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Thread: Crash on start up

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    Crash on start up

    Alright I checked the thread about common start up crashes but none of that is my problem. I just downloaded the newest version of B9 and installed it and now I'm crashing on start up. I am getting a folder about the crash in my directory but I can't read that or know what to look for. If you want it I'll post it.

    Now the funny thing is when I watch the loading bar go I can see it load all the B9 stuff then move on to my other mods and crash at 100% load bar. Also I updated B9 from it's last version, so I'm pretty sure I messed something up there. Took the folders from the new gamedata and pasted them over my old B9 folders (move and replace everything).

    All help is appreciated.

    EDIT: I read in the output_log.txt that

    ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: 'The operation completed successfully.' (Address: 00000000)"

    I googled for dgbhelp.dll and searched my directory for it and didn't find it. On google it said it's a file I need (I also saw it in my other games) for system operations or something. Do I need another one or something?
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    Thread moved to Addon Requests and Support, as per the 'voided warranty' for non-stock installations.

    If you could provide a complete output_log.txt file, that would likely be of most use in diagnosing your issue. I suspect an out of memory error.

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    Do you have a bunch of parts mods installed? B9 takes up a lot of memory-- KSP has a hard limit of 3.7 GB, and if you run out it will just crash without telling you.

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