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Thread: [0.23.5] Realism Overhaul: ROv4 + Modlist for RSS 4/8/14

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    [0.23.5] Realism Overhaul: ROv4 + Modlist for RSS 4/8/14

    This thread serves two purposes. First, it is the release thread for the Realism Overhaul rescale/restat mod; second, it serves as a Realism Overhaul modlist, featuring realism mods designed to work well with this (and in turn Real Solar System).

    The first post contains the readme/changelog for the Realism Overhaul mod; the second post will be updated to reflect recommended mods to use with RSS and any necessary settings changes.

    Realism Overhaul
    This mod is maintained by NathanKell with contributions from many.

    License CC-BY-SA

    Also included: Module Manager (by sarbian, based on ialdabaoth's work). See Module Manager thread for details and license and source:
    Module Manager is required for RO to work.

    1. Install required mods, updating as necessary
    2. Remove any existing RealismOverhaul folder in KSP/GameData/
    3. Unzip this archive to KSP/GameData.
    4. Open GameData and open the FerramAerospaceResearch folder, then Plugins, then PluginData, then FerramAerospaceResearch, open config.xml in Notepad (or any text editor), find the attachNodeDiameterFactor line and change 1.25 to 1.0
    5. Pick and install an engine configs pack (see below)

    This is a set of ModuleManager tweaks and part rescales for a 100% human-scale KSP.

    Real Solar System (else why use this?)
    Real Fuels v5.1+
    Stretchy SRB v9+ OR Procedural Parts (or you won't have the right size tanks)
    Deadly Reentry v4.6+ (for the heatshields)
    Ferram Aerospace Research (made by the amazing ferram4)
    RealChutes (by stupid_chris)
    Engine Ignitor (by HoneyFox)

    Best with:
    Medieval Nerd's Realistic Tech Progression Lite tech tree (note: requires RftSEngines, not RealEngines)
    RemoteTech 2 and brooklyn666's antenna ranges (see post 2 in the Realism Overhaul thread)
    Procedural Fairings
    Supported parts packs
    Realism patches for those packs (see post 2 in the Realism Overhaul thread)

    Supported parts packs:
    AIES (Partial support for pods, full support for battery/RTG/solar panels, RCS)
    KW Rocketry (batteries, fairings, RCS)
    NovaPunch (partially, more support coming soon)
    Bobcat Soviet engines pack (Soviet/Russian engines)
    KOSMOS Salyut parts
    B9 (partial)
    Fustek Parts Expansion
    NFPP Solar Panels
    PorkWorks Inflatable Habs

    Engine Support:
    Realism Overhaul requires the selection of an Engine pack. The two suggested packs (pick one) are either SFJackBauer's RealEngines pack (which gives engines the stats of real-world engines that look similar, like NovaPunch K2-X -> J-2) and my Reaching for the Stars pack, which gives engines "realistic" stats informed by real-world engines without being clones.
    SFJackBauer's RealEngines pack can be downloaded from
    My RftS Pack can be downloaded from the fourth post here:

    *New size system: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, etc.
    *Rescales of stock parts and Procedural Fairings to support the new size system.
    *Realistic battery and solar panel numbers, and usage for RT2 antennae. 1EC/s = 1kW. Solar panels don't produce much, but they're light.
    *RTGs are now modeled after real RTGs.
    *DRE Heatshields support RSS, new heatshields added
    *Various structural/aero parts had their masses tweaked, including PF large bases. PF lage bases now have tiny decouplers.

    Partial support:
    Pods: Squad Mk1, Mk1-2, AIES Orbital Pod.
    Probes: the Squad probes. AIES probes have electrical charge fixed but neither rescaled nor remassed as yet.
    Note that only the two stack probes (now 2m and 3m) have much in the way of torque; even then you'll want to bring RCS. Everything else doesn't have any torque to speak of.

    v4 -- \/
    *Fix typo for RTG, Stayputnik, WAC probe core, AIES
    *Add missing KW RCS
    *Remove FASA config (handled by RedAV8R)
    *Removed inbuilt support for RealEngines
    *Changed scaling method for likely-to-be-root parts
    *Add community rescales (broman [Porkworks habs], amo28 [KOSMOS Salyut], Phredward [10m heatshield, docking ports])

