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Thread: [0.25.0] RemoteTech v1.5.1

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    [0.25.0] RemoteTech v1.5.1

    Remote Technologies Group presents...

    RemoteTech - Version 1.5.1


    RemoteTech is a modification for Squad’s "Kerbal Space Program" (KSP) which overhauls the unmanned space program. It does this by requiring unmanned vessels have a connection to Kerbal Space Center (KSC) to be able to be controlled. This adds a new layer of difficulty that compensates for the lack of live crew members.

    Instruction Manual

    An extensive instruction manual is available at and includes a player guide, gameplay mechanics, detailed part summaries, and tutorials.


    The source code for RemoteTech is licensed under GPL version 2. The art assets are not licensed to the general public and may not be redistributed without permission from their original creators.

    For KSP 0.25

    WARNING: the 1.5 release changes the mod's folder and DLL names from "RemoteTech2" to "RemoteTech". If you are upgrading from 1.4, you must delete the old RemoteTech2 folder before installing this version. We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any bugs that may happen from having both "RemoteTech" and "RemoteTech2" in your GameData folder.

    Kerbal Stuff -
    GitHub -

    Pre-release builds -
    Important: The 'pre-releases' are debug builds of the current development tree. They are not guaranteed to be feature-complete or bug-free. They are intended for those that wish to test out the next version of RemoteTech 2 before it goes on general release and are aware of the risks of doing so.

    For KSP 0.24
    Version 1.4.1 is available from both Kerbal Stuff and GitHub. If you'd like (most) 1.5.0 features in KSP 0.24, try this dev build. Don't worry, it's more stable than one of von Kerman's rockets.

    What's new in version 1.5.1
    Bug fixes:

    • Can now read settings files from RemoteTech 1.4 or earlier.
    • Map view will no longer crash when centering on different vessels.
    • FASA antennas won't crash when transmitting science.
    • FASA launch clamps now provide a communications line, just like stock clamps.
    • Flight computer now uses Kerbin or Earth days, as appropriate.
    • Tech tree node for integrated omni antenna now displays correctly.

    What's new in version 1.5.0

    • Compatible with KSP 0.25.
    • The mod's in-game name has officially changed from RemoteTech 2 to RemoteTech. Ignore the warning above at your own peril.
    • Vessel lists in antenna targeting window and in map view can now be customized using the map view filters (thanks to monstah for the suggestion!)
    • If you use FAR or NEAR, you can now protect antennas from breaking by putting them inside a fairing.
    • The number of crew needed to both operate a command station and fly a ship can now be configured on a part-by-part basis.
    • B9 and FASA parts now officially supported.
    • The 3 km omni upgrade to probe cores now appears in the tech tree.
    • Module Manager patches now support MM2 features, including :BEFORE, :FOR, and :AFTER patch ordering.
    • Updated KSP-AVC support, including more flexible KSP version requirements. Can now use KSP-AVC to download release notes in-game.

    Rule Changes:

    • Flight computer clocks will keep running even if the vessel runs out of power (though you still need power to actually do anything). This is a workaround for a KSP bug that causes energy consumption to be overestimated at maximum time warp.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Icons in map view easier to understand.
    • Research will now be completely transmitted in 64-bit KSP.
    • Pointing a dish at Mission Control from a fresh RemoteTech install will no longer corrupt saves.
    • Ships will no longer have signal delay many times larger than they should.
    • Flight computer will now take engine gimbaling into account when slewing.
    • KSP should no longer crash when running the flight computer on a ship with no rotation torque.
    • RemoteTech modules will no longer be added twice to the same part.
    • If a ship is loaded while out of contact and uncontrollable, you will no longer be able to toggle controls or action groups.
    • RemoteTech config files will no longer appear to be on one line when opened in a text editor that only recognizes Windows line endings.
    • Nonstandard RemoteTech installations will no longer cause missing (a.k.a. "pink") textures.

    For past release notes, please consult

    Bug Reports
    To make a Bug Report, please use the Github issue tracker. You can browse the current list of issues to see if your problem has already been reported by somebody else at

    New issues can be raised at and please follow the instructions at when reporting your bug.

    Forum posts are difficult to track, and incomplete reports make it impossible for us to locate the source of the problem.

    RT1 Contributors: JDP, The_Duck, gresrun, Tosh, rkman, NovaSilisko, r4m0n, Alchemist, Kreuzung, Spaceghost, Tomato, BoJaN, Mortaq.

    RT2 Contributors: JDP, Cilph, TaranisElsu, acc, Vrana, MedievalNerd, NathanKell, jdmj, kommit.

    RT2 v1.4.0 and beyond is maintained by the Remote Technologies Group, a community effort to ensure the proliferation of unmanned vessels throughout the known Kerbalverse: Erendrake, Pezmc, Starstrider42, Peppie23, woogoose
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    And hooray no more ship copies.

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    Nothing constructive to add other than a hearty "hooray!" as I've been looking forward to getting into this more deeply.

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    yes!!!!! time to start playing KSP seriously again

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    IT LIVES!!!!!!! Time to get the part hats out!

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    Wat. Remotetech was working fine before now. If you wanted to use it then why didn't you?

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    Anybody know where to find the settings file where I can turn off signal delay?

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    Quick remark: the version file is set to 1.3.3 so version checker complains that 1.4.0 is available. Except I messed up during install then please ignore me.
    Thank you for your work!

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    The version file is in fact set to 1.3.3. This can be fixed by opening the version file with notepad and changing it to the correct numbers, and is anyone going to tell me where the settings file is located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike9606 View Post
    and is anyone going to tell me where the settings file is located?
    RemoteTech_Settings.cfg > EnableSignalDelay = True|False
    It's directly in the RT2 folder (and yes, it's created after first start)

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