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  • Kerbal Space Program Partners With Curse



    Hi, everyone!

    We know that we’ve been quiet about the future of Spaceport as of late. Too quiet. Between researching a number of viable solutions and testing certain implementations, we had yet to come to come to what the next step would be. That was, until now.

    We are ready to confirm that starting today, CURSE will be the official mod host of Kerbal Space Program. By signing up for a Curse account to use with KSP, you will have an unprecedented ease of access in which to download and implement mods into your game. Up until now, Spaceport, the former official repository for KSP mods had not allowed the simplicity, speed, organization and reliability that Curse can provide.

    If any modders have material on Spaceport that needs to be copied or otherwise backed up, it’s recommended that you do so before the site officially shuts down 30 days from now. Otherwise, you can start manually uploading your material onto Curse as early as today. If you choose not to do so, there are no other changes. You are more than welcome to host the downloads of your mods elsewhere and maintain your forum threads as you already have been. Just remember that Spaceport will no longer be online in 30 days.

    Going with CURSE allows them to do what they do best - host, organize and deliver your content in an smooth manner, while allowing us greater time and resources that will go into game development, strengthening the community and making the KSP experience greater on all sides. Do not expect Curse to start taking any drastic measures within the community, either. Your experience here on the forum, as well as our other social channels will not change. You’ll still even be able to discuss and download mods right off the forum if that’s your preference.

    For the modding community, Curse allows for certain benefits that Spaceport did not. Increased host support, regular upgrades and updates to the site as well as the potential for a larger community of players to download your mods are among them. Curse will also be rolling out a program for modders to be monetarily rewarded for hosting within their system. We'll be excited to make sure each of you interested in this program can discuss it with Curse.

    We know that changes like these can bring growing pains, but we feel that the positives you will experience with CURSE will outweigh anything else over time. Their team are all fans of KSP and know that you all expect nothing short of a high quality experience out of them. Throughout our discussions with them, we know that they’re quite up to the task and we hope that you will be happy with the results.


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