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Thread: [0.23] Final Frontier 0.3.9

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    [0.23] Final Frontier 0.3.9

    Final Frontier
    kerbal individual merits

    current version: 0.3.9

    Sometimes it's hard to choose a kerbal for a mission because they are all the same... well, they differ in courage and stupidity but they have no history, no personal merits they have achieved. Do you remember who was the first kerbal in space? No? Ok, who was the first kerbal on Mun? Still no idea?

    The Final Frontier plugin will handle this for you. Each kerbal will get ribbons for extraordinary merits. And the number of missions flown (i.e. vessel recovered) is recorded, too.

    (The mission counters are 0, because this is a screenshot of my development copy and I did not have recovered any vessel there. If a vessel is recovered, the mission counter and the mission time are increased.)

    To open the Final Frontier Hall of Fame window just click on the button labeled "FF" in the toolbar or press LEFTALT-F (hardcoded at the moment, so it's not assignable to another key)

    To browse all available ribbons just press the "Ribbons" button on the right of the hall of fame.

    Currently the following ribbons are awarded to kerbals:

    • Orbit around a celestial body (including Kerbin)
    • Landing on a celestial body (including Kerbin – kerbals do reward even simple tasks, because most of the time they fail...)
    • EVA in around a celestial body without a stable orbit (including Kerbin)
    • EVA in an orbit around a celestial body (including Kerbin)
    • EVA on a celestial body (including Kerbin – let's hope they will survive...)
    • Docking around a celestial body (including Kerbin)
    • Collision in a vessel
    • Dangerous EVA while not on ground and not in a stable orbit
    • Get into a Kerbin orbit in less than 200, 150 or 120 seconds
    • Accumulated mission time of at least 5, 20, 50 or 100 days
    • At least 5, 20 or 50 missions flown (i.e. vessel recovered)
    • Done a splashdown landing
    • First kerbal in space
    • A ribbon for entering the sphere of influence of a celestial body (new in 0.2.2)
    • Planting flags on celestial bodies
    • Launching with solid fuel boosters of 10%, 20%, or 30% ship mass

    If a kerbal is the first one rewarded with a celestial ribbon, he will get the "First kerbal" ribbon of that kind (for example "First kerbal in orbit around Kerbin ").

    Some ribbons replace some others when earned. For example: The ribbon for EVA in an orbit around a celestial body replaces the ribbon for EVA around the same body without a stable orbit. The ribbon for 20 missions flown replaces the ribbon for 5 missions, etc.

    A tooltip gives a short description for each awarded ribbon.

    The ribbon graphics are inspired by the ribbons created by Unistrut (view this thread). But unfortunately I still do not have his permission to include his ribbon graphics into Final Frontier so I have created my own set of ribbons. They are using the same color and sometimes similar graphics (so they will look similar). If Unistrut will give his permission to use his ribbons, I will include them in a modified form with better graphics than mine.

    Some of the custom ribbons are created by SmarterThanMe and nothke and are used with their permission.

    Update: I finally got the permission to use the ribbons from Unistrut.

    But why is it called "Final Frontier"?
    Well, I'm quite surprised that nobody is asking, but I will try to explain it anyway. I was thinking about this plugin since the personal achievement mod by blizzy78. I liked the idea in general but in a sandbox game achievements for the player doesn't mean to much to me (but this is a personal opinion of course). Unfortunately I'm a Java/C++ programmer and C# is quite new for me, so time and missing skills/experience delayed the implementation until the first days of 2014. Then I decided to give it a try and created a small C# project for testing/learning the basics. The first decision to made was the name of the project. I do not exactly remember how I get the idea for the name, but I searched a bit in Youtube, Google and well, perhaps there was a replay of Star Trek in TV. I really don't know how I got the name, but I created a project "Final Frontier" and so it begun. And I don't like to change the name of a project afterwards without a specific reason.


    Just unzip the archive into the KSP folder. Don't move the FinalFrontier folder, it should be nested in the folder GameData/Nereid. If you are already using the toolbar you don't have to extract the toolbar folder.

