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Thread: imgur albums not working?

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    imgur albums not working?

    I've read the FAQ, but I can't get my imgur album to show up.

    I'm putting between [ IMGUR ] and [ /IMGUR ] (without the extra spaces) here:
    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    I see an error page embedded in the forum. What am I doing wrong?

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    I have no idea what that means.

    Do you mean take the "#0" part off? I tried that, and it did the same thing.

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    Ooooooh, put just the gallery code in the tag, not the URL. Got it. The forum FAQ about this I read wasn't clear about that. I'm so used to using URLs for this kind of thing Thanks for the help.

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    It seems the imgur tags add the rest of the URL for you which is nice, I'll poke the guys about getting the forum FAQ updated with this

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