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Thread: [1.0.2] USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (0.30.3) [2015.05.22]

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    [1.0.2] USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (0.30.3) [2015.05.22]

    Download via the USI Catalog Page

    Always clear out old releases before installing. USI-LS is is supported and encouraged, but optional. TAC-LS is also supported. CRP is included.

    See end of post for ChangeLog.

    Helpful Links


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    • IVAs are not yet implemented, so some crew are missing seats.
    • Generators need to be restarted to reflect Efficiency changes
    • Do not put stuff on top of inflatables without a decoupler or it will get lost inside of it when it expands.

    Introducing the Modular Kolonization System
    A world leader in corrugated paper products, Umbra Space Industries is now applying their formidable boxing and packaging skills into their latest product - the Modular Kolonization System - a series of interlocking modules for building long-term, self sustaining colonies on other planets and moons.

    Modules Inspired by the NASA Mars Design Reference Mission 3.0

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    What it does:
    MKS introduces a series of parts specifically designed to provide self-sustaining life support for multiple Kerbals for users of TAC-Life Support. While the parts will function without TAC-LS, the design is centered around providing an appropriate challenge where players will weigh the costs, risks, and rewards of supplying missions exclusively with carried life support supplies, or in making the investment in a permanent colony. That being said, this is not just a single greenhouse part (although food production is part of the mod). Rather, it brings an entire colonization end-game to KSP in a fun and challenging way.

    Design goals:
    • Provide an option to build 100% self-sufficiency, but provide this at a significant cost in both time and effort in line with the reward.
    • Add the capability of having parts that can be launched as lightweight packages, then 'built out' in-situ.
    • Build a mechanism that forces part dependencies. For example, to get food the player must build a Kerbitat, which requires biomass from a greenhouse, and both of which require a central colony hub to operate.
    • Include resource exploitation through a mechanism that forces the player to choose their colonial sites carefully, and situate them with easy access to resources due to transportation costs.
    • Keep things at a very high abstraction level. There are already excellent mods that do a better job showcasing the science of in-situ resource gathering (KSP Interstellar) and biology (BioMass+). The sweet spot of MKS is in construction and logistics management over a fairly abstracted system of resources.

    How it works:
    Players will first launch their colony hub. This structure is the central management core for the colony, and a single hub can control about 20 different colony structures. They can then expand to include other modules such as construction hubs, terraformers, habitation modules, and greenhouses. Most of these are too heavy when complete to land easily (most will end in the 20t-50t range on completion), but can be fitted out in-situ from lighter shells (usually around 2t).

    The player must then manage either extracting the raw materials on site or shipping them in, and can make choices on where it makes sense to ship finished goods, or exploit the resources of nearby celestial bodies.

    For more info, be sure to check out the FAQ as well as the walkthrough.

    If you've enjoyed MKS, awesome! If you wish to express that enjoyment by buying me a beer or a cup of coffee, click the button below

