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Thread: [WIP] [PARTS+PLUGIN] [0.25] Kerbal Foundries wheels, anti-grav repulsors and tracks

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    [WIP] [PARTS+PLUGIN] [0.25] Kerbal Foundries wheels, anti-grav repulsors and tracks

    Alpha 1.7 release here: KerbalStuff MediaFire WARNING: This update will break saves with craft in-flight using KF parts, as well as saved craft using them.

    KerbalStuff won't let me upload new files, so the latest version 1.7 is on MediaFire.

    Large Wheel
    Medium Wheel
    Anti-gravioli Repulsors (+surface mount)
    Medium Track units
    RBI Oval inverting track unit
    RBI Mole track unit
    Auxiliary Power Unit

    Install Instructions:

    Delete existing 'Kerbal Foundries' folder. Unzip new version into GameData. You will end up with GameData\KerbalFoundries. Enjoy the Kerbal mobility goodness

    General release notes:

    Everything has changed. I've completely ditched the stock wheel module in favour of my own home-grown alternative. Some might say this is a bold move, and rightly so. There will be bugs, there will be certain situations where the wheels behave a little differently to stock. If you don't want to deal with that and file sensible bug reports should you run into something strange, please don't update for the moment. The new plugin is mostly helpful because it greatly simplifies creating new parts, as the stock modules are rather fussy. However, subtle differences do exist and you should find that the dynamics are much better now. Parts have all received a CoG tweak which has also helped.

    Apologies for breaking saves, I found that the old and new versions are simply not compatible and weird, weird bugs occurred. Forcing fresh craft files is about the only way to deal with this, so that's what I've done. If you want to re-use existing craft files, just remove KF parts and re-save before updating the mod, then add the new versions.

    Filing bug reports:

    If you run into trouble, please do the following: Post an output_log. This can be found in the KSP_Data directory. Preferably stuffed into dropbox or similar, rather than pasted into the thread (between code tags please, if you must) as they can get quite lengthy. Screen grabs are helpful, as are craft if they're mostly stock apart from KSP parts. A detailed description of the problem too, please. Just saying 'hey, (whatever part) isn't working' is not helpful.

    I cannot stress _ALPHA_ enough. These parts are early-release WIP, they are not perfect yet. They _WILL_ break your savegame in the future, so please use them for testing only, not in a savegame you care about!
    If you run into issues, please post your output_log before restarting the game.

    As long as you're cool with that, have fun!


    You'll notice a UI slider called Group Number, along with an Apply Settings button. This does several things. For repulsors, it changes the hover height of all other repulsors on the vessel in the same group number as the selected part. For wheels, steering ration and direction calculation will happen for parts in the same group. Useful for multi vehicle vessels and those with docked rovers. Group 0 is special! A part set to group zero will only update its own setting, and will not receive settings from other parts (even in group 0). Sounds complicated, but it's easily udnerstood when you're in-game. Parts default to group 1.

    Repulsor notes:

    1) They do levitation. Nothing more!! Propulsion, braking and control are all up to you. Get inventive!

    2) The height adjustment and retract/deploy function has now been rolling into one. Setting to 0 height turns the repulsors off. There are two action groups to change the height, as well as the UI slider to change individual units. The action groups change the height .5 for each activation.

    3) Surface mount repulsors are now smaller and uni-directional. The have no stability of their own, so you'll want to use at least three if you want a self stable craft. I've added TweakScale support to facilitate easy placement. It makes them a little trickier to use, but much more flexible when using lots of them.

    4) Effects are on the way. Lights and emissives are all in the works.

    5) Energy usage depends on hover height.

    6) Fixed a major bug where repulsors would randomly switch off due to low energy when there was plenty available.

    7) You will need the TweakScale plugin if you don't already have it and would like to use this feature:

    Wheel notes:

    1)I've done some funky stuff detecting each wheels position in the vessel and calculating how much it should be steering. If you make a truly whacky vessel with the root part in a strange orientation this may not work correctly (Should now be fixed in 1.7).

    2)Docking/undocking needs some attention, especially if rovers are mounted on a launch craft in an odd orientation. This will be fixed, I just need some time to work out how KSP handles the tree rebuild and get my code to recalculate accordingly. Groups will help with this.

