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Thread: Custom hardware / simpit repository. For people who take KSP a little too far.

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    Custom hardware / simpit repository. For people who take KSP a little too far.

    There is a growing number of threads discussing the development of custom interfaces, controllers and simpits for KSP... so I thought we should have a thread that pulls them all together (maybe even a sub forum moderators?).

    If you are working on a project or have completed on please post a link to your thread and a pic and I will add them to the main post!

    Control Panels and Simpits (complete or currently active)

    Project - 1960s style control panels (WIP)
    Creator - Mulbin
    Link -

    Project - Control Panel
    Creator - Sputnix
    Link -<br />

    Project - Control Panel
    Creator - Stibbons
    Link -

    Project - K.E.E.B hardware control panel.
    Creator - Luis
    Link -

    Project - YAKK Mk1 Control Panel / Microcontroller Board
    Creator - MrOnak
    Link -

    Project - Simpit enclosure
    Creator - Krewmember
    Link -

    Project - Custom Control and Display
    Creator - cm2227
    Link -

    Project - K-42
    Creator - Antipaten
    Link -

    Project - Custom Panel
    Creator - 7thGraal
    Link -

    Project - Custom Controller
    Creator - Apachee600
    Link - no link at present... message sent!

    Project - Custom Control Panel
    Creator - AmeliaEatyaheart
    Link - NA

    Project - Physical Display and custom plugin
    Creator - zitronen
    Link -

    Project - Custom controller
    Creator - zitronen
    Link - No link.

    Project - Custom control panel / interface
    Creator - KK4TEE
    Link -

    Project - DSKY Computer
    Creator - KK4TEE
    Link -

    Project - Custom controllers.... and spacesuit!!
    Creator - Peter KG6LSE
    Link -

    Project - Navball!
    Creator - NeoMorph
    Link -

    Project - Custom Interface (possible manufacture)
    Creator - ChaseHQ
    Link -

    Let me know if you have any threads you would like linked!
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    awesome. definitely hope they make a subforum

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    I'd like to place my hands in some of that custom controllers... awesome job from this people.

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    These are ALL really cool. I hope some of these get taken to a level where they can be produced and sold.

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    I'm sure I've seen another thread with a custom interface using dials... if anyone knows the link let me know!

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    I feel meek now thinking that I had a halfway decent setup using a Saitek X52 Pro. Puts me in the top 10% for combat flight sims but wow. Some people take their KSP almost too seriously.

    I'd love to see someone using the KSI MFDs for RPM actually build an MFD powered control setup tapping into RPM. That'd be amazing.
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    Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kod, I wish I had the skill to build something like that for myself.

    Awesome job guys.

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    Update to my own project - see main post for link! Just installed a lot of switches.

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    Ahm ... reminds me that I still have a dashboard somewhere ... but that would be like comparing this to that ...
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    Can u somehow make an analog navball display thats connected to the one in game?

    That would just be crazy...

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