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Thread: [WIP] ActionGroupManager (AGM) initial release

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    [WIP] ActionGroupManager (AGM) initial release

    Hello !

    After many hours playing to KSP, reading the forum, and enjoying all your good mods, i decided to give something back to the community. So let me introduce my mod : Action Group Manager (AGM).

    I was looking for an opportunity to develop a mod for KSP and look a little in the engine of the beast. One of my main frustration in KSP is the fact that it's impossible to modify your action group outside the editor. Forget to put a part in a custom action group while launching for your interplanetary mission ? Docked two vessels not primarily designed to be docked together, and your new composite vessel have all his action groups mixed ? Maybe this mod is for you.

    Basically the mod is a two tabs window. One is used to look at parts and assign them to new action groups. The other tab is a recap of what a specific action group controls, and eventually remove an action from this action group. The mod is usable but in an early stage.

    Current features list :
    * Add, modify, remove part and actions to any action group at any time.
    * Parts can be filtered by stage. Only show parts which appear as stagging icon. (Experimental)
    * Parts can be filtered by categories
    * Parts can be filtered with text
    * Parts list is updated in real time (update delay can be modified in the settings, default is 1 second). Stagging, docking, Kerbal Attachment System junction, switching vessel (from space center, map, or even near switch) will update the mod accordingly. If you encounter performance issues, real-time update can be turned off, Part refresh will be done with a button in the settings window.
    * When the window is closed and the real-time update turned off, the performance footprint should be negligible.
    * The current selected part or actions is highlighted in blue in the game (and highlighted in the staging bar if applicable).
    * In the part panel, if a part is attached to any action group, it will appear in yellow.
    * In the action group panel, the number on the side of each action group is the number of part attached to this action group.
    * Mods friendly (In theory at least, i use KAS, kethane, KWR, VOID).
    * Window can be hided, dragged (not resized yet). A floating button stay on screen to show the window at any time. The floating button can be moved (drag and drop) and locked in place.
    * Window position and preferences are saved when you quit the game.

    Images :

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    Future :
    * The drag and drop and click of the floating button can be weird sometimes. I try to find a better solution, in the meantime, when you move the icon around, do it slowly, and when you click on it to show the window, make sure to not move your mouse. blizzy78 is working on a very promising unified framework (, and I will use it as soon as it is released.
    * Improve the GUI. I'm not very pleased by the actual look of the GUI. Unity is kind of ... funny to use when you come from windows forms.
    * Clean the code. Lots of refactoring to do, and maybe some internal design to change.
    * Bug fix

    License :
    The code and the binary (even my gorgeous icon !) are licensed under the WTFPL License.

    Every ideas, criticisms, feedbacks, insults are very welcomed. =)

    To end this post, i would like to thanks all the modding community of KSP, you guys made so much good stuff, mods, tutorial etc ... and a special thank to TaranisElsu for your work, your example plugins were very useful to understand how the game works.

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    Looks good. Have you taken a look at Actions on the fly plugin? I would prefer having this style of activation than having another icon on the screen all the time.
    ....just another tricky day...

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    Nice! I'll have to try it out later.

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    Wonderful. Absolutely a "must have" mod, in my case, as I can't keep memory of all the AG buttons assigned to lots of different vessels.
    This mod provides for a much awaited functionality that was promised for ver. 2.0 of Actions on the fly, but never implemented.
    And I like how the GUI is arranged, too, with the clever arrangement of the functions by type.
    Yes, the GUI button can be dragged but with some difficulty, seems to be a unity limit; but believe that will be solved with the draggable buttons plugin by blizzy.
    Truly a GREAT little mod. Thanks.
    In those circumstances I have to act as a moderator, I use text in this color.

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    This promises to be an excellent next step from AotF. I'm loving the GUI.

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    Would it be at all possible to increase the number of custom action groups?

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    Wow this is cool. I've done this I don't know how many times, I forgot to place a action group for something or put it in wrong place and can't remember which button it is.

    Going to test out now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gristle View Post
    Looks good. Have you taken a look at Actions on the fly plugin? I would prefer having this style of activation than having another icon on the screen all the time.
    Yes, i take a look at that mod. But, i prefer the centralized GUI interface. I have plans for future release to be able to select a parts by clicking on it on your vessel so maybe i will do a "minimal mode" GUI like AotF just to assign or remove specifc part from action group. I keep you updated. =)

    Quote Originally Posted by rhoark View Post
    Would it be at all possible to increase the number of custom action groups?
    I don't really know if that's possible even possible actually. But i will look into it and tell you if that's the case. =)

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    Love this! I can't wait to see it released!

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    I think you might be interested in this:

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