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Thread: B9 0.23 fixes?

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    B9 0.23 fixes?

    Is there any thread which conatins all the fixes for the B9 pack for 0.23, I know that they exist but on the mod thread it is very difficult to find, if you have them could you please post them here or make a thread but I think it would a lot easier for everyone if they were in one place.

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    KSP 0.23.5 Fixes

    Quote Originally Posted by Autochton View Post
    So, because the CC-BY-NC-SA license permits it (given attribution of course), I have taken the liberty to combine the modpack proper with the fixes, so people can download one thing. I have put it all on my GitHub, which will also allow for decent support for e.g. collaborative development, download of files, etc. Let me know if I got any attribution wrong, left anyone out, or if, against expectation, things aren't working.

    The download is here, versioned as v4.1.

    The github repos is - pull requests and issue reports welcome.
    In order to get B9 to work with KSP 0.23.5, download this:

    This is a combined patch that packages several community fixes into one patch. This also includes ExsurgentEngineering.dll and an updated Firespitter.dll. Please note that I did not do any of these fixes, I simply packaged together several fixes. Credits go to the people who came up with the fixes. Firespitter.dll and ExsurgentEngineering.dll are unmodified and are redistributed under special permission from both Snjo and Careo. All MM patches included in this combined patch are also redistributed under special permission from those who have developed them.

    This requires that B9 Aerospace 4.0c is already installed and unmodified. If you had fixes in place for 0.23, then please uninstall those fixes before installing this patch.

    This patch carries an identical license to that of the original B9 Aerospace license, which is a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. B9 Aerospace is a mod developed by Bac9 and Taverius, and all credits for the mod go to them. This is an un-official patch that is intended to extend the life of the mod until the two are able to return to the KSP community.

    Special thanks to:
    Deadweasel & Antimatter001: H50 landing legs fix
    K3|Chris: Landing Gear fix
    Careo: ExsurgentEngineering.dll and the control surfaces fix
    Snjo: Firespitter.dll

    Very Special thanks to:
    bac9 and Taverius for this awesome mod!

    This patch does the following:
    Fixes the wobble in the landing gears.
    Re-enables functionality in the H50-A and H50-B landing legs.
    Makes all B9 control surfaces tweakable.
    Cargo bay doors can be opened/closed through the right click menu.
    Re-enables functionality in the SABRE engines.
    VTOL engines should have identical functionality to that of the helicopter motors in Firespitter.

    Known issues:
    Sometimes the CoM (Center of Mass) indicator will disappear when using B9 engines. To get around this, right click on the engine and drag the electric charge slider down to zero. This should bring back the CoM indicator.

    All B9 lights work without issue except that only the white omni-lights can have their color edited. All the other lights cannot have their colors edited. After toying around with the cfgs, it seems that because of their custom animations, that they will need an update to the .mu file in order to get the custom colors working (in other words, the lights are in Bac9's court). Outside of that, they work fine. I would recommend ditching the red and green omni-lights and replacing them with the white omni-lights with whatever custom RGB value you want. I'm gonna turn all mine blue .

    The H50 landing legs should work, although they are a little temperamental. They have always been so ever since KSP 0.23 has come out.

    If you are running the Windows - 64 bit version of KSP using the recent 64 bit hack, you may experience a lot of issues with B9. In fact, the 64 bit version of KSP may not work with B9 unless you use the low resolution pack. Mileage varies greatly with B9 and the Win64 version of KSP.

    KSP 0.23 Fixes (Deprecated for KSP 0.23.5)

    Update ExsurgentEngineering.dll This is located in GameData\ExsurgentEngineering\Plugins.

    Update Firespitter plugin. You only need the dll from this mod in order to update B9. It should be located at GameData\Firespitter\Plugins. Or you can do what I did and just simply install all of firespitter, then build a helicopter with both mods and watch it slam into the side of the VAB .

    Updating these two should get the Sabre engines to work again. I have also observed that this updates the B9 VTOL functionality to match that of the helicopters from firespitter.

    To make the control surfaces tweakable:
    1: Install Module Manager:
    All you need to do is drop this into your GameData folder.
    2. Go and grab this:
    B9CtrlSurfaceFix.cfg goes in your GameData folder.