    Coming soon:


    • 0.2.2:
      • new Sphere of Influence ribbon.
      • detailed display window for kerbals.
    • 0.2.2b (minor fix):
      • timestamps in logbooks are fixed.
    • 0.2.2c (minor fix):
      • fixed docking ribbons awarded on EVA missions.
    • 0.2.3:
      • corrected typo in "Splashdown ribbon".
      • new filter for kerbals in crew of active vessel.
      • Orbits ribbons will be awarded for stable orbits only, i.e. outside atmosphere and inside sphere of influence.
      • a new fast Orbit ribbon for orbits in less than 300 seconds, because orbits now harder to achieve
      • no more Splashdown ribbons for EVA in water or driving a rover into water.
    • 0.2.3b:
      • hotfix for spamming debug log.
      • "active vessel" filter visible only in flight scene.
    • 0.2.7 (13-feb-2014):
      • new custom ribbons
      • texture loading changed
    • 0.3.0 (15-feb-2014):
      • ribbon graphics created by Unitrut included
      • fixed a bug that caused custom ribbons to disapear sometimes
    • 0.3.0 (17-feb-2014):
      • ribbon graphics fixed (Fast Orbit ribbon 120)
      • fixed a bug that caused custom ribbons to disapear sometimes
      • toolbar-settings.dat removed from archive
    • 0.3.3 (08-mar-2014):
      • fixed some custom ribbon bugs
      • warning, when assigning a custom ribbon at space center
      • log outputs reduced
      • fixed a bug that causes ribbons to overflow in the hall of fame browser
    • 0.3.5 (15-mar-2014):
      • hopefully no more lost custom ribbons on game restart
      • configuration (log level, settings)
    • 0.3.7 (16-mar-2014):
      • saved window positions
      • new ribbons: solid fuel booster launch, flag planting, jool deep atmosphere
    • 0.3.8 (19-mar-2014):
      • new ribbons: high g-force
      • permadeath (optional, off by default)
      • ribbon display in hall of fame will auto expand on mouse hover (optional, on by default)
    • 0.3.9 (22-mar-2014):
      • new ribbons: high from SmarterThanMe
      • permadeath can now be disabled
      • auto expand option now persistent

    The plugin is currently in some kind of alpha stage. It works – at least I think it will work. But bugs may occur and don't try this plugin in a current game without a backup. And it its my first project in C#, so don't expect to much from the code ;).

    Kerbals are identified by their names. So don't add kerbals with the same name or Final Frontier will get confused.

    The plugin takes use of System.IO to store its data in the corresponding save-folder of a game. For example: If your game is called "MyGame", Final Frontier will store its data in <KSP-Install-Folder>/saves/MyGame/halloffame.ksp". It stores a configuration file in the GameData folder of KSP (version 0.3.5 or later). There are no other write operations anywhere on the system.

    Source is included in the zip archive.

    Download: Spaceport

    Final Frontier uses the toolbar created by blizzy78, see


    • all achieved orbits were counted as first orbits. [Fixed in 0.1.4]
    • multiple ribbons. [Fixed in 0.1.5c]
    • first-xxxx ribbons awarded to multiple kerbals are removed during load. [Fixed in 0.1.5d]
    • load/save wont work, if KSP working folder is not the KSP base folder. [Fixed in 0.1.5e]
    • docking ribbon broken. [Fixed in 0.1.6]
    • the Orbit ribbon is awarded to kerbals in unstable orbits with a apoapsis outside the sphere of influence of the main body. [Fixed in 0.2.3]
    • some operations in conjunction with the KAS plugin will give out docking ribbons without proper prerequisites met. [Fixed in 0.2.3]
    • missions times for ongoing missions are reset after loading a saved game. [Fixed in 0.2.3]
    • on some installations (Steam/Addon-Manager?) the ribbon graphics are not shown. [Fixed in 0.2.7]
    • lost custom ribbons on game start. [Fixed in 0.3.5]
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    I like this. Another level of immersion.

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    What a great idea! Another reason not to kill your little green men for no reason.

    I hope, that in future versions of the base game, improvements to the kerbals are offered (IE they get better at something the more they do it). Maybe at that point this mod could be extended as well.

    In the mean time, I'll happily add this one to my collection, should fit in nicely with the achievements mod.

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    This is amazing keep up the great work

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    does it work in career mod and sandbox ?

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    I am definitely keeping an eye on this!
    Astronomer with a PhD (but not in celestial mechanics ).

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    I haven't tested it in career yet, but it should work in career mode too.

    But remember: Make a backup of your game!

    (I don't think FF will cause problems, but my Mun landing site was lost under the surface after using FF for a while. Maybe a bug in KSP, maybe it was lost before using my own plugin.)
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    I love the idea of this mod! Great work!

    Quick question, how does it handle reverted flights? Hopefully they're not counted?

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    This is awesome, this should have been stock to make the astronaut complex have more useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firov View Post
    I love the idea of this mod! Great work!

    Quick question, how does it handle reverted flights? Hopefully they're not counted?
    This was a problem at first. But if you take a look into the halloffame.ksp you can see how it works. FF will keep track of all important actions. It counts any missions flown with a timestamp. If you revert the game all log entries after the time of the reverted game will not be counted. So no: If you revert a game, all missions and ribbons that were gained after the reverted point in time are lost.
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