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Thread: [Patch][0.23] NOTAM-IVA-Altimeter - fix your IVA Altimeter

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    [Patch][0.23] NOTAM-IVA-Altimeter - fix your IVA Altimeter

    NOTAM-IVA-Altimeter for KSP 0.23 - released 2014-02-09

    Reassigns the IVA-Altimeter-Hands (InternalAltimeterThreeHands) to use 'Notice to Airmen' readings - means:
    hand100Name = MediumArm
    hand1000Name = ShortArm
    hand10000Name = LongArm
    instead off
    hand100Name = LongArm
    hand1000Name = MediumArm
    hand10000Name = ShortArm
    Download @CurseForge

    All credit on the "what to change" goes to reddit/u/deckard58
    Im forming this into a "downloadable addon" on request - dont even ask me if that is correct or not ;P

    - ModuleManager >= 1.5.5

    - Released as public domain.
    - Source:
    Credits what to change: reddit/u/deckard58
    Wrapped in ModuleManager-Syntax: Tabakhase

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    It's disappointing that this this simple but excellent mod gets so little attention. It's such a simple fix. Needs to be stock.
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    SQUAD still not fixed it? This mod is still needed?
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