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    There's no good way to ease into news like this, so here it is: I'm stepping down as Lead Developer of KSP.
    For the last five and a half years, I put all my work, my thoughts and my time into KSP. I've watched it grow from this little unassuming idea for a 2D game in which you'd put together rocket parts to see how high you could get, into a complete spaceflight simulator, a space agency tycoon, a planetarium of truly astronomical scale, a home for little green men and their space program, a Kerbal space program.
    KSP has become far more than the game I imagined half a decade ago. When we first set out to take on this project, I could not have expected anything even remotely close to what it ended up becoming. To say KSP surpassed my every expectation would be, at best, a colossal understatement.
    There was a time, years ago, when any single design decision of mine had the power to drastically change the direction of the project. There was the danger that by even moving ahead on development of one area instead of another, the entire feel of the game, the intent it carried, could be morphed into something else. There was a fine line we needed to stay on, lest we let the project slip and become something other than what we intended. That is no longer the case, and that's a very good thing. It means that conceptually, the game is complete.
    This isn't to say KSP's development is complete, however. Far from it. Plans for KSP reach far into the future, and there are enough ideas to keep us all going for years. The console versions are coming up, there are new updates in development, the list goes on. For myself, however, I desperately need to have something new, to create more than one game in my life.
    I need to make one thing perfectly clear: development on KSP will continue as always. No features, upgrades, bugfixes or anything of the sort are being discontinued because of my leaving.
    This I say with absolute confidence, because I have complete trust in every member of the KSP team, and I know they are fully capable of handling anything that comes their way.
    The KSP team deserves more praise than I can give them. This is a band of outstanding people, all brilliant and excellent at what they do, never tiring, never doing anything less than their best. I'm very proud of what we have accomplished together. It's something I'll carry with me for ever. I also know beyond any question that KSP would not have become what it is without every single one of them. I am forever grateful and in awe of all the work they put in.
    And of course, I must give all my thanks to the founders at Squad, Ezequiel and Adrian, who took this wild leap of faith with me, putting their unconditional trust in me without ever requiring any failsafes or guarantees of success. We all know games are a notoriously risky proposition in the best of times, and they nonetheless extended their full support to me, at a time when none could tell what lay ahead.
    Lastly, but most certainly not least, I have to thank every single one of you, the community, our players, kerbalnauts, space enthusiasts, reckless rocket engineers, our friends. All of you, who like us, believed in our weird little game and supported us throughout the years with your ever-inspired ideas, your unparalleled willingness to help, your relentless honesty and your unfailing loyalty. I cannot thank you enough for all of it, and I can only hope I am so lucky to see you again in whatever comes next.
    This isn’t goodbye. It’s just farewell for now. In the meantime, however, I hope you all enjoy playing KSP as much as I enjoyed being part of its making.
    Signing off,
    Felipe Falanghe, aka HarvesteR
    Please post comments in this forum topic.

    Hello everyone!
      We noticed a number of issues persisted through the 1.1.1 patch earlier this week. We’re releasing patch 1.1.2 to address these issues before we head off to a long overdue vacation for the next couple of weeks. Patch 1.1.2 addresses issues with the user interface and landing legs, amongst others.
      Here's the complete changelog:
    =================================== v1.1.2 ============================================================ * Fixed an issue with triggers and convexity in loading models. * Fixed exception in the Stage Only mode of Vessel Resources panel. * Fixed for LT-1 and LT-2 landing legs causing a physics jerk when retracting. * Fixed an issue where some vessels might explode on go to pad (introduced in 1.1.1). * Fixed an issue with PQS shader accessibility. * Optimized moment of inertia calculations and some matrix operations. * Fixed an issue with an offset in the small landing gear part. * Optimized drag calculations. * Made wheel autostrutting more configurable. * Fixed some display issues in KSPedia. * Fixed an issue in FlightLogger regarding reverting / loading saves. * Increased brake torque tweakable's upper limit to 200%. * Added editor tweakables for spring and damper strength for suspension. * Removed non-working "disable suspension" tweakable. * Fixed issue with popup dialogs sharing the same title which broke game loading when loading multiple vessels all lacking parts. * Removed unneeded image effects on UI camera for increased performance. * Fixed issue where IVA field of view changes applied to flight camera on exiting IVA. * Remove some garbage creation in Part.Update. * Fixed an issue where Kerbals on EVA rescue contracts weren't fully destroyed if the contract was not done. Added a check to clear any 'empty' EVA'd Kerbal vessels in existing saves. * Fixed an issue where Kerbals were able to be renamed through KB.  

