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  • C7Studios Recaps the LANfest KSP Tournament at SXSW Gaming


    Hey, everyone. C7Studios' SXSW recap will be coming in two parts. Here is the first part, covering the KSP tournament at LANfest. The second part, covering the panel with NASA will be seen next week. Enjoy.


    One of the highlights of SXSW was the official KSP tournament at the LANfest sponsored by Intel area. The mission was to land as many Kerbals as possible on another celestial body, with increasing point multipliers for the difficulty of the planet. We were joined by a few special guests, such as Doug Ellison from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, and Dahud Lefthanded, a KSP-TV streamer.

    While walking around the event I met a young boy and his father who had driven over to attend the tournament. I was really impressed by how well designed his rocket was. He had managed to move into third place early on in the tournament. From there on, he was neck and neck with the top competitors. The competition for second and third place was very heated. In the final moments, Doug and another KSP fan managed to pull ahead of the boy while Dahud won by a wide margin. Felipe and I decided that he shouldn’t go home empty handed, and provided him with a signed KSP shuttle.


    After the prizes were handed out, Doug decided to give his prize (a shapeways 3D printed Kerbal) to the young boy. He then sat with him for the next 30-45 minutes going over all the fascinating things that NASA was working on. He showed him how to bring up displays of all the gravity and temperature data for Earth in 3D using JPL’s Eyes on the Solar System software. http://eyes.nasa.gov/ As well as providing a tour of NASA’s current missions. He asked the boy to fly to Mars and pick out the landing spot of Curiosity, which he was able to do easily. His father was sitting next to him, beaming with pride the entire time. It was great to see a young person so passionate about Space and science.

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