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Thread: [1.0.5] Karbonite - Mineable, Burnable, and Community-Driven [ - 2015.11.09]

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    [1.0.5] Karbonite - Mineable, Burnable, and Community-Driven [ - 2015.11.09]

    Download via the USI Catalog Page



    I submit for your perusal Karbonite (KaO3). A newly discovered mineral that has hydrocarbon-like properties and is perfect for processing into a fuel. It's easily mined from the surface, and can be found in liquid or gaseous forms on certain planets (Jool cloud harvesters anyone?)

    Karbonite's goal is to provide a permissively licensed, community driven ISRU (in situ resource utilization) framework for KSP.

    Karbonite is based on an extended fork of the Open Resource System (already familiar to folks who use KSP-I, and MKS/OKS) and combines it with new code, some amazing community driven parts, and a license that encourages sharing and extension of all code and artistic assets.

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    How does this differ from Kethane?

    • Karbonite is based on Regolith. Kethane uses it's own resource engine.
    • Karbonite is concentration and biome based, Kethane has discreet deposits.
    • Karbonite pushes you to select richer deposits for better efficiency. Kethane is all or nothing - either a spot has Kethane or it does not.
    • Karbonite's resources are inexhaustible. Kethane's resource deposits can be depleted.
    • Kethane uses a planetary scanning mechanism, Karbonite shows the relative resource level in a biome out of the box without scanning (though prettier SCANSat integration is available, including some amazing graphic overlays).
    • Karbonite has open licensing (CC 4.0) for all assets - code, models, textures, etc. Kethane's licensing model, while now partially open, restricts reuse of some of the assets.
    • Kethane deposits are land based only. Karbonite can be found in oceans and atmospheres too (Oceans of rocket fuel on Eve, cloud harvesting on Jool).

    Why not just extend Kethane? Will there be Kethane compatibility?

    Kethane already has a perfectly good Kethane analogue... it's called Kethane. So if you want to mine a fuel-type resource using the Kethane platform, then by all means, use Kethane. It really is the best Kethane alternative that is derived from Kethane. Karbonite is a community driven alternative with friendlier licensing and different mechanics. I say this tongue in cheek, as some of the folks involved in the original Karbonite thread will recall, we had a request for Kethane integration pretty much daily (though it felt like hourly ). In short, if you love Kethane, then rock on! If you want something different, then hop on over..

    Where can I find Karbonite?

    • On most planetary bodies as a mineable crustal resource (other than Eve and Jool)
    • In the atmospheres of Jool, Laythe, and Kerbin
    • In the oceans of Eve, Laythe, and Kerbin.
    • In space

    Note: Karbonite resources will be randomized on a per save basis!

    What parts are available?

    • 2.5m Ventral Drill
    • 2.5m Storage tank
    • 2.5m Converter
    • 2.5m Particle Collector
    • 2.5m Atmospheric Scoop
    • 2.5m Landing Frame
    • 2.5m Karbonite-Fueled engine
    • 1.25m Karbonite-Fueled engine
    • 1.25m Stack Jet Engine
    • Radial Jet Engine
    • Radial Turboprop Engine
    • VTS tank
    • Radial fuel tank
    • 1.25m Distillation Module
    • 2.5m Distillation Module
    • FL-T400 and FL-T800 sized 1.25m tanks
    • Large radial drill
    • Liquid Fuel versions of the Propfan and Jet engines
    • Radial landing legs
    • 2.5m Karbelectric Generator
    • 2.5m Oceanic Extractor
    • Small radial drill
    • 1.25m converter

    What parts are in the works?

    • More generators
    • Small radial detector dish

    What mods are integrated with Karbonite?

    • MKS/OKS has full Karbonite integration.
    • A conversion pack for Extraplanetary Launchpads is available
    • A RealFuels conversion pack is available
    • FinePrint supports Karbonite harvest contracts

    Will installing Karbonite break Kethane?

    Karbonite will not conflict with Kethane.

    How about KSP-I?

    Nope. Karbonite does not conflict with any KSP-I resources.

    I have a great idea for a feature, can you implement it for me?

