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Thread: Newest Squadcast: Highlights, lots of new info about .24

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    Newest Squadcast: Highlights, lots of new info about .24

    I've watched the latest Squadcast from the beginning till the end, some people asked for highlights, so here goes:
    Don't forget my English is pretty bad so I could understand something wrong
    Link to Squadcast:

    1:28 Problem with the NASA thing is that it kinda started eating everything else.

    2:55 Hello, Harvester!

    3:45 Harv about contracts
    Contracts are not scripted, event-driven missions!
    Think about contracts as quests, freely given objectives, you can accept or ignore them.
    There will be a penalty for a failure.

    Missions don't end and don't repeat themselves because they are dynamically generated based on different templates.

    For example, contract for a test flight. Contractors are both well known like Rockomax and completely new.
    Contractors will offer player things that they want him to do. If it is a manufacturer, they might want you to test their part in particular situation. It might be easy (test SAS on the launch pad) and hard (test SAS on Eelo). This is just one of the templates.

    The system will be improved in the future, this is just first step.

    08:30 New mission control screen
    Will have a frame much similar to the Science Archives. You'll have Gene Kerman ready to give an opinion about what you are doing.

    9:40 Wobbling
    One tweak in the latest Unity turned out to be a gamechanger for developers.
    Devs are not getting rid of wobble entirely, they want to have control over it, to give players wobble that makes sense.
    Devs are trying to have as much control as they can so they can have wobbly connections where they should be wobbly and sturdier connections where they shouldn't be.
    12:55 "Hopefully, we can also alleviate the need to spam using strut connectors everywhere"

    14:10 Multiplayer
    It is going to take a while. Jesus is working hard on server side. Nothing worth showing at this point. Currently working on the server backend structure.

    16:30 Tutorials
    Working hard on them right now, a lot of good progress . Marco works on tutorials, not Harv. Mun tutorials completely redone. New science tutorial, advanced construction tutorial incoming.

    Devs don't want to take player by hand and walk him through the entire game. They don't want tutorials to take away the sense of accomplishment, finally understanding how to do something.

    19:45 NASA pack
    Working with NASA on separate add-on pack
    You can consider it as an official mod
    It will be released separately from .24 and will require .24
    Two separate releases (as far as I understand, Harv meant .24 and NASA pack): NASA pack will come afterwards because it requires many core modifications
    Chad's working on new content for the pack that will include a lot of replicas of actual NASA parts (including SLS)
    SLS is massive, devs are creating a new size of parts for this; it will make Jumbo look like a little tank.

    Such a big parts are only possible because of new joint system, new joints are a lot more stable

    25:45 Asteroids
    Harv has been working on a system that will generate asteroids
    31:00 Don't expect asteroids to be large

    32:30 Small tweaks

    36:30 Harv goes away

    37:31 - QA, worth watching
    Giant parts - part of the asteroid mode (?) or part of the stock? Stock.
    One new big fuel tank with engine makes up for 6 Jumbos+6 Rockomax engines. Maxmaps doesn't know the exact diametr.
    ~39:42 asteroids spawning all over the place at random areas\orbits, some will get captured by Kerbin, some will impact Kerbin. Asteroids will be able to crash into your spacestation

    Gravity on asteroids - no, because asteroids are tiny, 10-30 meters large. But devs control the size
    How many asteroids? Quite a few
    Capture an asteroid with shuttle cargo bay? I forgot the exact answer, but AFAIR yes, if it is not too big.
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    I missed the Squadcast last night so thank you for the summary!
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    This is quite a nice summary, I like it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GusTurbo View Post
    Did it sound like we will be able to use the large diameter parts in the stock KSP too?
    That question was asked at 37:25
    " consider the most of everything in the asteroid mode as a stock"

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    Will be there money in 0.24? Or only random missions and if you complete it you'll get nothing?

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    Wow! Really looking forward to all this.

    I hope they keep all the NASA parts in a KSP style though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pss88 View Post
    Will be there money in 0.24? Or only random missions and if you complete it you'll get nothing?
    04:50 - Harv mentioned "advanced cache rewards", "big reward on success"

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    Excellent summary, and your English is better than my Russian. Thank you!

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    Aw, thanks for this.

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