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Thread: [0.24] Distant Object Enhancement 1.3.1 - Planets/satellites in the night sky! (7/29)

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    [0.24] Distant Object Enhancement 1.3.1 - Planets/satellites in the night sky! (7/29)

    This mod will no longer be updated by myself, as I am leaving indefinitely and will be out of contact.
    The lovely rbray89 has agreed to take over this mod when he has some spare time in a few months.
    Until then, MOARdV is maintaining the mod.

    Anyways, happy trails, everybody!


    Distant Object Enhancement is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances.

    • Flare effects for planets and nearby satellites, properly calculated by size, distances, phase angle, etc.
    • Flare effects are colored for each planet, which makes for easy identification.
    • On-rails vessels up to 750km away are visually rendered (no intensive physics calculations necessary)
    • Background stars dim when looking at the bright surface of a nearby planet, just like in real life!
    • If you have blizzy78's Toolbar plugin, a settings window is available with several options to improve performance or tweak visuals.
    • Full compatibility with custom planet mods -- with flare color definitions included for Real Solar System, PlanetFactory, and Alternis Kerbol.

    Of course, it looks much better in action

    Image taken with the CactEye telescope mod, an extension of Hullcam.

    • The plugin will not work without Toolbar installed! Toolbar will be fully optional in a later update.
    • This plugin doesn't increase the true rendering distance (it's still ~2.5km) -- it just draws models in place of where the ships should be. No physics are calculated on distant vessels (for obvious performance reasons), so for instance, you couldn't watch satellites deorbit from the ground. You'd have to find a plugin that raises the threshold at which KSP physically loads ships, like Lazor System.
    • Like in real life, satellite passes are best seen shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset.
    • Cameras in separate windows will display flares and dim the background improperly.
      • This is only an aesthetic incompatibility!
      • If this is actually a problem (like with the Tarsier Telescope), disable flares in the settings menu!
    • If you experience vessel disassembly or other odd things, disable vessel rendering in the settings menu! This feature should be more stable than in previous releases.

    Major thanks to WillHop and a__gun for their help in testing new releases!

    Download Distant Object Enhancement v1.3.1 (32KB,
    v1.3.1 is a patch provided by MOARdV!
    Last updated 7/29/2014 (KSP v0.24.2)
    Source Code -- Change Log

    Alternate download link 1 (MediaFire)
    Alternate download link 2 (Google Drive)

    • Merge the given GameData folder with KSP's GameData folder
    • In addition, if you are using a custom planet mod:
      • Extract the relevant "DistantObject" folder inside "Alternate Planet Color Configs"
      • If you can't find a color config for your planet mod, flares will still render properly, but they will be completely white. Distant Object Enhancement should work with all custom planet mods.

    Last edited by NathanKell; 21st November 2014 at 22:33. Reason: v1.3.1; license change (NK edit on close)

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    This looks really cool. Downloading it now.

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    Instant download. This is something I've always wanted- Jupiter, Saturn,and satellites are all easily visible with the naked eye from Earth, so why not in KSP? Fantastic work!

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    I'm going to test that immediatly !

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    As excited as I am for this, I can't help wondering (hoping) that a release of this means more work on CactEye is next...?
    --Click image for source--

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    Wow, cool beans! Instant download.

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    Oh my.... I am freaking out right now, you released it. But even more awesome you not only made ships visible like first told, but also planets... This is what I wanted for a long time

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    Fantastic. I've always loved seeing Minmus go by in the sky.

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    Gotta install this. So cool, much awesome. Wow. Such amaze.
    Quote Originally Posted by TehGimp666 View Post
    It appears that your game menu is undergoing atmospheric re-entry... on the Mun...

    Only with KMP folks!

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