    Do it yourself No.. seriously. Karbonite has extremely permissive licensing. Not only are people allowed to go crazy with all of the stuff in the mod, they are strongly encouraged to do so. This is, first and foremost, a community project. With all of the craziness and innovation that implies. Tear off the warning stickers and go have fun. And if you need help, crack open the source or ask on the addon development forums.

    How can I help?

    • Think of new and crazy models and parts for Karbonite.
    • Help extend mods to be compatible with Karbonite.
    • Make sure your own mods can support Karbonite.
    • Spread the word!

    Where can I find a list of extensions to Karbonite?

    Right here! If you want your mod on this list, just create your own forum thread (just to keep the Karbonite one clean for core issues only), and send me a PM so I can link it. This will be for release threads only please, and the only rules are that you keep to the same open licensing as Karbonite, and to help people play nice with each other, we all only use resources that are part of the Communty Resource Pack.

    [24.2] ExtraPlanetary Launchpads(EPL)---->Karbonite Adaptation
    NohArk's Pick n' Pull - Retro-Future Airplanes v1.1

    What is this Community Resource Pack you speak of?

    Since Karbonite itself is very open, and since I expect there will be a lot of folks adding new resources, etc. we will be requesting that we all work together to standardize on resources, mass, etc. So if you want to use a resource and it already has an analogue (I.e. we do not want ten kinds of 'hydrogen'), please use it. If you want to add a new resource, propose it and if it's not in conflict we will add it to the list. You can find the project's working thread here.

    What's coming up next for Karbonite?

    • A new resource system with a lot more flexibility and new mechanics
    • More parts!

    Known issues:

    • You do have to deploy your drill to start extraction, but it does not check if it clips the ground.
    • Probably more stuff - no cost balancing, etc. - Suggestions welcome!



    Nertea, nli2work, Nazari1382, SpeedyB, RoverDude, WaRi, Reign of Magic, Kravity

    Other Credits:

    Alexustas (Our snazzy logo)
    Arrowstar (Random PNG generation code)
    AshIzat (Generator code)
    Taverius (Engine configuration tweaks, and helping with things that fly!)
    Marce - bug fixes and a spare set of coding hands!
    RoverDude (Other plugin code, Configs, Cat-Herding, and Curation )
    The KSP Community (For being awesome!)

    This has been, and will continue to be, a community effort. You guys and gals are absolutely awesome! There is no way I could have pulled this much off this fast or with such high quality parts without all of the talented folks chipping in. I am humbled by your generosity, and your confidence in letting me curate this project.


    If you've enjoyed Karbonite, awesome! It represents a lot of work by a lot of talented people. We're also a bunch of caffeine fueled people, so if you want to buy us a coffee or a beer, read on!

    Now normally I'd just do the easy donation bit, but seeing how there are a lot of folks involved in the project, I have a simple request. Please include in your donation notes WHO you would like to get the donation. You can see who does what in the credits - so if you like the code and cat herding, or the amazing drills and tanks, or that sweet propfan, donate accordingly.

    If you're not sure, no worries. Any donations received that are not expressly for one of the team members will, instead, be donated to charity. There's a really good local one that helps kids with cancer that I like to donate to, so I'll just donate any leftover coffee money to them

    You can download the source from GitHub, as well as releases.
    You can also find Karbonite in the USI Download area of DropBox.


    Karbonite is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Share-Alike Attribution Non-Commercial license.

    Additional Modules:

    This package redistributes FireSpitter
    This package redistribures Module Manager
    This package includes USI_Tools License is CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA. Source can be found here

    All relevant licenses are included in the download.