    And because pix:


    Q: My engines are disappearing into my fueltank!
    A: The "going into the fueltank" thing is a trick SFJackBauer devised to get around the issue that most KSP engine models are actually engines + giant fuel tank bottom domes, basically. (Look up pictures of rocket engines. At most they have a turbopump etc at the top, or a set-of-girders thrust structure. Not a giant dome; that's the bottom of the fuel or oxidizer capsule-shaped tank.) Which is bad if you, for instance, want to use the engine on a different-sized fuel tank. Can't do anything about using an engine with a giant dome on a *smaller* tank, but for bigger tanks SFJackBauer devised this system where the unsightly dome is hidden inside the fueltank. Works great for clusters like S-II.

    Q: Engine nodes are *inside* the engines! Or: nodes appear far above/below the engine.
    A: This happens when you've installed a different engine config and not deleted your old one. If not using SFJackBauer's RealEngines, delete the folder GameData/SFJBRealEngines. If not usings RftSEngines, delete any RftSEngines.cfg anywhere in GameData. If not using stockalike engine configs (and why would you, with RO?) delete any MFSEngines.cfg or StockEngines.cfg anywhere in GameData. That will fix the issue.

    Q: How do I make a controlled, lifting reentry with the Mk1-2 Pod?
    A: See this awesome video for a tutorial.

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    Recommended Mods for RSS and Required Settings:
    (In addition to mods required by and supported by RO: see my signature for mine, the rest are:
    FAR, RealChutes, Engine Ignitor)

    *Realistic Progression LITE Tech Tree by Medieval Nerd. Tech tree designed for the realism mods.

    *Environmental Visual Enhancements by rbray89.

    *Frizzank's FASA pack, with RedAV8R's patches (see below).

    *BobCat's Soviet Historical Pack with Dragon01's Realism patch..

    *BobCat's Soviet Engines pack from the Historicals thread.

    *asmi's ECLSS Life Support Mod. Here is my RealFuels config for it.

    *Realism Overhaul Configs for various mods by Mct

    *RedAV8R's Realism Patches for FASA, KerbX, and LazTek.

    *or also for LazTek, try Scripto23's LazTek patches

    *brooklyn666's config for RemoteTech2

    *Advanced Jet Engine by camlost: does for jet engines what FAR does for aerodynamics.

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    No problem. Now, when I finally get around to installing this, I'll have to make KW and NovaPunch compatible. Might be easier said than done, though.
    Do you want an electromagnetic catapult for launching spacecrafts? Skykooler (who also made Extraplanetary Launchpads) made one.
    Quote Originally Posted by TehGimp666 View Post
    It appears that your game menu is undergoing atmospheric re-entry... on the Mun...

    Only with KMP folks!
    I just realized that Copenhagen_Suborbitals has only 14 reputation points. Give them all of your rep, guys!

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    Um, they already are, engine-wise. And the tanks are MFS compatible, though still using 1.25-scale (which is fine). Same with radial-attachables--fine. In fact I'm not sure what isn't, other than NP's pods. Oh, does KW have batteries now?

    Oh, and I haven't rescaled SRBs much yet, so if you want a 1m/2m/etc core solid, use a stretchy.

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    Don't forget one of the best, and seemingly overlooked, mods:

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    All-in-one! Yay! Thanks again Nathan Does this fix all the attenae distances?
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    It's alive! It's alive!

    If someone complains that they don't have a big enough engine, then something is wrong.
    The Medieval Nerd
    "Patience is a virtue."

    Realistic Progression LITE - Tech Tree & Plugin + Tweak Pack - LINK
    Realistic Tech Tree Overhaul Development Thread : link (Created by NathanKell & myself)
    Custom Experiment & Data Recorder Plugin Thread: (Created by Myself)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedievalNerd View Post
    It's alive! It's alive!

    If someone complains that they don't have a big enough engine, then something is wrong.
    yes probably

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    Finally but concerning asmis ELCSS mod...I was still using TAC Life Support and will later try the new release if it runs smoothly now. Because ELCSS made my game lag as hell and I only used the mods i NEED for RSS. So I hope the lag problem don't persists

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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanKell View Post
    Oh, does KW have batteries now?
    yes they do XD

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