    Track notes:

    1)There is a KSP bug in the bounds detection of the skinned mesh that the tracks are made of. This means the editor icon is _tiny_. It's a known KSP issue and something I can do nothing about at the moment I'm afraid.

    2)Steering is slightly different to wheels. Pressing D, for example, tells the vehicle to rotate clockwise (looking down), rather than steer right. This might sound like the same thing, but you'll find the controls are reversed compared to driving with wheels. This is by design. Otherwise there is a nasty crossover region between forward and backward motion when rotating on the spot.

    3)There is a UI slider and action groups to change the torque, along with an action group and button to disable steering. This hopefully opens up the design possibilities. Energy consumption is related to torque.

    4)I've hopefully nailed the direction detection code. It works for all of my designs, I'll wait to here if it works for everyone.
    A massive, massive thank you to the RBI guys for open-sourcing the originals. I can't tell you how helpful it's been

    5) The steering on the re-released RBI unit can get a little funny when mounted upside down. I'll fix later. For the moment, enjoy them right side up, please

    APU notes:

    This is designed to be used alongside anything that requires ElectricCharge. By default, it will spool up and down depending on battery state and current load. Having too small a battery can cause problems, though, so take at least one small pack, rather then relying on tiny charge storage from command pods etc.

    We could really use another hand with the texturing. Justin does a cracking job, but it's time consuming compared to everything else so there's now quite a backlog of untextured parts. Any offers greatly appreciated!


    [Spoiler: legal stuff]
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    wow i want NOW but think we wont see this released before .24

    im also offering to help test it for you
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    So, I must say those wheels are really "purdy" and I really want them. The hover "wheels" are interesting. I worry about keeping the craft oriented properly for long-distance, but I sorta have an idea ofw hat you did there. I looks like something similar to the omni-wheel, but without the visual element and with your new suspensions. Even as it is now, you've definitely filled the bill for something I've been trying to do for quite some times using other hover-related mods... and failed miserably.

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    Hmm, I like the look of what you're doing here. I'll be looking forward to this release.

    Edit: Thanks for fixing the spelling error. I don't like to be 'that guy', but it's simple things like that that can make the difference between a professional-looking presentation and an amateurish one.
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    This looks great I'd like to test it out

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    Thanks guys

    I've got a few things to work through, but I'll post links up (hopefully) later this eve. It's actually quite nerve-wracking setting something up for public release... about a million thoughts of 'what if someone does this, that or the other'... But, Squad do it, and having a few other bods trying trying to break stuff will actually save me some of the testing, so here goes... Let's do this Kerbal style! Watch this space.

    Thanks for the heads up on the spelling btw
    Kerbal Foundries: Wheels, tracks and anti-grav Repulsors

    The real art in creating anything is keeping those who know a thing can't be done away from those who are doing it.

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    These are really cool, especially the anti-grav repulsors. I would like to make some parts for this mod if that is all right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaalidas View Post
    I worry about keeping the craft oriented properly for long-distance
    The joy of it is you don't have to keep the craft oriented! You can just have fun drifting around as you please, using tiny amounts of RCS. Private testing has been positive so far. I _never_ set out to create something like the repulsors; they're the result of a silly conversation, a 'hmm, what if' sort of idea, trailblazing through the KSP API while learning C# and abject abuse of Unity physics objects. I've loved every minute
    Kerbal Foundries: Wheels, tracks and anti-grav Repulsors

    The real art in creating anything is keeping those who know a thing can't be done away from those who are doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robotengineer View Post
    These are really cool, especially the anti-grav repulsors. I would like to make some parts for this mod if that is all right.

    If you've got some ideas, that would be awesome! The Unity hierarchy changes from standard wheels are significant, and I've written no documentation on my plugin yet, but I'm trying to put together a live stream tutorial on how it's all set up. Again, watch this space! I have to get some meshes sorted for texturing this eve, after that I'll try and martial everything together for a soft release.
    Kerbal Foundries: Wheels, tracks and anti-grav Repulsors

    The real art in creating anything is keeping those who know a thing can't be done away from those who are doing it.

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