    Hello everyone!

    The 1.1.1 patch is now available! This patch will bring high priority fixes to the game. Although last week’s release of 1.1 went smoothly, there were still a few bugs left to fix. Considering we updated the game’s engine we’re all very pleased with the overall state of the game. Those of you who were around for the switch from Unity 3 to Unity 4 in version 0.18.4 will certainly remember how much impact changing the game engine can have on the game’s stability.
      Here's the complete changelog:
    =================================== v1.1.1 ============================================================ UI: * Added FlightUI Element Scaling and Navball Position Slider. Wheels: * Added auto-struts to every wheel, similar to fairing payload struts. They attach to the most massive part on the vessel. This prevents wheel suspensions from becoming unstable when the wheel is attached to a weaker part. (Attaching legs to pylons no longer causes vessels to bounce and/or break dance.) * Fix suspension distance and offset being inversely proportional to the rescaleFactor of a wheel. Fixes LT-1 and LT-2 leg suspensions actually getting smaller despite scale being larger, causing them to visually sink into the ground, and have shorter useful suspensions. * Some configuration tweaks suggested by GoSlash27 for the free and fixed landing gears have been integrated, which dramatically improve issues with instability on those gears. Thank you GoSlash27! * Fixed some model hierarchy issues with small and medium retractable landing gears, which fixes some odd suspension forces, an animation issue, and the inability to lock the suspension on these gears. * Raise the default integration substeps on wheels from 4 to 8, which should dramatically improve the accuracy of the wheel simulation without affecting performance too much. * Added separate settings for wheel integrator substep accuracy for active and inactive vessels, which can be tweaked in each wheel's part configuration, or globally from settings.cfg. Inactive vessels get slightly less accuracy to improve performance. * "No crash damage" cheat now prevents wheels from blowing up their parts due to gratuitously large impacts. It does not, however, prevent the wheel from entering the damaged state. * Halved the deflection magnitude of free and fixed gears, as they are technically much more rigid than other gears, but their lack of suspension travel makes them much more vulnerable to deflection stress, making them twice as tough. Editor: * Performed significant optimisation of performance intensive areas such as part attaching and dettaching. * Implemented general optimisation throughout editor. * Implemented automatic temporary symmetry when the logic expects the symmetry mode or method to be different. I.e when placing engines on tri-couplers in SPH using mirror mode. Fixes part initialization issues. Bug Fixes and Tweaks: * Made Kerbal Portrait and ScreenMessage lists public. * Show complete cost (base cost + module cost) in part tooltips in editor. * Add optional PQS shader using all mappings (for modders). * Tweak skin<->internal conduction, slightly increase internal max temps of Mk1 cockpits. * No longer spam the log when parsing plugin data. * Tweak default exhaust heating upwards slightly. * Change building impact damage to be based on kinetic energy by default, not momentum. Make damage configurable in Physics.cfg. Fixes an issue with building damage and wheels. * Improve orbit calculation when in 1x warp. Orbit info no longer flickers. * Show specified rather than calculated sea level temperature when viewing a planet's page in the knowledge base window in map view. * Add more checks (flameout or port disabled) to RCS's Torque Provider. * Optimizations to vessel stat-finding and orbital force calculations. * Add the missing extension method, uncomment the bits that needed it * Admin facility now with vertical scrolling. * Adjusted Career Widget Z Pos for higher scaling. * Restore part delete sound when deleting parts in editor. * Considerable tweaks to building damage to avoid wheels insta-popping them. * Renamed the editor filter for Surface Attach to Surface Attach Only to avoid confusion. * Optimized getGeeForceAtPosition to not recalculate things it shouldn't. * Increased stability in orbital calculation when off rails. * Added UI Element scaling for all in-flight UI elements. * Removed a fix for a 5.1.1 unity bug which had a unefficient complexity. * Check if the body has an ocean before checking if we're under water! * Removed text length on input device name. * Fixed NRE from Underwater Fog. * Fixed gigantor solar panel showing through the main craft. * Fixed a bug with science lab science/day display. * Fixed where the target could be unset in tutorials. * Fixed latitude not displaying in AeroGUI. * Fixed an issue where missing directories could break save/load. * Fixed an exception in Procedural Fairing interstages. * Fixed inability to timewarp near Jool. * Fixed some miscellaneous tutorial bugs. * Fixed an issue with RequestResource on EVA kerbals. * Fixed an issue with the underwater FX applying even if the body does not have an ocean. * Fixed issue with decouple action firing jettison in ModuleJettison. * Fixed lab display rate to count scientist multiplier. * Fixed memory leak in part highlighter and attach node icon destruction. * Fixed inability to target things by using map context menu. * Fixed targeting being improperly locked in map view. * Fixed typo in science tutorial. * Fixed an oversight when computing duration/deadline text. * Fixed for NRE in UIPartActionController * Fixed colour tint on some parts. * Fixed multiple docking port joint weakness. * Fixed KSPedia page corruption from switching scenes. * Fixed issue with decouple action on jettison. * Fixed Ap/Pe flickering. * Fixed an issue where scientist bonus was counted twice in labs.  

