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Thread: Banana for Scale - Analyse bananas in space!

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    Banana for Scale - Analyse bananas in space!

    One of "the most important mods in kerbal history" as quoted by Scott Manley

    This is basically the mystery goo container but it's a banana. Has it's own science messages. To install just copy into game data folder.

    Scott Manley (Starts at 2:18)

    SWDennis/Space_Scumbag (Starts at 2:00)

    There are now two versions. One about the size of a mystery goo container, and one about the size of an Earth banana. When you hit download it gives you the big one - if you want the small when, get it from the file section and click on changelog so you know which one to download
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    So pointless.... I LOVE IT!!!! MUST DOWNLOAD!!!

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    Very cool, I've always wanted my Banana science in space
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    I mean ... fascinating.
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    This is just what you need when the mun starts complaining of leg cramps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Tao View Post
    Goes very well with Snjo's new plane part.
    Oooh, I like that. Yeah, they do go together pretty well actually don't they.

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    My God, that is a truly epic part! I am astounded by its banana epicness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biohazard15 View Post
    My God, that is a truly epic part! I am astounded by its banana epicness.
    Haha, thanks dude - enjoy it.

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    how do you keep the kerbals from eating it?
    this space intentionally left blank

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