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  • KSP Weekly: News from Mission Control, 19MAR2013


    Game Development and Progress Updates


    • We released version 0.19.0 on Saturday and released version 0.19.1 on Monday showcasing our dedication to bug fixing and polish as well as adding new content, parts and features.
    • C7 is currently still working on bug fixing and trying to polish rover wheels as well as prepping to move on to his next set of tasks.
    • N3X15 is busy coding and developing our new patcher and deployment system and it's coming together, stay tuned!
    • Our newest team members claira and rom are busy getting acclimated to the team and our work flow.
    • Mu has shown us some nice back end prototyping for our resource system.
    • Nova's given me some images to show you for upcoming content additions, take a look!

    First is the new internals for the crew module, looks good to me Nova!
    Secondly, the WIP model "Seat" for our Kerbal friends to ride in, take a look!

    Yesterdays Live Stream with Cap and Damion

    Community Updates and Spotlights
    Forum Updates


    • [*=center]Fixed the Attachment System!
      [*=center]New user rank/image system coming, stay tuned for cool!
      [*=center]We're working on a new theme for the forums.

    You-tuber Spotlight: Scott Manley


    You-tuber Spotlight: StreetlampPro


    Twitch TV Channels for you to watch,




    Artwork From the Community
    If you've not seen PfL yet, you should take a look! Great style and composition!


    That's it for today folks, we'll see you next week! -DR KSP CM

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