    Hello everyone!
    Kerbal Space Program is “Turbo Charged” by the release of patch 1.1!
    After almost a year of hard work our major update is finally here! In the package you’ll find a large boost in performance due to the upgrade to the Unity 5 game engine, 64 bit binaries for Windows and OSX that will help you mod the game to ridiculous lengths, and the brand new KSPedia reference guide for all the information you need to play the game!

    That’s not all though, here are some of the highlights for this patch:
    All new user interface
    The user interface has been rewritten from the ground up to take full advantage of Unity 5’s new integrated systems. The ‘parallel’ UI systems have been removed and the game now uses only one system, adding to the performance bonus the update already brings. Almost all interface elements have been redesigned and tweaked but have retained the familiar feel for experienced players. The most notable tweaks can be found in the map view, staging, IVA portraits and the right-click part menus.
    Players can now search through parts by typing in text greatly reducing the time needed to find that one part needed to complete the rocket. The Tracking Station will inform the player of a craft’s next maneuver node time, helping players to maintain several active flights at any one time. The Space Center overview features buttons for all the buildings, making sure you don’t miss out on any part of the space program by overlooking mission control!
    KSPedia will be the primary source for information on just about anything in the game. New players will find the basics of building and flying explained here, and more experienced players can take in information about more advanced concepts such as docking, in-situ resource utilisation and all the information they need to plan a successful mission to the next planet or moon.
    New tutorials and scenarios
    The tutorials have been extended and reworked from the ground up. The new tutorials will cover topics ranging from basic and advanced construction and flight, to docking and landing on Mun. Learn how to execute the perfect gravity turn, orbit Kerbin and land the Eagle.

    Not only tutorials have been reworked: we’ve extended the available pool of scenarios as well, increasing it by 150%! Use a spaceplane to re-enter the atmosphere and land it back on the runway at the Kerbal Space Center, return a craft without heat shield from Duna, or beat SpaceX at their own game by flying back the first stage of a rocket to the launch pad. These new scenarios will unlock these advanced topics for any player!
    A special thank you goes out to everyone involved in testing the QA, experimental and pre-release versions.
    Kerbal Space Program 1.1 is now available on the KSP Store and Steam, and will soon be available on other third party platforms.


    Hi all,
    As I'm sure many of you read, 1.1 is to enter Experimentals this week! It's a significant update to KSP in terms of just how much has changed under the hood. We've done a complete overhaul of the user interface from a conglomerate of interface systems to Unity 5's native system. Aside from that, an entirely new system for the wheels had to be adopted due to the major changes Unity made to the native wheels system, and the list goes on!
    Quality Assurance is the most bare bone part of the entire testing process and is performed by around five to ten QA testers pretty much constantly. The focussed testing and efficiency mean that instead of going through the motions of the game as a normal player would, QA tends to identify areas of the new content that would usually be prone to issue and hunt for bugs there. This cuts down the time taken to find issues by a significant margin and means that the content is tested more evenly – playtesting can sometimes skip completely past some aspects of a feature. Furthermore, this method allows the testers to work closely with the developers and compare exactly what they intended to occur for specific cases, to what actually occurs – this is where QA becomes more about feedback.
