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Thread: [WIP] Vessel View: v0.4

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    [WIP] Vessel View: v0.4


    ----Old post----

    Right, here we go.

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    (Youll have to forgive me the crappy .gif's, not something I have to do often)

    As for the RPM version...
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    RasterPropMonitor can be found here.

    Standalone version (requires Toolbar)
    RPM version
    Pick whichever you like, or both.

    Now uses moduleManager. Vessel Viewer can be located on whichever tab info is on. In KSI MFD's its the third option on the plugin page (unlabeled to avoid having to overwrite the page text files).

    Source now on GitHub.

    KEEP IN MIND: This is very much a Work-In-Progress. Dont be suprised if it crashes, eats your FPS, fills your console with NullPointerExceptions, or just plain doesnt work. If youre okay with that though, use it to your hearts content, and if you do run into any bugs do not hesitate to post them.

    Known bug list:
    Shows nothing on IVA reload (after switching crafts, for example). Switching from and back to the Vessel Viewer page works as a workaround.
    Part Selector initially red all over. Resolves upon any interaction.
    Since the default settings can now optionally be changed in the init files, I should probably explain what they do:
    colorModeMesh, colorModeBox: color mode for the mesh/box (0=WHITE, 1=STATE, 2=STAGE, 3=HEAT, 4=FUEL, 5=HIDE)
    default for mesh is WHITE, for box its HIDE
    colorModeMeshDull, colorModeBoxDull: dulling of the colors above.
    Mesh default is on, box default is off.
    autoCenterMode: whenever the screen autorecenters the entire craft.
    default is on.
    centerOnRootH, centerOnRootV: horizontal/vertical centering of the crafts root part (autocentering must be enabled)
    horizontal default is on, vertical is off.
    centeringModeRescale: if autocentering is on, whenever the craft is also rescaled to fit the screen.
    default is on.
    scaleFactor: if autorescaling is off, you can use this to specify a custom scale factor.
    scrOffX, scrOffY: if autocentering is off, you can use these to specify the crafts position on the screen
    the center of the crafts root part is in 0,0 (so to center it, you need to move that point into the screens center)
    partSelectMode:whenever the part selector is active.
    defaults to off.
    selectionSymmetry: whenever part selector activated actions affect all symmetry counterparts.
    defaults to on.
    centerSelection: whenever the part selector should center/rescale to fit on the selected part instead of the whole vessel.
    defaults to off.
    latencyMode: whenever the screen should render on a delay (for performance reasons).
    defaults to on.
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    And to think I just got RPM and the MFD pack someone made to expand on it and thought, gee, I wish I could see a layout of my whole craft without the external cameras. this is PERFECT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteTimesSix View Post
    Next up I plan to look over the RasterPropMonitor addon and seeing if I can figure out how to add this to an IVA screen, but since I know how much I tend to commit to actually finishing stuff (that is: I don't) I figured its worth checking if anyone is interested in this incarnation?
    What's really funny is I was just thinking today how I wanted to figure out if I could find a way to render a view of the ship like that in RPM. If you've gotten that far, and you're willing to share the code you've done (just to bootstrap the RPM integration), feel free to PM me (in case I lose track of this thread).

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    This would be awesome to have! If you can get it integrated with RasterPropMonitor, it will an absolute must have mod for me.

    No more unidentified explosions outside the cockpit; with this I'll know which parts are no longer attached

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    Love the concept! I enjoy flying IVA only for that immersive feel and ever since rasterpropmonitor came out it's been amazing but this is exactly what ive wanted please keep it up!
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    I Like it. Another exciting project. Keep up the good work

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    Now that is awesome.

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    Can you possibly intergrate "Structure" of it? So rocket builders could be like: Hey! That part is the weakest, thats why it explodes! I need to strut that!
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    This looks cool. May I suggest that the screen highlight parts in red that are broken/detached from the ship? Would be a cool ship damage indicator.

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    So I'm seeing this, and the first thing that comes to my mind is:

    My question is, will this track in (semi) real time parts extending or moved using Infernal Robotics? Coz I just had a really crazy awesome idea involving KSP Interstellar and this display...
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