg are free for the taking.

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