    QA is a lot more than just finding bugs. It’s about having the knowledge of the game (especially how it works under-the-hood), the comprehension of the ideas behind the features in the game, the understanding of what a developer wants the feature to turn out like and how you can assist them in making it happen. Furthermore, it’s about condensing all of that into concise and objectively written issue reports.
    The QA process on 1.1 has been going for a long time, but it has been incredibly fruitful: crushing 516 issues in 107 builds! There is still more to do however, in Experimentals we hope to only increase the stability of the game, add polish to areas and carry out some bug fixing as always!
    The Experimental Team comprises about 100 testers. All of these testers are volunteers who contribute their spare time to playtest the game. They are normal players, sourced from the various communities via a simple application process. Often and understandably they don’t have as much spare time to devote to testing as the QA Testers and thus there are significantly more Experimental Testers ‘signed up’ than we need at any one time. This works in everyone’s favour as it keeps the activity level throughout an Experimental Phase and doesn’t put pressure on the testers while they also deal with their personal and professional lives.
    After we have an update go through QA, as detailed above, it is hopefully free from major issues and each feature has had any needed major improvements and refinements carried out; the update is in a feature-complete state. However, many components of a feature may still be unpolished, such as part balancing, or the performance of newer UI on different platforms. This is where Experimental Testing comes in and assists the developers in cleaning up the remaining feedback issues.
    An Experimental Testing phase typically lasts around a couple of weeks, though it is highly dependent on the number of issues that arise and how much further development is required to reach a release state. At the end of the Experimental phase, there are still a fair amount of issues on the tracker that are still open, but it’s important to note that these issues are typically minor ones, ones that aren’t in the scope of the update or simply issues that would take too much time and resources to resolve.
    This time around though, things will get even more interesting after Experimental testing! Given that update 1.1 will be unlike any update we’ve seen to date in terms of widespread changes to pretty much any significant and underlying system in the game we're planning to provide an optional pre-release branch of update 1.1. This opt-in branch will run for just under two full weeks before the targeted release date of the final update.
    The nature and extent of the changes in the update mean that many plugins and add-ons will require refactoring, updating and at the very least a recompile. Of course modders cannot do this overnight and on the flick of a switch, especially with an update of this scope. Typically a select group of particularly KSP-savvy modders would be given access to the new update to help us find bugs, but the extent of the changes this time around is such that we feel we should open it up to everyone.
    The pre-release branch will be opt-in via Steam only, and won't be available via the KSP Store. We really wanted to make the pre-release branch available on all distribution channels but given the frequency of builds, the size of those builds, and the necessity for everyone to be on the latest version for testing it proved to be impossible to facilitate this on the KSP store.
    To facilitate discussions of the pre-release branch we’ll be opening up a temporary forum for feedback. Additionally, a separate section will be made available on the bug tracker to report bugs on.
    Please feel free to ask any and all questions you have!

    Hello everyone!
    It's time to tally the results of our Christmas giveaway. It was a fun contest, and a lot of people entered for a chance to win that signed poster! In total we received 550 valid entries, 1 person was disqualified because they tried to enter the contest 10 times, while 11 others who had submitted two or three sets of answers had their later entries removed.
    So, what were the correct answers?
    Question 1 asked what the moons of Uranus were named after, the correct answer being Shakespearean characters1. This is a bit of a trap, as celestial bodies are usually named after Greek or Roman mythological characters. The second question asked which planet in the Solar system has the smallest amount of axial tilt. The top three is made up of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, and the latter is definitely the correct answer here2: its axial tilt is just 0.01°! Question number three, arguably the toughest one: at what speed does the Solar system orbit the center of the Milky Way galaxy? The exact speed varies a little, but only one of the answer fits the data: the Solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy at an astonishing 230 km/s3. The second to last question asked how many missions Claude Nicollier (who signed the poster for the winner) had flown on the Space Shuttle: no less than four missions4! Finally, we asked what sport was famously played on the Moon during Apollo 14. Alan Shepard played golf, hitting two balls across the surface with a makeshift club5.
    Plenty of right (and wrong) answers for each question! Across all five questions a total of 265 wrong answers were given. Of course, some people answered multiple questions incorrectly and in total 377 entries remained after checking for errors. One of those entries was from a developer and was swiftly removed before the final draw!

    Number of wrong answers per question.