    0.22.8 - 2015.02.27
    • Tank quantity / mass/ warehouse fixes
    • Newest patched FireSpitter
    • Updated Regolith
    • Fixed bug with efficiency - before, 100% of efficiency was based on ship Kerbals not module
    • Kerbals. This has been changed to be 100% from module Kerbals with a 10% bonus for ship
    • kerbals.
    • PDU's can now be maintained
    • Corrected bug with OKS Aeroponics rate
    • PDUs now produce XenonGas as a waste product
    • PDUs now properly push depleted uranium to science labs
    • OKS caps now contain an option for RCS storage
    • Kerbals are no longer trapped in the Workspace Module.
    • Added MobileBase - ModuleBase with no landing struts, and wheel mounting plates
    • Added KAS storage to Mk-III modules
    • Module Base and Mobile Base now work as part warehouses
    • Adjusted amount of DepletedUranium waste from PDUs
    • Added ability for engineers to scrap parts via right click and turn them into recyclables
    • Recyclables from scrapping will go into nearby (within 2KM) radial tanks, ILMs, and storage tanks
    • Updated Akademy to properly reward stars (and not too many)
    0.22.4 - 2014.01.27
    • Fixed collider issue with the Mark-III modules
    • Some nice extended fuel payment logic from Marce for the logistics hub
    • Fixed bugs in EVA Maintenance
    • Some radial and storage tank cost tweaks from Ramarren
    • Added a new module - Training Akademy - allows Kerbals to train other Kerbals
    • Various generator tweaks
    • Deprecated science definitions, ScanOMatic now used to unlock biomes for resource data
    • Included patched Firespitter and updated other dependencies
    0.22.3 - 2014.12.27 Fixed EVA maintenance bug 0.22.1 - 2014.12.20
    • Updated USITools to fix an ILM resource bug
    • Added a USI Agency
    • Updated CRP
    • Updated Regolith to fix a biome bug
    • Fixed conversion rate of LFO on the Fuel Refinery
    • Fixed Machinery Plant's RocketParts production
    • Updated FireSpitter and MM
    0.22.0 - 2014.12.16
    • Tweakscale for the radial supply tank
    • Fixed RemoteTech config
    • Updated the colliders for the ILM - this will make attaching tubes and such a lot easier. NOTE that if you have ILMs that clip, you will want to correct this before installing this update!
    • Added Uraninite to the Ore/Substrate drill
    • Added Uraninite as an option for the radial supply tank
    • Removed need for SpareParts from repair shop
    • Swapped recipe for SpareParts to be metal/polymers/chemicals
    • Added LiquidHydrogen to the refinery ILM
    • Added automatic SpareParts distribution to the Repair Shop (if fully manned).
    • Added automatic EnrichedUranium distribution to Science Lab (if fully manned).
    • New model for manufacturing modules (MKS Mark III)
    • Ocagonal to 3.75m adapter (For the MKS Mark III parts)
    • EL integration!
    • Removed all old LEGACY parts - we need the space for more mods...
    • Converted ILMs and storate tanks to use FireSpitter texture switch - less parts!
    • Added RocketParts to the radial tank
    • Required Resources (machinery, etc.) now scale efficiency, so a module half-full of machinery can operate at 50% of it's usual capacity.
    • PDU's now trickle charge (as can be seen by the flow) so they use less fuel when not at full capacity, extending their life
    • Moved over to the stock toolbar (deprecating Toolbar support)
    • New MKS Mark III modules. These can be used for MKS OR OKS. They are also a larger form factor. A lot larger. As compensation, they do not require PunchCards nor EfficiencyParts (basically they WERE going to get EfficiencyParts, I just made them a lot bigger and a nifty new form factor instead).
    • The following modules are now MKS-III's: Fabrication Plant, Machinery Plant, Refinery, Repair Shop Note: Mark-III modules do not require a C3
    • The following modules have both OKS and MKS-II form factors: BioLab, Aeroponics, Kerbitat, Science Lab, C3
    • The Outfitter drone has been deprecated. The model is now used for new iterations of the pioneer module better suited to the Mk-3 modules.
    • The Machinery Plant can now make RocketParts!
    • New Module: Fuel Refinery This module can create LFO and LH2/MonoProp from water, and also has the same BioMass generator as the BioLab (for making Polymers in the field).
    • Both SpareParts and Machinery are now used over time. Machinery's reduction will reduce module efficiency (SpareParts just cause operation to cease when they hit zero). As a result, time without a maintenance program have been doubled.
    • The BioLab now requires the same efficiency part as the aeroponics module.
    • Efficiency is no longer based on Stupidity. Rather, it is based on the experience level and trait of the crew members. Engineers are best, Scientists are second best, Pilots are worst.
    • Deprecated a bunch of unused textures/iconography in the interest of RAM overhead.
    • Engineer Kerbals can perform EVA maintenance and automatically transfer in SpareParts from suitable sorces (ILMs, storage containers, etc.). They can also transfer in machinery that's been depleted, and swap out Enriched and Depleted Uranium. This is meant to stand in for the old maintenance pods with KERT, and is a precursor to self sufficient maintenance with the maintenance shop (hence it's location at the end of the CTT tech tree)
    • CTT Integration
    • - Scanners, radial tank, and pioneer kits moved to Resource Utilization
    • - Nukes moved to Nuclear Power
    • - Drills moved to Off-World mining
