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Thread: KerbalKon Schedule & Videos

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    Post KerbalKon Schedule & Videos

    <div class="cms_table" style="overflow-x:scroll;"><table width="1000" align="center" class="cms_table" style="background-image:url(''); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position:center; border: 0px; border-collapse: collapse;"> <tr class="cms_table_tr"><td class="cms_table_td">
    All times are in Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT-6), convert here
    Date / Time Hosts Content Video link
    Dec 12th 10AM-11AM HarvesteR What's Coming in 0.23 here
    &nbsp; 11:00AM-12:00PM Danrosas Animating Kerbals here
    &nbsp; 12:00PM-12:15PM Squad Kerbalkon 2013 Opening Ceremonies here
    &nbsp; 12:15PM-1PM Ted Testing KSP here and here
    &nbsp; 1PM-2PM Ed Lu, HarvesteR and Chad A Look Into Space - Presented by the B612 Foundation here
    &nbsp; 2PM-3PM xXLeGoldfishXx & Solar Gamer Belly Up here and here
    &nbsp; 3PM-4PM Maxmaps & Rowsdower Live From Squad HQ here
    &nbsp; 4PM-5PM KurtJMac KurtJMac here
    &nbsp; 5PM-6PM C7Studios KSP 0.23 here
    &nbsp; 6PM-6:30PM Tanuki Chau Hack Gravity here
    &nbsp; 6:30PM-7PM Mu Mu's Magical Hour here
    &nbsp; 7PM-8PM Dahud Lefthanded Kerbal Space Program here
    &nbsp; 8PM-9PM C7Studios & DrJonez No Time for Love here and here
    &nbsp; 9PM-10PM Spootyman The Couch Stream here
    &nbsp; 10PM-1AM 4kbshort Hard Mod(e) here
    Dec 13th 1AM-2AM ShimmytheJJ Shimmy's Space Quest here
    &nbsp; 2AM-5AM Kofeyh The Morning Brew here and here
    &nbsp; 5AM-9AM Lolbster Rocket Surgery Live here
    &nbsp; 9AM-10:40AM EJ The EJ Variety Hour here and here
    &nbsp; 10:40AM-11AM HarvesteR Live with Gamasutra here
    &nbsp; 11AM-11:30AM Romfarer UI Talk here
    &nbsp; 11:30AM-12PM Abyssal Lurker & Scott Manley Kerbal Team Up here and here
    &nbsp; 12PM-1PM Pleborian & Streetlamp Launching Through 0.23 here and here
    &nbsp; 1PM-2PM EnterElysium & Chickenkeeper24 0.23 Supreme here
    &nbsp; 2PM-3PM Tanuki Chau Hack Gravity here
    &nbsp; 3PM-4PM Squad KerbalKon 2013 Closing ceremonies here and here

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