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Thread: [v0.17] Damned Aerospace Version 1.5.3 + Crewtank

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    [v0.17] Damned Aerospace Version 1.5.3 + Crewtank

    Together with R4m0n I\'ve made things that not only rotate but also spin!

    Plugin/general help by r4m0n
    Models/textures by Damnyoujapan

    Pack includes:

    Turboprop engine
    Prop-fan engine
    Counter-rotating coaxial helicopter unit
    Simple propeller engine in 1m and 0.5m, pushing and pulling.
    Old-school rotary engine loosely based on the Clerget 9B.
    VJ-101 inspired dualturbine unit
    Basic wingswing mechanism
    Basic tiltrotor mechanism
    Avataresq ducted coaxial rotors
    F-35/Yak-141 inspired engine hinge thing

    Not only does these engines have rotating parts they are also air-breathing, flying the helicopter to the mun is therefor impossible.
    Please note that the all non pushing engines use origin hacks to get past the engine deathray issue, this causes them to spawn offset from where you drop them in the VAB (should be either 12 or 15m below, so dropping them quite high up in the VAB is a good idea).
    Thanks to my inside man (C7) engine damage can now be turned off, all pulling props now have a mass value with some logic behind it.

    The swingwingmech has very thin moving colliders so placing stuff on it is a tad bid finicky in angle snap mode, normal attach works fine.

    Video demonstrating how the moving parts works in the Damned Robotics thread:

    [Spoiler: More pictures]

    [Spoiler: Demonstration videos of increasing stupidity]

    Installation note: The plugin within this release is the same MuMechLib as in the mechjeb 1.9.1 release.

    Alpha release, please report bugs and other potential horrors.

    Download 1.5.3


    Code: Original license applies.
    Parts: Feel free to do whatever you please, but contact me before redistributing anything.

    Revision table:
    Rev0: Release
    Rev1: Updated faulty part title
    Rev2: Added 5 new propeller engines, fixed some texture issues, adjusted helicopter thrust from 75 to 100, added icon centering, plugin updated to latest version,+ other small changes I can\'t remember
    Rev3: Added basic swingwing and tiltrotor mechanical parts, as well as a new engine, can\'t keep track of all adjustments.
    Rev3.1: Fixed the tiltrotor rotation direction
    1.4: Swapped to a software release revision numbering system, added .15 compatibility, added Avatar-esq ducted rotor, undid the origin hack.
    1.5: Added a vtolengine hinge thing, reduced fueldrain to more closely match the new vanilla engines.
    1.5.1: Adjusted the fuel consumption values on hopefully all engines I missed in the last update.
    1.5.2: Added .16 compability.
    1.5.3: Fixed the rotorblur issue.

    The crewtank!
    Holds extra kerbals and fuel, useful for rescue missions.

    License for the crewtank: No rights reserved, do whatever you please.

    Download .zip

    Revision table:
    1.0 : Release
    1.1 : Underped the attachment rules.
    1.2 : Removed the portraits since they were going mental with too many kerbals.
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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    I can personally say I am going to thoroughly enjoy using this.

    Now to make a craft with just the right balance of weight and fuel/regeneration to keep it hovering indefinitely.
    [img width=400 height=150][/img]

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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    Finally, it\'s released !
    Will download as soon as my mum leaves the computer (posting from dsi).

    Dunno if it\'s the same for you guys, but in France there\'s a 3 days weekend, I\'m gonna have fun with thoses !
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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    Ha we\'ve got holidays in germany ;P!
    I\'ll try this out in around 10 seconds ;D
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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    May I ask what the 'Engine deathray issue' is?
    Not like you.

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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    yeah!!!!! very useful in planes construct!

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    Re: Damned Aerospace

    What I meant with engine deathray issue is that LFE based things cast a 'deathray' from their origin along the thrust vector, damaging things it comes in contact with. And since the both the turboprop and the helicopterunit are intended to pull rather than push they would end up deathraying themselfs if their origins were at a logical position.

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    Re: [v0.14+] Damned Aerospace Rev1

    My eyes are crying rainbows and kittens Now I just need to learn how to land a plane outside IL-2

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    Re: [v0.14+] Damned Aerospace Rev1

    Sorry to have to ask this here, but what\'s the music called in those videos?

    And awesome plugin.
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    Re: [v0.14+] Damned Aerospace Rev1

    Itīs really cool. What will you do next?
    Holidays !!
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