    • - All things OKS moved to Short Term Habitation
    • - All things MKS-II plus all ILMs moved to Long Term Habitation
    • - MKS-III Repair Facility moved to Self Sufficient Outposts
    • - MKS-III Refinery and the new Fuel Refinery moved to Advanced Off-World Mining
    • - MKS-III Fabricator and Machinery Plant moved to Orbital Assembly
    • - Logistics Hub and the EL parts moved to Orbital Megastructures
    • *NOTE: The EL orbital dock and Recycler are not in yet!*
    0.21.3 - 2014.11.01
    • Updated KERT version
    • Updated CRP
    • Updated ORSX
    • Moved MKS/OKS below a Kolonization folder for better package management compatibility
    • Updated USI Tools
    • Added new maintenance drone for resupplying your modules
    • Buffed all modules to 5 spare parts, 50 for those with efficiency parts, and 150 for the repair shop
    • Increased range of EVA repair modules
    • Updated the MKS planetary survey camera for SCANSat (it can find water, ore, minerals, and substrate)
    0.21.2 - 2014.10.07
    • Fixed bug with the OKS Science Lab
    • Converted MKS/OKS PDUs to nuclear reactors
    • New PDU models
    • Radial tank for nuclear fuels
    • Deprecated Air Filter, switched the O2/CO2 portion of the Greenhouse to an Air Circluator generator
    • USI/ORSX updates
    • Bundled KERT to aid in resource transfer
    • The science lab will be able to convert Uraninite into EnrichedUranium. So now a refueling option exists.
    • LqdHelium is being removed from the reactors as a coolant since I gave them all pretty new models with built in radiators.
    • The MEP-* resources and all storage bits are being removed.
    • Machinery types are being collapsed into one type - Machinery.
    • The three repair resources are being collapsed into one type - ReplacementParts
    • The six manufactured goods are being collapsed into three - two old, one new (StructuralParts,ElectronicParts,MechanicalParts).
    • The combination of all three T1 resources can make ReplacementParts.
    • The combination of all three T2 resources can make Machinery.
    • Deprecate the Assembly Plant
    • Deprecate the MEP ILM/ISU
    • Deprecate the MEP tank
    • Deprecate the Factory
    NOTE: You will need a method of transporting EnrichedUranium for maintenance transfers. There are three ways of doing this. All utilize the Kerbal EVA Resource Transfer mod by Marce (bundled).
    • Via a KAS container with EnrichedUranium (a bottle container is included), or a container from the USI Exploration Pack.
    • Via a container attached to the Maintenance Pod from the USI Exploration Pack and moved within 2.5m of the part to refuel.
    • Via a container attached to a Packrat Rover from the USI Exploration Pack and moved within 2.5m of the part to refuel.
    • Also - you can refuel SRBs through manual maintenance using this same mechanic :)
    0.21.1 - 2014.09.28
    • Added option for opaque glass on the ag module
    • ORSX/CRP version sync
    • Added identifying colored bands to the inflatable storage modules
    • New 2.5m OKS tube
    • new inflatable workspace module
    • ATM fix for the toolbar icons (Thanks Taverius!)
    • Added SolidFuel to the ILMs
    • Added FireSpitter version file
    • Removed Karbonite as part of the bundle to ease download pressure
    • Removed ORS from the current bundle
    • Moved Karbonite-based drills to legacy
    • Better DRE and ATM support (Thanks Taverius!)
    • Target info for Orbital Logistics (Thanks Marce!)
    • Update to the RemoteTech config to be more neighborly :)
    • NEW MODULE: Science Lab. Same functionality as stock science lab in MKS/OKS form factors, with a greater mass combined with a better transmission rate.
    • Moved Survey Camera to science
    • Fixed missing water from the ScanOMatic
    • Gave the ILM for refueling it's own decal.
    • Adjusted LFO ratio in the refueling ILM, added monoprop. These changes are generally not retroactive, be aware.
    • Added a new OKS 0.25m hub (essentially a 1.25m with large docking rings added).
    • OKS modules now have flags!
    • New texture and a rotating ring for the HabRing
    • New texture for the ILM modules
    • New texture for the OKS ag module
    • The Pathfinder Module - an all-in-one module with just the right level of supplies and storage for a fledgling colony
    • Due to the instability with ORS, I have created a new project based off of ORS (ORSX) and migrated all of my resource mods to it. The ORS folder and DLLs are deprecated, and ORSX will not interfere (or be interfered with by) ORS. CRP will be ORSX based going forward as well.
    0.20.9 - 2014.09.12
    • Switched converters to support TAC-LS 0.10
    • Latest USI tools
    • Latest Module Manager
    • Latest FireSpitter
    • Latest CRP
    • Water for Kerbin and Tylo
    • Replaced Karbonite antenna with a new scanning antenna for MKS resources (At this time the deploy is purely cosmetic)
    • Added new MKS-style drills derived from the Bahamuto drill model, deprecated the Karbonite re-modeled ones
    • Corrected ILM to say Karbonite not Kethane
    • Corrected typo on Aeroponics module
    • Moved ORS into the USI folder to resolve version conflict issues
    • Removed Karbonite_PartsPack from the release as these bits are now redundant. These will be deprecated after 0.25, along with other legacy parts.
    NOTE: This will be the last version with Karbonite bundled as all hard dependencies to it are being removed (we will of course share a common dependency on CRP and ORS) 0.20.8 - 2014.09.02 (Quick patch to fix a bug in ModuleBase) 0.20.7 0 2014.09.02