    Change Log

    0.5.2 - 2015.01.27
    • Updated dependency DLLs, etc.
    • Fixed detection array attachment node
    • Distillers can now produce water.
    • The LH2 distiller now has two modes. Both produce LH2 and Oxygen, but will overflow one resource or the other based on which you pick (with the secondary being a captured waste product).
    • The mini drill must be on a Karbonite deposit of at least 1% to harvest.
    • Swapped the Karbonite generators off of the trickle charger and onto core Regolith converter code.
    • The radial leg is no longer massless, is heavier, and has a higher crash tolerance.
    0.5.0 - 2014-12.16
    • KSP 0.90 compatability
    • Distillers no longer convert Karbonite to XenonGas.
    • Distillers can now convert Karbonite to LiquidHydrogen.
    • Air scoops can now extract XenonGas and ArgonGas if present
    • Particle collectors now collect a lot fewer particles (boo!)
    • SolidFuel removed from the Karbonite generator (this will reappear in MKS)
    • Karbonite 1.25m converter has had it's efficiency downgraded. 25% of the mass and output of a 2.5m, but half the resource efficiency.
    • Buffed the Karbelectric generator (moar power!)
    • New DLLS including FireSpitter WORKAROUND
    • Removed Legacy parts
    • Changed all engines to STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW
    • Converted all Karbonite bits over to Regolith vs ORSX
    • Moved in the 0.625m Karbonite engine and Karbonite SRBs from K+
    • Moved in the Karry Kans, mini drill, and mini-generator from K+
    • Added CTT Integration.
    • - Tanks and detectors are under Resource Utilization
    • - Drills and Converters are under Off-World Mining
    • - The particle collector is under Advanced Off-World Mining
    • - Landing bits moved to Advanced Landing
    • - Rocket Engines are under Very Heavy Rocketry
    • - Atmospheric Engines are under Heavy Aerodynamics
    0.4.4 - 2014.11.01
    • Updated SCANSat to make detection array Karbonite-only
    • Added missing curly brace to SCANSat config
    • Updated ModuleManager
    • Relocated Karbonite DLL and version file for package management support
    • Converted all TGAs to PNGs.
    • Fixed bug that would insta-fill Karbonite tanks (booo!)
    • Moved the USI DLLs to their new location
    • Various DLL refreshes (ORSX, FireSpitter, etc.)
    0.4.2 - 2014.10.07
    • KSP 0.25 support
    • Added a 125m converter thanks to Nertea!
    • DRE/ATM updates from Taverius
    • Updated various DLLs (ORSX/USI)
    • CRP refresh
    0.4.1 - 2014.09.28
    • Fixed issue with particle collectors not collecting
    • Updated CRP/ORSX
    • Updated models to use scale x,y,z vs rescaleFactor
    • Bricked the legacy drills - these will not break a save, but they also no longer work.
    • Fixed long standing bug with converter eating karbonite and not converting to resources (USI Converter change)
    • Added both an LFO mix and SolidFuel to the converter
    • DRE configs
    • A jet /propfan engine rebalance (boo!!!)
    • MFT config for Karbonite
    • ATM support (MOAR MODS!)
    • Deprecated Karbonite Parts Pack (these were replaced in MKS)
    • Converted from ORS to ORSX
    0.3.5 - 2014.09.12
    • Updated to the latest CRP
    • Updated FireSpitter version
    • Updated USI components and included version file
    • Updated Module Manager version
    • Moved ORS to USI folder to avoid issue with KSPI
    • Removed ORS from bundle as the DLL is now included in the USI folder, and resources are handled by CRP
    0.3.4 - 2014.09.02
    • Added oceanic extractor
    • Corrected name in the Karbonite_PartsPack to be more descriptive for drills
    • Changed Karbonite Detection Array name to be more generic
    • Added a new detector mechanism that requires ground or NOE to operate.
    • Updated KSP-AVC version info to actually work
    • Updated to latest CRP
    • Moved all ORS-code to a new library (ORSExtensions) for great justice and better reuse
    0.3.3 - 2014.08.26
    • Bundled CRP 0.1.0
    • Recompiled against ORS 0.1.2
    • More license stuff
    • Karbonite is now back to being ALL_FLOW - 2014.08.21
    • Fixed missing Xenon Gas from the 1.25m distiller
    • Added OpenResourceSystem.dll from Wave's branch just to be safe
    • Adjusted all tank prices
    • Implemented on-rails resource collection for drills and the particle collector
    • Implemented on-rails resource conversion
    • config fix to handle KSPI/Karbonite incompatibilities with the jet/propfan
