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Thread: KMP hamachi connection issue

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    KMP hamachi connection issue

    hey, as i have just installed the kmp mod server and client, i started to connect to my local server (i configured the server to be set at my hamachi IP and the Port). i got in with ease but now i added my friend to my hamachi, he installed the clientside and he copied my ip from hamachi with the port, he connected and nothing happened. reinstalled hamachi; checked white list; helped my friend with teamviewer (he installed correctly); no mods on both side;...

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    Well I use Evolve for virtual lan, and i have no problems with it (i play with my friend actively), it also features everything you need for gamer, i used it to play civilization.
    So yea.. kind of add reply, but it is way better than hamachi

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    i'm sorry but i'll stick to hamachi, i dont mind having a ****ty layout

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