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Thread: [1.0.4] Ambient Light Adjustment 1.4..4.2 [30/06/15] (continued)

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    [1.0.4] Ambient Light Adjustment 1.4..4.2 [30/06/15] (continued)

    With kind permission of @blizzy78 , and continuing on from his excellent work, I've taken on this plugin which is otherwise essentially the same as before

    This is a minimalist plugin that allows to adjust the ambient lighting on the fly. This should come in handy when you can't see your docking ports because you forgot to bring lights. It should also be useful to Youtubers and streamers that want to brighten things up a bit for their viewers.

    This plugin requires the Toolbar Plugin version >=1.7.0 (no longer bundled with the download - don't forget to grab it separately or this plugin can't do its thing!)

    How to Use

    You have two settings you can toggle between.
    • To adjust the ambient lighting in the current setting, click on the toolbar button to open the slider. Then drag the knob of the slider around. Click the toolbar button again to hide the slider.
    • To reset the ambient lighting in the current setting to KSP default levels, right-click the toolbar button.
    • To switch to the second setting, click the toolbar button using the middle mouse button. Each time you click using the middle mouse button, you toggle between those two settings.

    Both settings are persisted between scene changes and KSP restarts.

    Download Ambient Light Adjustment Plugin :-

    Source code on GitHub:

    This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.

    Change Log
    • 1.4.421 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.4
    • - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.3
    • - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.2
    • - Added toolbar button on spacecenter scene.
    • - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.0
    • - Fixed incorrect mod name in AVC version file.
    • - Switched to timmersuk fork - Updated for 0.90.0 - Switched to KSP-AVC/mini-avc for versioning - no longer retrieves current version from
    • 1.2.0, 2014-08-21 - The plugin now also works in the tracking station. - The slider will now auto-hide automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. - The toolbar button is now only accessible in the relevant game scenes rather than all game scenes.
    • 1.1.3, 2014-07-27 - The plugin now does an automatic update check, and also gets KSP versions from the update check server. In case the currently running KSP version is one of those versions, the plugin will not complain about being incompatible with this KSP version. This saves both players' and the plugin author's time. - Updated for KSP 0.24.2 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.6 (included.)
    • 1.1.2, 2014-07-18 - Updated for KSP 0.24.1 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.5 (included.)
    • 1.1.1, 2014-07-18 - Updated for KSP 0.24.0 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.4 (included.)
    • 1.1.0, 2014-03-06 - Added the ability to toggle between the current and the previous setting by clicking the toolbar button using the middle mouse button. - Both settings are now persisted between scene changes and KSP restarts.
    • 1.0.0, 2014-03-05 - Initial public release.

    The Ambient Light Adjustment plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.
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    [0.24.2] Ambient Light Adjustment 1.2.0 - Who needs lights in space?!

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    A boon for YouTubers! This came out about 2 weeks too late for me, as I've installed docking port lights on everything but I think I'll install this anyway just in case.

    Nothing is less fun to watch on YouTube than a black screen with voice over.
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    Wow! Nice work.

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    To be honest, I need less light, not more Space on pictures has quite an eerie look, it seems as if there is only one light in a studio lighting things - the studio being space and the light being the sun.

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    This mod could become a blessing for streamers, in particular those going on KSP TV. No more totally black scenes.
    In those circumstances I have to act as a moderator, I use text in this color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camacha View Post
    To be honest, I need less light, not more
    Turn the slider all the way down
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    Does it affect day light in anyway? For instance if I'm in high Kerbin orbit looking at the planet half lit I don't want to see the dark side at all. So can this mod do that without dimming the lit side? I'm with Camacha if I pass into night all I want to see is sky.

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    Sometimes ambient light changing is really of help. Till now I've been using romfarer lazor addon nightvision.

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    If the lit side is lit by ambient light (which I suppose it is, can't check right now), it will be dimmed. It's just the way the scene lighting is set up.
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