    • 40A and 40B drills now have more clear labeling (Ore/Sub/H20/Min vs Karbonite)
    • Fixed resource name issue with the detection array (Aquifer v Water)
    • Added Anchor module to the module base - dynamic mass/com adjustments. Less wiggling bases
    • Added RemoteTech2 support
    • Fixed issue where Loghubs could cause an overflow
    • Added the new Station Manager tool by Cyrik - all kinds of MKS status goodness :)
    • Added refueling ILMs for OKS/MKS that have LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, and Karbonite.
    • Updated CRP version
    • Migrated to new USI DLL set
    0.20.6 - 2014.08.26
    • Logistic Hub fixes (thanks Cyrik!)
    • Bundled CRP 0.1.0
    • Recompiled against ORS 0.1.2
    • More license stuff THIS WILL INCLUDE DEPRECATED MODULES! See Deprecation Instructions below. DEPRECATED MODULES: MKS_Terraformer MKS_Harvester OKS_Terraformer CHANGED MODULES: MKS_Greenhouse OKS_Greenhouse Feature List:
    • Updated Active Texture Management and TextureReplacer support
    • Community Resource Pack Integration
    • Karbonite now bundled in the download
    • Removed BahamutoD drills (as these do not work with ORS).
    • The Logistics Hub is now open for business again!
    • Corrected Karbonite values for Minmus (CRP Fix)
    • Added a new radial tank with more discreet resource selection
    • Updated FireSpitter and TweakScale versions
    • Governor toggle now persists
    • Deprecated the Enriched Soil requirement and resource
    • Deprecated Terraformer (Purify has been moved to Greenhouse)
    • Deprecated Harvester
    • Added an MM config to add Ore, Minerals, Aquifer, and Substrate extraction to the two Karbonite drills
    • The Karbonite Detection Array will now also scan for Ore, Substrate, Minerals, and Aquifer. This is bundled with Karbonite.
    • Added CLS support to the OKS AgModule
    • Added new 'Deprecated' textures for deprecated modules and moved these to a LEGACY folder. Better to fill modules with space hobos and bees than to break bases.
    • Implemented new USI_Converter module, so there is no longer a dependency on TAC-LS. TAC still works, but life support is not required.
    • Monoprop can now be shipped via the logistics hub, which is now free of bees.
    • Added Toolbar support for Colony Logistics
    • Added Karbonite PartPack (new drills)
    • Removed TweakScale as an included library (less breaky stuff)
    • Removed ORS detection from stock antennas
    • More Logistics Hub improvements
    • Fixed issue with radial tanks where they were short several resources.
    • Removed anything filled with hobos and bees from the VAB (legacy parts).
    • Fixed radial tank costs - no more free money!
    • KSP-AVC Support included (Stable only - no Pre-Release)
    • Reduced cost of OKS cap
    • Updated to latest CRP
    • Tweaked Life Support contents in the radial tank
    • Refreshed ORS DLL
    • Updated to latest Karbonite version 0.3.2
    • Removed ORS Folder from MKS as this is now part of CRP
    • Removed machinery input on the machinery plant to fix an issue where it was cannibalizing operational modules.
    • Removed surface attachment from OKS Hub
    Deprecation Instructions: Deprecated modules have been moved to a LEGACY folder, and will be replaced with subdued textures and have all functions removed. this will prevent saves from breaking, and new users can easily delete the LEGACY folder. This folder will be reset with 0.25 0.19.5
    • Fixed an issue with Required Resources spamming the log
    • Fixed EfficiencyParts to... you know... actually work
    • New Module Manager version
    • CLS Compatibility for the FlexOTube and Workspace
    • Migration to KSP-I Experimentals ORS DLL pending 24.2 fix from Fractal
    • Pricing fix for the Equipment rigid storage tank
    • Reduced required equipment by 66% (MEP by 75%) to help with costing, launching, and mass.
    0.19.3 - 2014.07.29
    • Fixed conversion rates (oops!)
    • Slightly increased consumables rates
    • New TweakScale bundled
    • New TextureReplacer config (hope this one works)
    • Merged in WaveFunction's KSPI-Experimentals version of ORS for a 24.2 bugfix
    0.19.2- 2014.07.28
    • Cost fix
    • Conversion Rate Update
    0.19.0 - 2014.07.26
    • Deprecation of Kethane
    • Karbonite integration
    • Model collider fixes
    • Config fixes/updates
    • Cost updates
    • New TweakScale version
    • Fix for TextureReplacer (for reals this time... I think)
    Install Note: YOU MUST DELETE YOUR OpenResourceSystem folder before installing. You should also clear out your MKS/OKS folder. 0.18.8 - 2014.07.20
    • OKS - Orbital Kolonization!
    • New FS/TweakScale versions
    • Fixed nagging issue with TextureReplacer
    0.18.7 - 2014.07.17
    • Relocated files for ORS in an attempt to make Texture Replacer happy
    0.18.4 - 2014.07.17
    • Fixed broken 4/8m tubes
    • Added a battery to the Module Base
    • Increased KAS container range
    0.18.3 - 2014.07.16
    • Updated SCANSat configs
    • Added a Texture Replacer config to fix an issue with zero resources
    • Switched alternate animations to FireSpitter
    0.18.2 - 2014.07.13
    • Fixed config typo for recyclables
    0.18.0 - 2014.07.13
    • General Changes New 'Tier' system to slowly graduate to self sufficiency. All MKS modules moved to 'Utility', and spread across four techs: TIER 1 [Advanced Construction]
      • Colony Hub [MODEL CHANGED]
      • PDU
      • Workshop
      • Repair Shop [NEW]
      • Machinery Plant [NEW]
      • Storage Hut [MERGED]
      • Storage Tank [MERGED]
      • Harvester [NEW]
