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  • HarvesteR and Calisker Interview with PC Gamer


    PC Gamer's Ian Birnbaum interviewed HarvesteR and Calisker during KerbalKon about the steady rise and bright future of Kerbal Space Program. Here's a taste:


    PC Gamer: Was there a moment where you realized that [Kerbal Space Program] was actually going to work?

    Felipe Falange: I think it was a series of small moments that would actually lift the always looming concern of impending failure, up to the point where it built up a sense of accomplishment. But I’m still overly cautious of everything. I’m scared to call the game a success. Bob is always teasing me.

    Bob Holtzman: Yeah, I had in the press release, “the popular, award-winning….†and he was like, “is that right?†From the marketing standpoint, the Steam Summer Sale was when everyone was like, “OK, we’ve got something pretty serious."

    Click HERE to read the article in full.

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