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Thread: [0.25] Better Atmospheres [V5 - June 14th, 2014]

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    [0.25] Better Atmospheres [V5 - June 14th, 2014]

    Hello one and all, welcome to the Better Atmospheres release page.
    Better Atmospheres is mainly an EVE pack, however, it uses other things such as RSS and Texture replacer. Created by the config work of Thesonicgalaxy, the wonderful art by Erona, and some of the stuff EVE comes with.

    What does this mod do?

    Well my friend, it uses EVE, RSS, Texture replacer, and Custom Asteroids to improve the Kerbol System.

    Atmospheres from space

    Using EVE, atmosphere's from space are much more noticable and have quite an effect on the land below.

    Atmospheres from ground

    Atmospheres from the ground are also improved, no more white on kerbin!

    New Kerbin clouds

    Kerbin now has less clouds than before, and high altitude wispy ones. Enjoy sunny days and flying through more than just one patch of clouds.

    Ring Systems with asteroids

    Jool has been equiped with a Ring System, as well as trackable asteroids to land and possibly set up bases on.

    Aurora Borealis

    Kerbin, Eve, Jool, and Laythe all have their own unique aurora. Eve being a Dark Blue. Kerbin being a mix of Green, Blue, and purple. Jool being a mix of Blue and yellow. Finally Laythes being a Dark Green.

    Realistic white Kerbol with new flares

    Kerbol now has been turned white, a much more realistic color. New flares are also included.

    Finally, here's a trailer of it all in action.

    Looks great! What do I need to use this?

    The full package comprises four standalone parts:

    EVE for the clouds and atmosphere effects:

    Texture Replacer for the Skybox and Kerbin texture:

    Custom Asteroids for Joolian asteroid rings.

    KittopiaTech Ingame terraforming tools for the Joolian ring system.

    I also highly recommend Distant Object Enhacement.!-(3-3)

    Alright, installed that stuff. Now where can I download this pack?

    There are a few places to download this pack.





    Here is an installation guide to help if you are stuck.


    Here's the Asset file for the sunflare, which will be included in the main download soon.

    Here's the Asset file for the sunflare for 64 bit users. Put this into your KSP_x64_Data.

    If you wanna support..
    No, not with money. I'm good on that. IF you wanna support me, check out my group youtube channel I do with my friends. We currently have a Mega Man II series along with some Pokemon, and Zelda. We could really use some feedback on our videos, and it would be great to know that there are plenty of viewers out there supporting our work. Thank you if you do! <3(note we rarely talk about ponies.)

    What's the RSS for? Do I need RSS too? I don't want changed planets! :C

    No need to fret! The only thing RSS does is change the Atmosphere from ground. So no new planets or anything funky like that.

    Looks like I've found a bug. Where can i report bugs?

    In the development thread which can be found here -

    What if I don't like the look of something?

    That's fine. It IS a config pack, you are always able to change things. Hit alt+n in game and you can enter the GUI. Mess around to your hearts content.

    What if I have a suggestion for the pack?

    Perfect! Simply put that in a post in either thread listed above. I LOVE feedback as it gives me a chance to improve this pack for both the experience for you, and me!

    Who do I need to thank?

    Erona(The wonderful art), Rbray(EVE, the whole reason this pack exists.), and NathanKell(RSS).
    They have all been very helpful in the making of this pack and it would not be where it is without them.

    Anything else?

    That's everything!
    Now load up KSP and have a jolly good time!

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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    YAAAAY This is so awesome.

    Laythe is way more Laythal now Badum tssss Had to make that joke when I saw the description
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    Nice! Congrats with... well, putting it here because it was already released a while ago and been using it
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    Mun looks kinda funky. Either way, I'll have to try it out myself and see what it's like in person.

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    Great work, gonna try it out this evening!

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    So no more texture replacer required?

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    was there supposed to be a config file for the city night textures?
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    Nice. Kerbin now really looks like Earth. Good job friend really great and good job.

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    This looks really amazing.

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