    The final draw was conducted quite easily. The chances of any individual winning the contest were 1 in 376, or roughly 0.27%. The chance to become a runner-up were 1 in 188, or roughly 0.53%. The Excel sheet containing all the answers was listed alphabetically and while KasperVld made sure no double entries or wrong answers had slipped through, Badie asked a website to generate three random numbers that would correspond to three row numbers in the Excel sheet.
    Drum roll please.
    The runners-up are: @Lukus and @marioluigi653! Congratulations, you'll be receiving a free copy of Kerbal Space Program! The overall winner of both a copy of KSP and the poster signed by Claude Nicollier is: @Tremzack! Congratulations!
    People who answered all questions correctly:
    _Augustus_, 322997am, acc, ACCount, Acea, AcidRoot, Acvila, adsii1970, agent 902, agises, alamovampire, alanp, Alberto De Beni, AlexanderTeaH, AlexSilver, Alpha188, Alshain, anarkhon, Andre, AngelLestat, angusjimikeith, AnhDaBest, Aperture Science, Araym, ArmchairAstronaut, Atlanticrash, Auriga_Nexus, Avera9eJoe, Awaras, B787_300, Bedazzled, Beduino, BigFatStupidHead , Bioman222, Bizmaster, blubbermonkeys, Bobe, Browning, BrutalRIP, Budgie, CAKE99, CalculusWarrior, Calvin_K, Cannon, cantab, CaptRobau, Chemp, Chezburgar7300, Chronin, Cidsy, CobaltWolf, Cocox, CommanderSpork, Corw, CpPolar268, CrashTestDanny, CREEDOFTROLLS, csebal, CSflame, cubinator, Cuky, Dakosaurus , DanilaFe, DanJourney, ddenis, deathsoul097, Deddly, Delta_8930, Demian_Scales, dfthu, DirkLarien, disillusionedHerbalist, djsnowboy267, dlrk, Dman979, DonCamillo, DoToH, Dragon01, DrMarlboro, Duncan1297, DuoDex, DutChen18, EdusacconBR, einzelgaenger, EladDv, EliL, Emoss55, En_Dotter, Enma.Darei, Epthelyn, Espresso, eurybaric, EuSouONumero345, Evanitis, EvermoreAlpaca, expirity, falco1010, FanaticalFighter, FCISuperGuy, Fiddlestyx, Finox, Fl0oo, flamerboy67664, Flying Wolf, Foxster, Frank_G, Frybert, Garth Nailo, Gasofidas, Gelix, GeneCash, Glaran K'erman, gmpd2000, Gojira, Gooddog15, Gosye, Greenhornet553, GregroxMun, Gustave, HansB, harvell64, HatBat, HeckuvaTester, Henrick, hieywiey , Hodo, HollowHate, Hris, hzigy, iammr_schuck, ianril, icaruza, IggyHitokage, igor_perusco, Iliketrains0pwned, Insane1, ionn, Ixenzo, jaddbo, Jakalth, JaKerDo9, jaredkzr, Jeanjvs, Jenteb07, jesusfreeke, jjwb22101, jlcarneiro, JoseEduardo, joshwoo69, JPLRepo, just johnny, Kabal, kemde, kerbart, Kerbas_ad_astra, kerbingamer376, Kerbmav, KerbOrbiter, Kevin Kyle, killeracorn, killerkenny42, killerkevinn, kimjongspoon, Kiwi461, kookoo_gr, Krishanth Sai, Kyasarinn, lajoswinkler, legoclone09, leudaimon, linuxgurugamer, Liquidhype, LitaAlto, luinux, luizopiloto, Lukus, Mackilroy, magico13, Magion, MalfunctionM1Ke, Malich, marce, marcello639, marioluigi653, marius86000, martinezfg11, Martinoss, Maschbauer, MasjazZ, Matt77, mattbv, Max Q, MaxL_1023, McPoisoned, Melfice, MennoLente, metl, mhoram, michal.don, miketheveeg, Minarkhaios, minimalist, MK3424, Mobbo1980, Mods_o_joy, MrChumley, mrmcp1, mwg_test, MWJ, mythbusters844, Nagmeister, necKros, Nemeko, nfun, Nik_601, Nikolai, nimbim, Normal123, norup, NovaSilisko, Olympic1, One-Way Films, Orbin, Orbital_Phoenix, OrbitalEscape, Orbo, orcman, OzEtkin, pah_mar, Panel, peachoftree, pedorsf, pedrosaisse, PoorYorick, popeter45, Pronoes, Proteus, prykpryk, Przemqo, Pseudon , Psnaps, pss88, Puff3r, quyxkh, R4P70R, Radon86, radonek, -RanZ-, Razor235, rbray89, Rdivine, rdude71, Redshirt, REMD, Rezolution, rfmeijboom, richfiles, Ristse, Roberius, RocketBlam, RocketPropelledGiraffe, RocketscientistV, RockyTV, Roflord, Rolanvorxariat, RoverDude, rustysocket, RWB