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  • KSP 0.23 Is Live!



    Just in time for the holidays! I'm very pleased to announce the 23rd update to KSP is now available.


    This update, as you all probably already know, was mainly focused in smoothing out the features we've added all through this year, patching up long-standing bugs, doing optimizations, and adding a few new features that were long awaited.

    More Specifically:

    * The Science Archives:
    Browse through all the science you've done in your Career games in this new section of the R&D Facility.

    * Tweakables:
    Several parts can now be tweaked individually by right-clicking them during construction, allowing for entirely new possiblities in spacecraft construction.

    * Science Revisited:
    We've revised the way experiments are performed, stored and transmitted based on the feedback we got from the last release, to make Science much more engaging and interesting. Endlessly-repeatable transmissions that would let you max out a subject in a single mission are a thing of the past now.

    * The Lab Module:
    With experiments and transmissions no longer being freely repeatable, we've added the Lab Module to let you process your science data on the field, increasing the science gained by transmitting it. The Lab also allows you to reset single-use modules such as the Goo Canister and Materials Bay, since those will now become inoperable if their data is removed for transmission.

    * The R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine:
    The new 'Reactive Alternate-Propellant Intelligent Engine for Rockets' is a hybrid propulsion system that can run on external intake air while flying through the atmosphere, and will switch to internal oxidizer supply as you leave the atmosphere behind.

    * EVA Data Collection:
    Kerbals on EVA are now able to collect and store data from experiment modules and other science containers, including other EVAs.

    * Part Tooltips Overhaul:
    The old tooltips seen when hovering over part icons in the R&D or construction facilities have been completely overhauled. The new layout is a lot easier on the eyes and organizes information much more efficiently, making it easier to compare stats between parts and seeing what does what.

    * All-Around Optimizations:
    We've gone over a huge amount of code this time, to make sure the game is doing things as efficiently as possible. The optimizations were mainly focused around sources of lag with high part counts, so the game should be smoother around large ships. (Your mileage may vary, as no hardware setup is quite the same).

    * 6-DOF Device Support for Windows:
    Few games can benefit from a 6-degrees-of-freedom input device such as the Space Navigator like KSP. Seamless transition/rotation camera control on all scenes, plus pitch-roll-way and linear XYZ inputs in flight control mode, allowing for an unprecedented level of control. This feature is Windows-only for the time being, but we're ready to implement OSX and Linux support as soon as the drivers become available.

    Plus a heap of other additions and fixes. Here's the complete changelog:

    ==================================== v0.23.0 =========================================================


    * The Science Archives:
    - Browse through all the science you've done in your Career games in this new section of the R&D Facility.

    * Tweakables:
    - Several parts can now be tweaked individually by right-clicking them during construction.
    - Landing Gear can be set to start out deployed or retracted, and can also be made steerable.
    - Engines can have a thrust limiter set on them, so you can balance out asymmetrical thruster configurations (or use differential thrust for taxiing).
    - Wheels can be tweaked to have their engines toggled, steering locked, all before launch (and after, of course).
    - Control Surfaces can be tweaked to toggle response to pitch, roll and yaw input individually.

    * Science Revisited:
    - Transmitting scientific data no longer allows you to max out the value of a subject just by repeating the transmission multiple time.
    - Removing the experiment data from some experiment modules (for transmission or by EVA) will render them inoperable.
    - Resetting an experiment can still be done freely as long as the data is not removed from the module.

    * Solar System:
    - Added a new Biome Map for Minmus.
    - Cleaned up the Biome Maps for Kerbin and the Mun, to remove areas where Biomes would be detected incorrectly.

    * The Lab Module:
    - Added a new part called a Laboratory Module, which allows experiment data and samples to be processed before transmission, increasing their science value.
    - The Lab Module requires 2 crews inside to operate and a whole lot of power as well.
    - Added a new button to the experiment review dialog to process collected data on the Lab if one is available (and operational) on your vessel.

    * EVA Data Transport:
    - Kerbals on EVA can now collect the data from experiment modules and store them on crew-carrying modules.
    - Kerbals can also collect data from other data container modules, including other Kerbals.
    - EVAs can also store samples collected from other experiments on the Lab.

    * Part Tooltips Overhaul:
    - The tooltips that pop up when mousing over a part on the editors have been completely redesigned.
    - The tooltips show essential info only at first, but can be expanded to show more info with RMB.
    - Once expanded, you can right-click again to collapse, or to pin other tooltips if you hover over other parts.
    - Re-organized the part information to group stats for each module and resource container on a part.
    - Added a larger icon for the part on the tooltip itself, featuring a scale to give an idea of size before picking.

    * All-around Optimizations:
    - We've gone over all our code to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible.
    - Upgraded to Unity version 4.2.2 to make full use of its own bugfixes and tweaks.
    - Texture loading has been sped up, loading times are noticeably reduced.

    * [Windows-Only] 6-DOF Device Support:
    - 6-DOF input devices such as the Space Navigator are now supported both as camera and flight controllers.
    - Scroll Lock will toggle the device mode in flight.
    - Due to driver limitations this is a Windows-only feature for now. We're ready to implement support in OSX and Linux as soon as those drivers become available.

    Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

    * Parts:
    - The logic for all-vessel resource flow (such as Electric Charge and MonoPropellant) has been re-done.
    - Fixed those resource containers not being able to drain fully or store an amount larger than their current available space.

    * Docking:
    - Fixed an issue that caused docking ports to resume their states incorrectly after docking, making it impossible to undock afterwards.
    - Fixed a big issue with docking operations through physicsless parts in the hierarchy between the port and the original vessel root.

    * EVAs:
    - EVAs now use actual resources for their jetpack propellant, instead of their own fuel system.
    - Fixed an issue with collision resolution that caused EVAs to sometimes fall over and become uncontrollable.
    - Kerbals other than you will now pick themselves up from ragdoll state if they are involved in any 'accidents' or are flat out being used as Kerbowling pins.
    - Parts that land onto splashed-down parts are now considered to be landed. This allows EVAs to walk on floating platforms.

    * Other Fixes:
    - The Return key will no longer reset the staging sequence in the Editors, or return you to the Main Menu at KSC.
    - The Main Menu now remembers the 'page' you were at when you left it, so if you return from a loaded game, you'll find it still at the "Start Game" screen.
    - Fixed several issues with joystick axis mapping and indexing.
    - Updated the Input settings screen to expose a few new control options that weren't accessible before.
    - Fixed an issue that could lead to loss of GUI responsiveness after leaving flight during reentry or supersonic flight.

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    As always, you can get the new update as a full download (zip file or installer) through our KSPStore, or use the patcher tool to update your existing install. Or if you're on Steam, just sit tight as it auto-updates itself (Might be a few minutes. Restart Steam if it's taking too long).

    Compatibility with previous versions:
    We haven't had to bump the last-compatible versions on this update, so all previous saves and craft files should work just fine through the update. Do keep in mind mods may not work correctly, so it's always advisable to start out with a clean, unmodded install.

    Happy Launchings, and Happy Holidays!


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