      • Module Base [NEW]
      • Assembly Plant
      TIER 2 [Specialized Construction]
      • Terraformer
      • Kerbitat
      • Aeroponics Module [FORMERLY GREENHOUSE]
      • BioLab
      • Refinery
      • Agriculture Module [NEW - INFLATABLE]
      • Habitation Module [NEW - INFLATABLE]
      TIER 3 [Advanced Metalworks]
      • Fabricator [MERGED]
      TIER 4/5 [Composites]
      • Factory [MERGED]
      Deprecated Modules
      • All refineries, fabricators, and factories have been consolidated into a single part per tier.
      • Water plant has been merged with the terraformer
      • Recycler has been merged into the new repair shop.
      • The large red/white storage tubs have been deprecated and replaces by inflatable logistics modules.
      • The Rover tank will be deprecated and replaced by radial tanks.
      • The Antenna will be deprecated, and stock dish antennas used instead (via a new MM config)
      • The old Colony Hub has been replaced with a new Colony Command Center (C3).
      Resources ConstructionParts and ColonySupplies have been deprecated. Construction Parts have been replaced by Machinery:
      • Basic Machinery - Used by Tiers 1-3, crafted in Tier 2
      • Advanced Machinery - Used by Tiers 3-4, crafted in Tier 3
      • Specialized Machinery - Used by Tiers 4-5, crafted in Tier 4
      • MEP (Modular Equipment Packages - six types) - Used by Tiers 1-5, crated in Tier 5
      ColonySupplies have been replaced by repair consumables:
      • Patch Kits - Used by Tiers 1-2, crafted in Tier 2
      • Repair Kits - Used by Tiers 2-3, crafted in Tier 3
      • Replacement Parts - Used by Tiers 3-5, crafted in Tier 4
      Structural Parts
      • The two ball-style hubs are deprecated. These have been replaced with a Module Base (see below)
      • New Module Base part that integrates a hub along with landing gear, designed to snap in place below all MKS modules. Includes glow in the datk stickers and a hefty KAS container capacity.
      • The ExpandoTube has been renamed to the ExpandOTube4 for consistency with the 2 and 8
      • The Radial Port is being deprecated, as everything is pretty much surface attachable (and the fixed tube will also be configured to surface attach properly)
      • Concept of 'Workspaces' vs just using Crew Capacity (though you still get a bonus for crew cap)
      • Concept of 'Living Spaces' that affect crew happines, which in turn affects productivity
      Other Changes
      • Tech Tree integration - in addition to moving stuff to the right tier, categories have also been updated
      • Storage modules will see a 66% reduction in storage space because sometimes I suck at math, and miscalculated volume on a lot of the units.
      • The greenhouse has been broken into two parts - an Aeroponics Module (the current model, and what things will transform into) and a separate, inflatable greenhouse module with new efficiency mechanics based on having lots of crop space vs. 'growing stuff faster' in the same cooped up module.
      • Overhaul of RMB info with required supplies, timeframes in Kerbin days, etc.
      • Proxy Logistics is now a fixed 2KM range.
      • Massive increase in resource and manufacturing rate (other than LS). Resources went up 100x, manufacturing about 30x.
      • New concept - Efficiency Parts. Cases (like the greenhouse) where you need more space, not faster construction (you can't make food grow faster). Flat rate efficiency increase (100%) per module, minimum 1. Applies to Kerbitats and the Aeroponics Module (formerly greenhouse).
      • Inertial Dampeners that can be engaged on the new Module Base - prevents bases from wiggling/jumping.
      • Integration with Connected Living Spaces
      • All MKS modules can now also work as EL workshops :)
      • A climbable cargo net!
      • Separate lights and floodlights for better lag and light management
      • TAC-LS 0.9 integration
      • The C3 does NOT have built in proxy logistics for punch cards - you will need to use one of the stock dish antennas
      • ScoopOMatic is now a surface only (no mapview) device more for field science. The stock dish antennas have been turned into SCANSat compatible scanners for finding ORS resources.
      • Resources have been consolidates into six categories with matching ILM modules and tweakable inline tanks.
    0.17.0 - 2014.06.19
    • ORS Support (Experimental)
    • Orbital Logistics (Experimental)
    0.16.7 - 2014.05.26
    • New models with integrated lights, thinner cage bars, and updated textures (still WIP)
    • Identifying markers on all MKS modules (Currently just a number, will add iconography in a future release)
    • Two new ExpandOTube sizes - XL and Mini
    • Tube-style KAS pipe (Flex-O-Tube)
    • Fix bug where the generator either showed no space, or drained batteries
    0.16.6 - 2014.05.20
    • Hotfix for issue where ORS lags out when entering the Mun SOI
    0.16.5 - 2014.05.18
    • Fixed Recyclables (again)...
    • Experimental OWS support - not official, but assets are there along with Kerbin/Mun for testing
    • ScanOMatic to support OWS (plus science!)
    • Tweaks to the ExpandoTube - better KAS support, less random grappling and explosions when compressed.
    0.16.4 - 2014.05.17
    • Fixed typos, made prettier module info
    • New KAS-able, radially attached. inflatable docking tube! Less parts for all!
    0.16.2 - 2014.05.11
    • Fixed issue with Workspace model
    0.16.1 - 2014.05.11
    • Added CoolBeer configs to download
    • Changed Recycleables to Recyclables
    0.16.0 - 2014.05.10

