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Thread: [0.90] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.1.2

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    [0.90] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.1.2

    64-bit Windows KSP is NOT supported due to it being an unstable mess.
    The OS itself is supported, however (ie, 32-bit KSP running on 64-bit Windows).
    Nobody will stop you from modifying it to work, but you will get NO support. Anybody distributing a modified version of Extraplanetary Launchpads (for any reason, actually) must make it prominently clear that it is not Extraplanetary Launchpads as released by me. This is actually one of the requirements in the GPL.

    Also, by releasing a modified version, you agree to accept all responsibility. This is the reason for the attribution rule in the GPL: so your victims come crying to you rather than to me.

    This is the new thread for Extraplanetary Launchpads as skykooler has asked me to officially take over the project. Old thread

    A nice quick tutorial writeup by Starstrider42.

    Kerbas_ad_astra did up some graphs of kerbal contribution.

    A bit of a writeup I did on Direction survey stakes.

    Known Issues:
    • there is a problem with older versions* of Science Alert causing EL builds to fail. Should you have trouble with EL and Science Alert, be sure to install the latest version. *(prior to 1.8 and reappearing somewhere between 1.8.1 and 1.8.3, but fixed again in 1.8.4)
    • there appears to be some issues with KIS. I will investigate them and see what needs to be fixed on either end (EL or KIS), or even both. I already have it installed but have yet to play with it.

    A review of EL done by TinyPirate:

    Download: Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.1.2.
    Release notes:

    Source code (GPL): github.
    Issue tracker: issues

    Required Mods:
    • Module Manager to allow pods to become workshops (albeit poor quality). NOW REQUIRED to enable engineers to build stuff.

    Mods I consider essential for getting the most out of EL:
    • KerbalStats to track kerbal experience.
    • Toolbar to allow control of the VAB/SPH GUI and easy control of the in-flight GUI.
    • Kethane. Allows mining of Ore and convertion to Metal and RocketParts. Also, gotta get fuel for your rockets .
    • Kerbal Attachment System. Connect parts of your base together. REQUIRED for the use of the survey stakes.
    • Infernal Robotics. Makes it easier to move things around.

    As an alternative to Kethane, Karbonite is available and there is a Karbonite adaptation available. Note, however, that MKS has built-in support for EL, so you do not need this patch. Also note that MKS hides most of EL's parts as it provides its own versions.

    At this stage any pad, the runway or the dock can be used landed, splashed or in orbit. When landed or splashed, operation is exactly as it was before. When in orbit, the new ship is spawned "docked" (docking ports not required) to the construction dock and must be released (the build menu will be unavailable until the new ship has been released). To release the ship, right click on the dock and click "Release". Once the release bug (see below) has been worked around, the new ship will slowly drift away (as expected for two objects in orbit).

    Survey stakes (new feature in 4.3.0 and requiresKerbal Attachment System) work only when landed and they need to be carried around in a KAS container or on the back of a Kerbal, and can be attached only to the ground or a permanent feature (such as the launchpad at KSC, or at least they could while I was testing in 0.24.2). To use stakes, place some on the ground, configure them (details in the release notes), and use a Survey Station (also new in 4.3.0, but for now is a clone (separate part) of the hitchhiker can).

    Station before any construction begins.

    The hab module has been built and moved over with a little tug.

    D'oh, not enough parts to build the tank.

    After shipping up some more parts, the tank is built and being moved into position by the station's tug (which was built just before the hab module was).

    Checking out the new workshop:

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    Well best of luck with the take over, and looking forward to what the future holds!

    The Medieval Nerd
    "Patience is a virtue."

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    I'm glad to see you in the primary maintenance role. You've done good work with EL so far.

    Would you write a bit about your general goals for EL development? Where do you see the mod in the near and far future?

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    Great news. Looking forward to what you have in store.
    Want robotic parts?
    Download the Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics plugin and parts!
    Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics

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    I got so excited that there was a new update to EL... Oh well!

    Congrats on the official change and I'm looking forward to see how things go from here.

    As the old thread has been closed I'd like to continue a conversation we had going on it, here. I'm still having issues with the mod though I think I understand the mechanics now. I successfully - by modding a ton of ore into the hex surrounding KSC in sandbox mode - created a base that will mine ore, smelt metal, and then create rocket parts. I then used those 3 resources to build an assemblage on the smaller, newer launchpad.

    And then everything exploded and I literally cannot access that save game. KSP freezes and I have to kill it with task manager. Luckily it's in my sandbox game but I simply can't use this mod in my career game if that's a possibility.

    Is this common? Was there something I could/should have done to prevent it or at least make it less likely?
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    5thHorseman: sorry to disappoint. However, there will be more updates. I'm working on improving the resource section of EL (I got my hands on some fantastic maternial).
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    Will there be a tutorial? The previous one's biggest fail was that there was no tutorial.

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    I do want to do something along those lines. I'm still fighting with getting recording to work (linux), but I've made a little progress and have some ideas along those lines. I also want to do an in-game tutorial like Kethane's.

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    Any chance of smaller versions of the Smelter, Auger, and OMD? Like 1/2 or 2/3 scale. Especially the Smelter but they all seem unnecessarily large and cumbersome.

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    As someone who managed to fly a wheeled Smelter (the bigger original .......) to Duna and land it, I concur... Smaller please. And maybe a different shape, just to make it easier to design around. Engineering that thing as a deployable item from Kerbin was nightmarish and used up every parachute in my inventory.

    Just sayin,

    That said Glad EP will continue and hope you have as much devving it as we have playing with it


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