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Thread: [0.23.5] Habitat Pack v0.4

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    [0.23.5] Habitat Pack v0.4

    This pack provides a variety of habitat modules and base building parts to give players the ability to colonize space in a more realistic way.
    Inflatable modules are compact on launch and can be deployed and loaded with crew in space, offering adequate living space and comfort for a plausible approach to space colonization.

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    Part list:

    Inflato Storage Container PA330
    Medium inflatable living space.

    Inflato Storage Container PA550
    large inflatable living space.

    Inflato Storage Container F.L.A.T
    Toroidal hab, suitable for base building.

    Low Profile Base Mount
    Dedicated mount for building bases, can also be used for other things like small landers.

    Small Centrifugium
    rotating habitat that generates gravity through centripetal force.

    TMA-1 Orbital Orb
    Minimalistic but spacious command pod with large storage capacity.
    Derived from the Soyuz orbital module and intended to provide some living space for small spacecraft.

    Here's a direct download link (dropbox)

    Plugins in use:
    Habitat plugin, made from scratch by Sirkut (source included in download)
    Firespitter plugin made by Snjo

    Known bugs/things missing
    - Centrifuge's inflation and rotation options are sometimes buggy when used in conjunction
    - PA550 and PA330 internals are unfinished

    Planned parts:
    - more inflatable modules
    - dedicated base building module
    - large centrifuges (If I ever get those animation problems fixed)

    Hope you enjoy this, and feel free to leave some feedback.

    v0.4 / 23.04.2014
    - new part: Base Mount for F.L.A.T hab
    - redesigned PA550 model
    v0.3 / 06.02.2014
    - new part: F.L.A.T Inflatable hab
    v0.2 / 26.01.2014
    - new part: PA330 Inflatable hab
    - added props to Orbital Orb
    v0.1 / 01.01.2014
    - Release
    - Parts: PA550, Small Centrifuge, Orbital Orb
    All copyright for textures and models of Habitat Pack are held by Porkjet
    You may reuse textures and models of this mod for personal use.
    You may not redistribute modified or unmodified versions of Habitat Pack as a whole or parts of it without permission.
    Firespitter Plugin - made by Snjo
    All rights to the included plugin are held by the original creator, for license information, please refer to the provided link.
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    This mod is awesome. I always love stock-a-like mods

    .......Yes it's a real game.......................

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    Congratulations on your release! I've been using your dev version for the past month now and this mod is an absolute joy for both the eye and the inner engineer. Definite recommendation for anyone remotely interested in base and station building.

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    This look great! Gonna test it right now!

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    [insert image of Homer Simpson drooling here]

    This is what I need, those parts are beautifully done!
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    oh very very nice! Looks awesome.

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    aand there is the release Congrats Porkjet

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    nice mod but seems a little memory intensive, meaning yer getting 3 parts for 40 mb. Any way ya can make a lower texture version?

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    Wow! I'll be sure to give this a spin!

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    This is freaking awesome. Thank you so much for your hard work!

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