    • Fixed issue where on-rails extraction used too little EC
    • Swapped from ScoopedAir to IntakeAtm in line with CRP's resources
    • Deprecated ScoopedAir
    • Updated CRP resource list
    • KSP-AVC Support included (Stable only - no Pre-Release)
    • Added more tanks to TweakScale - tanks only, because doing drills and converters is breaky and needs more work.
    • Laythe now has Karbonite.
    • Bundled in configs for other ORS resources (Karbonite PartsPack) this can be safely deleted if these parts are not desired.
    0.2.3a - 2014.08.15
    • Updated TextureReplacer config
    0.2.3 - 2014.08.10
    • Fixed CRP Resources to match current TAC-LS versions
    • Fixed Karbonite unit cost typo
    • Fixed issue with Particle Collector not collecting
    • Updated normal map for air intakes
    0.2.2 - 2014.08.10
    • Removed duplicate ORS folder
    • Fixed fuel on LF Jet
    • Fixed MFT config
    0.2.1 - 2014.08.09
    • ATM patch for the changed folders
    • Fixed sound on atmospheric propfan
    • Fixed a bug with UnitCost
    • Added configurations for Modular Fuel Tanks
    • Added ActiveTextureManagement support
    • Fixed issue with Hotspots not showing up on Minmus
    • Added support for Community Resource Pack (All Karbonite maps, etc. have been moved to the CRP folder).
    • Updates to the Particle Collector and Atmospheric Scoop models
    • Liquid Fuel versions of the propfan, radial jet, and inline jet
    • Plain landing frame (no built in landing legs)
    • New radial landing legs! (now that bit above makes sense, eh?)
    • 2.5m Karbelectric Generator - turn Karbonite into EC!
    • TweakScale configs
    • Added cost to Karbonite
    • Action groups for generator and drill
    • Fixed tech required for 2.5m converter
    • Added Karbonite quantity to description for tanks
    • Reduced VTS tank capacity to 40 (It was like a cylindrical bag of holding)
    • Trace amounts of Karbonite have been discovered in Eve's atmosphere!
    • New version of Module Manager Corrected SCANSat config to utilize the renamed Karbonite Detection Array
    • Changed 2.5m converter to produce LiquidFuel and Oxidizer at 0.9/1.1 ratios
    • Set all tanks to start with zero Karbonite in the VAB/SPH
    • Changed Karbonite from ALL_VESSEL to STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW
    0.1.0 - RELEASE CANDIDATE - 2014.08.03
    • Updated colliders for the landing frame
    • Renamed/Reorganized all parts and folders
    • Tech tree integration - the parts are split accross a few relatively early nodes: fuelSystems, heavyRocketry, and aerodynamicSystems. Tanks are spread accross all three.
    • Updated masses/costs for all modules
    • Tweaked the relative efficiency of the smaller distillation module
    • Deprecated stock antenna support
    • Changed Karbonite to flow like RCS, etc. to reduce fuel line madness with colletors and converters
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    Wohoo, initial release! Thanks to all the participants - we hope you all enjoy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nertea View Post
    Wohoo, initial release! Thanks to all the participants - we hope you all enjoy it!
    And thank you sir for helping us not launch with white cylinders
    Mods for colonization, exploration, resources, and much more!

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    Very cool. I'm just starting a new career mode mission-oriented play-through. Karbonite fits the bill.
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    This mod is the reason why I should return to the game.

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    Good to see it released! Sorry my air scoop couldn't be on the initial release, but it should be ready Soon™.

    Disclaimer: Soon™ may mean Squad soon, which is a derivative of normal soon, but longer.
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    Nice! Very happy to see this.

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    Would you be able to crosslink the Dev and Release threads and notarize them as such? Otherwise this made me fluttery in my naughty bits, and I hope it never stops. The development, I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxx View Post
    Would you be able to crosslink the Dev and Release threads and notarize them as such? Otherwise this made me fluttery in my naughty bits, and I hope it never stops. The development, I mean.
    Absolutely - the Dev thread has been updated, I can tweak this one too
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