    Also, there is an issue with the landing gears being excessively wobbly, causing any plane using the B9 gear to become a wibbly-wobbly plane, and thus crash, burn, and explode! Entertaining the first couple of times this happens, but annoying afterwards, and then later frustrating when proven craft don't run down the runway in a straight line. The fix is to save the following code into a .cfg file (such as B9GearFix.cfg) and then save it to directly your Gamedata folder. This requires MM, which you should already have installed if you did the Control Surface fix above:

    Quote Originally Posted by K3|Chris View Post
    	@sidewaysStiffness = 0.01
    This will fix the wibbly-wobbly landing gear, and craft will fly in a much straighter line. May I also note that with excessively heavy craft, you will need to also use more landing gear and then attached struts.

    Also, if you're having issues with making the landing legs tweakable, then look at this:

    Another issue has been observed if you are running both B9 Aerospace and Interstellar on the same install, specifically the SABRE engines overheating at a much faster rate than what they are suppose to. The fix is to either 1) update Interstellar to the latest version or 2) delete the B9 config files from the Interstellar install folder (thanks to koksny for mentioning the fix in the main B9 thread).

    Also, if you want the B9 intercoolers to be more than just eye candy, install the Interstellar mod. This will enable the intercoolers to function as they are described.

    Also, just to get these answers in a single condensed post, I am quoting some of the posts from down below:

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyBB View Post
    There are also the science fixes (make the B9 science packages reusable) and better sabres (multi mode, better effects).
    Quote Originally Posted by Deadweasel View Post
    With many thanks to AntiMatter001 for debugging my initial posted solution:

    The H50 leg animations don't work by default in the VAB/SPH. Edit the .cfg files for these and add the following at the end of each (before the last closing brace, natch):


    name = FSanimateGeneric
    animationName = leg_h50_toggle2
    startEventGUIName = Deploy
    endEventGUIName = Retract
    toggleActionName = Toggle gear
    availableInEVA = True
    EVArange = 10


        name = FSanimateGeneric
        animationName = leg_h50_toggle
        startEventGUIName = Deploy
        endEventGUIName = Retract
        toggleActionName = Toggle gear
        availableInEVA = True
        EVArange = 10
    Alternate SABREs. This is not required to get the original SABREs to work. Instead, the following by landeTLS is an optional fix, as it removes the ExurgentEngineering.dll requirement.

    Quote Originally Posted by landeTLS View Post
    ive updated my sabre mk2 configs to version 0.2.
    what this is:
    its an update to the pair of cfgs i wrote some time ago converting both the b9 sabres to the stock ModuleEnginesFX system so you dont need to use the exurgentengineering plugin, also remade he effects/sounds
    improvements are:
    heat rebalancing(works fully with dr now)
    changed the visual and audio effects a bit to look and sound a bit better
    some cleanup + included the full filepath to b9(just drop the gamedata in the ksp directory and youre good to go)
    hope you enjoy

    hit file -> download

    PS: i could make a Hotrockets version of this if people wants it(it would require the mp_nazari folder with the effects to work)

    For those who are experiencing crashing due to running out of memory, you can grab this:!
    If you run a large amount of mods, then you will want the "aggressive" version. If you run this in conjunction with Interstellar, then you will want to delete the "warp plugin" folder from the Active Texture Management mod or you will run into an occasional lock-up bug while KSP is loading.

    As I come across B9 fixes, I will update my post accordingly.

    This is not particularly a fix, but is an interesting addition to the B9 Pack:
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    This is so you can use Tweakables to change control surfaces.
    Quote Originally Posted by careo View Post
    For anyone that wants their ControlSurfaces to be tweakable: . Drop drop the B9CtrlSurfaceFix.cfg in your GameData along with a copy of ModuleManager and you should be good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven. View Post
    in combination with this will make the control surfaces tweakable.
    I think you meant to link to

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    I've performed the sabre engine fixes, but now when i get into high atmosphere they start to overheat and eventually explode. if i cut the engines they never cool off either, the overheat bar just disappears, and then reappears at the same level it was at when i start the engines again, so they can never cool down.
    anyone got any ideas why this is?

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    There is a heat issue with the Sabre M even with Sabre M precoolers you cant go over 75%~ output with air. And using fuel its even worse even in space. Did a test without the Precoolers (they dont do anything) so my guess is thats the issue

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    nvm seems to be air intake issue i added lots of air in takes and fixed that issue. guess Sabre M's need more air than normal engines

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    There are also the science fixes (make the B9 science packages reusable) and better sabres (multi mode, better effects).

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    What about the Command Pods.

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    The command pods are working well. But they do need the newest firespitter.dll
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