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Thread: [0.24] Spaceplane Plus 1.3

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    [0.24] Spaceplane Plus 1.3

    Spaceplane Plus

    New Spaceplane parts for the whole family!

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    Download SP+ 1.3

    Or visit the Curseforge Page

    Mod support
    Ferram Aerospace Research
    Deadly Reentry
    Raster Prop Monitor
    Connected Living Space

    To do list
    - IVA's - Yes, will add them soon. Of course you can EVA without them tho, come on guys, all it takes is a click on the hatch!
    - some more parts: more pointy parts like nosecones and tailspikes, Mk2 shaped engine?
    - Wings with heatshields!
    - Contracts?
    Credits and special thanks:

    Snjo - Firespitter Plugin
    Sarbian & Ialdabaoth - ModuleManager Plugin
    All the helpful and positive people at

    1.3 (07.20.2014)
    	- Tech Tree and Budgets overhaul for First Contract
    	- Added 4 new Wing segments
    	- Modified some collision meshes, no more 'wiggeling' when attaching parts to the top or underside
    	- Updated RPM configs for 0.17, disabled built-in cameras on standard cockpit, use external ones instead.
    	- NEAR.cfg
    1.2 (06.23.2014)
        - Added IVA for Mk2 Standard Cockpit
        - Added Placeholder IVA for Mk2 Inline Cockpit
        - minor tweaks and fixes
    1.1 (05.26.2014)
            - reworked tech tree entries
    	- added support for Deadly Reentry and Connected Living Space
    1.0 (05.21.2014)
    - initial release
    - Parts:
         - 2 Cockpits and 1 Probe Core
         - 4 Fuselages
         - 3 Mk2 to 1.25m Adapters
         - Mk2 Crew Cabin
         - 2 Mk2 Cargo-Bays
         - Mk2 Inline Docking Port
         - 2 new Intakes
         - 13 different Wing segments
    Q: Do you plan to add Mk3 parts aswell?
    A: Nope! I think the Mk3 Fuselage makes no sense. Its not big enough to fit 2.5m parts inside so what's the advantage of it over Mk2? Also the COM is WAY off.

    Q: Why do the Elevons start at that weird rotation?
    A: This is also due to a problem with KSP symmetry. If I make it attach at the correct rotation right away, symmetry will flip it to the wrong side on the other wing.
    If I make them start 90° rotated, you will have to rotate them back manually, BUT it will now be rotated correctly on the other side aswell.
    Why doesn't this happen to the stock flaps? It does, but since they are symmetric, and not wedge-shaped, it's not visible and thus doesn't matter.

    All copyright for textures and models of SP+ are held by Porkjet
    You may reuse textures and models of this mod for personal use.
    You may not redistribute modified or unmodified versions of SP+ as a whole or parts of it without permission.
    Firespitter Plugin - made by Snjo
    ModuleManager Plugin - made by Sarbian & Ialdabaoth
    All rights to the included plugins are held by their original creators, for their license information, please refer to the provided links.
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    Well, doesn't that look good? Tempted to make a little Dreamchaser out of it.

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    Ok this is really pretty neat actually.
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    Congrats on release

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    looking good,but ADFly?
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    Are you thinking about expanding this mod? Perhaps the MK III parts and beyond?

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    Glad to see this finally over in the release forum!
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    So ....! Like B9 but stock!
    Awesome gif by TheFighterC4:

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    Is this CC licensed?

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    Also, are the wings FAR-configured?

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