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  • Kerbal Space Program Lands at SXSW Gaming Expo



    We're thrilled to announce our participation in several key events at this weekend's SXSW Gaming expo in Austin, TX.

    First and foremost will be a panel taking place on Saturday afternoon where Squad developers and members of NASA will get together to talk about Kerbal Space Program: Asteroid Redirect Mission. The much anticipated free content pack is based on a long term, real life NASA project which aims to save the planet by learning how to redirect asteroids away from it. More info on the panel and details on the free Asteroid Redirect Mission will be revealed this week.

    We're also excited to announce our participation in the SXSW LANfest, sponsored by Intel. They'll be hosting a Kerbal Space Program tournament on Saturday evening that will have competitors scrambling into the stars, as they will have to conduct several missions on the spot - no prep time allowed. Play for fun, great prizes and the chance to show your skills off to members of Squad, live and in person. More details on the Kerbal Space Program tournament at LANfest can be found here: http://intel.ly/1gLnfV5.

    For anyone who can't make it to SXSW, we'll keep you up to date news on the latest happenings. For those of you who will be down there, don't be afraid to say hello. We'd love to see as many of you as we can.

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