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Thread: [0.90?] Alchemy Technologies products... v09 beta

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    Question: The nuclear generators create electricity, but what do they run on?
    Reactors running on "blutonium" and "cooling" (and must be started). "Cooling" is a resource produced by the cooling panel. A small amount of cooling also continually produces reactor itself (but much less than it consumes during operation). It is an attempt to simulate the production of heat during reactor operation. If the supply of cooling consumed, the reactor automatically stops and stops producing electricity (simulation protection against overheating). So the cooling panels must be extended and their generators running. They must also have sufficient capacity to produce sufficient cooling (cooling panels are really calculated according to the Stefan - Boltzmann law)- reactor consumes the same amount of cooling (thus produces the same amount of heat), such as its electrical power.
    Blutonium is consumed in small quantities - enough to supply years of operation.
    There is no free lunch. Nor energy...
    two more questions: whats the Isp of the engines?
    whats the resolution of the textures?
    Isp - Specific impuls?
    Munwalker 370 sec in vacuum, 300 sec in atmosphere,
    MunSail 370 sec in vacuum, 300 sec in atmosphere,
    small liquid fuel engines 290 sec in vacuum, 230 sec in atmosphere,
    small monopropellant engines 270 sec in vacuum, 100 sec in atmosphere,
    Ion engines - 4200 sec in vacuum, in the atmosphere zero, naturally.
    Scramjet - Isp curve is complex, corresponds approximately to the bell / Gaussian curve.

    Texture resolution is mostly 512*512*24, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Zek - I tried it, but with Unity can not understand yet. for this time... IMHO, the ability of part (from *.cfg file) are (for me) far more important than the external appearance of the model.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone Blue View Post
    So with the new combined upload, does that mean all the other separate mods will no longer be supported?...I've been using them all except the SCRAMjet mod.
    Maybe, I do not know, for now. I can try to divide it into parts, but the models and textures are common to multiple parts. It can by done by that - a scramjet with everything that belongs to it, will be placed in one directory. This then you can delete without affecting the other parts.
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    I just noticed an odd problem with the service module parts, on KSP 0.23.

    If I build a ship that's just a command pod, fuel tank, and engine (and use hyperedit to get that to orbit to mess around with, so I don't have to launch it every time), I can turn on SAS, and then use the WASD keys to turn around as I'm used to. However, if I put one of your service module parts on the same ship, it seems that it takes whatever the heading was when SAS was turned on, and tries to keep the ship on that heading. Using WASD while SAS is on only lets me turn so far, because the service module code is trying to pull it back to the original heading. Even if I turn off the reaction wheels in the service module, it still does this.

    Does that explanation make sense?

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    If with active SAS (key T) You'll do an maneuver using the WASD keys, service module tries to return the machine to its original orientation. Reaction whells are in the service modules quite strong and have "less attenuation" than reaction whells in the "command pods". So the process that was enough to change the orientation without service module, with the service module is not sufficient.
    Try to use the key F for short "cut-off" SAS during maneuver or after its completion - it is actually a "reset" SAS and the new orientation taken as default.

    Another possibility is that the basic orientation of the service module and command pods is different and two SAS blocks counteract each other...
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    Yeah, using "F" and "T" to turn on/off SAS for short or long periods of time (or just reset it) worked, but it was really hard to fly, considering what I'm used to. I've never encountered this kind of problem before, even when I've had lots of SAS reaction wheels on crafts before. For example, I had a rover that had so much SAS reaction wheel torque, it was able to roll or pitch over completely, in a 360, while on the surface of Kerbin. The reaction wheels were also able to hold it at crazy angles. With SAS activated it while it was facing normally, I could press "S" and it would lift the front wheels off the ground, and when I released "S", it would stay like that. The behaviour I've been seeing with the service modules, even ones without much torque (5), is that it wouldn't stay where I'd left it facing after releasing "S", it would go back to the way it was facing when I activated SAS.

    I'll try to to a bit more investigation. I looked at the part.cfg files for the service module, and it looks functionally the same as the Squad SAS reaction wheel part... so I dunno what's going on.

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    It seems that I have found one possible source of the problem - all service moduls have in header "module = SASModule" (as is defined in "old style" cfg file) instead of the probably correct "module = Part". So that the parts actually have defined two different SAS modules, which can be a source of problems.
    Repair begun...

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    Oh! Interesting. That definitely sounds like it could be the problem.

    I also noticed another odd problem yesterday. The "mammoth" fuel tank... I tried attaching two of them in symmetry to the sides of an airplane, alongside a couple B9 cargo bays as the center fuselage, but the mammoth fuel tanks shifted the center of mass in an unexpected way. Here's some screenshots.

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Edit: I can't figure out what's wrong with my IMGUR tag, grrr. Link:

    Without the tanks, the center of mass is in the middle of the cargo bays, exactly as one would expect. Adding the tank, the the geometric center of the tank lined up with the center of mass, I would expect the center of mass not to move, but it does. It moves a lot, and even if I empty the tank of fuel and oxidizer using the 0.23 right-click menu doesn't put the center of mass back anywhere close to the geometric center.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisd View Post
    this should be it.

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    How did you do that? I can't figure it out. I posted over here but still don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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    lewisd - Thank you very much! You have discovered one source of my problems ...
    Moving CoM until now I have not noticed ... Unfortunately, I have to re-do every "stacked" tank ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyklop View Post
    lewisd - Thank you very much! You have discovered one source of my problems ...
    Moving CoM until now I have not noticed ... Unfortunately, I have to re-do every "stacked" tank ...
    Oh no Is there something wrong with all the stacked tanks, that moves CoM? I imagine it wouldn't be very noticeable in a rocket, just in a plane.

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