    MKS is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license, which in layman's terms means:
    • You are permitted to use, copy, redistribute my work as-is
    • You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures), and release them under your own name
    • You must credit the following people when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts: RoverDude (MKS parts, KolonyTools dll, Regolith), Garibaldi2257 (Inline Resource Model)

    Additional Modules:

    This package redistributes FireSpitter
    This pack redistributes Module Manager
    This pack includes USI_Tools License is CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA. Source can be found here

    All relevant licenses are included in the download.
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    Building your first OKS base!

    EVA Servicing!

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    Mods for colonization, exploration, resources, and much more!

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    My god... This sounds ****ing epic!

    I would have liked a bit more details, maybe a wiki site or something, but I'll definitely give this a go once my current game is done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sokar408 View Post
    My god... This sounds ****ing epic!

    I would have liked a bit more details, maybe a wiki site or something, but I'll definitely give this a go once my current game is done
    Wiki with an initial walkthrough on the GitHub site (Links in the first post) - Start with the ReadMe and follow links from there. Still a WIP but there's a series of reference missions to get you started.
    Mods for colonization, exploration, resources, and much more!

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    Looks cool but, am I the only one who cannot get to the github pages? When I click the links it says "503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh384331 View Post
    Am I the only one who cannot get to the github pages? When I click the links it says "503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request."
    Looks like GitHub is down
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    Any chance you could include an cfg for CLS if not already planned? that would make moving kerbals around quite a bit easier when used with ship manifest.

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    Yay! Release!

    Though I gotta prod again and ask, please include your version number in the zip's file name.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh384331 View Post
    Looks cool but, am I the only one who cannot get to the github pages? When I click the links it says "503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request."
    For future reference:

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    Quote Originally Posted by thutmose View Post
    Any chance you could include an cfg for CLS if not already planned? that would make moving kerbals around quite a bit easier when used with ship manifest.
    Already planned, just not for the first release
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    Pretty cool stuff.

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