Barker, samsa, SasquatchM, scottishhaggis47, seanth, Seaview123, SecurityAttack!, Senshi, Sequinox, Ser, severedsolo, Shade, Shamus6200, Sheppard, Shunix, sieve, Sigma88, Sirine, SKGaming, SkyRender, Snarfster, sneezedr424, Sniper296, Sochin, softweir, SofusRud, Solsys, Space Viking, SpaceKitty, SpaceplaneAddict, Speijker, Spheniscine, spikethedoggy, ssdctm, stargate525, stargazer1235, steuben, steve58, Stewy13, StrandedonEarth, StrikerJG1, stupid_chris, Sturmgeschutz, SuperDudeMax, swjr-swis, T3Kaos, Tanuden, Taowulf, T-BENZIN, T-Bouw, Tech_Spec, TeddyDD, Teslamax, ThatOneBritishGuy..., The Aziz, The Error, The space freak, The White Guardian, theJesuit, theonegalen, thetechgeek4, TheWildHun, Thiagobs, Thomassino, TimothyC, Tipped, tjsnh, TKO, tmccreight651, toadicus, tobjv, TobyZ28, Torgo, Torih, TotallyNotSatan, Trann, Tremzack, TronX33, tsinik55, Ulico, Vallius, Valo56, Varden, VBM, viktor19, Vive_moi, vosechu, Warmachine2019, waterlubber, Wayfare, WDZOrangeJuice, wealthysoup, WeirdCulture, Wolfos31, Wonderstruck, woodzor, worir4, Wylde, XKerman, xrayfishx, xxhansonmaxx, Yakuzi, YargJay9991, Yasmy, YoetoJoe, YogoPig, Yukon0009, Zargg, Zylark

    Greetings, Kerbonauts!
    It has been a while, longer than we anticipated in any case, but we're now here with a new update for Kerbal Space Program: version 1.0.5!
    This update features content, bugfixes and rebalances that were part of the upcoming monster update 1.1, which will feature such things as multithreaded physics calculations and 64 bit support for Windows and OSX. That update is taking longer than anticipated, and we came to a point where a lot of content was ready to go through testing and be released on its own merits. With these parts ready we wanted to get them to you as fast as possible, and I think we have succeeded in a speedy delivery of this patch.
    Here are some of the highlights in this patch:
    Contextual Contracts & Contract Changes The contracts system has had a major overhaul with the goal of providing you with more varied and relevant contracts. Front and center in this overhaul are the contextual contracts, which adapt to your progress in the game. Contextual contracts will take your existing infrastructure consisting of bases, stations, satellites and rovers, and will challenge you to do things such as adding new modules, rotate crews, fly in a Kerbal with a specific skill, explore the surface around it, move the orbit and so on.   The goal of the integration of the contracts with your existing missions is to integrate them more in the natural gameplay. You will be asked to use what you have built already, alongside the existing contracts that mostly ask you to launch new items.   More changes can be found in the passive milestone rewards, which automatically reward you for any milestone you cross. These rewards are not only reflected in reputation gains, but also in funding and science bonuses. Higher rewards are still available to players who actively pursue a goal from a World's First contract they've accepted. New milestones are also available, targeting objectives such as space walks, crew transfer and atmospheric flights on alien worlds, and if you're not someone who spends a lot of time at mission control then a new strategy available from the Administration Building is right up your alley: leadership initiative increases the passive milestone rewards at the expense of contractual rewards, providing a boost to more independent players. Finally, the game now tracks manned and unmanned progress separately.   Thermodynamic improvements Update 1.0.5 features many improvements to the thermodynamic systems. The thermodynamics ('thermo') system has been reworked to correct the various issues encountered in 1.0.4. In addition the thermodynamics at high timewarp feature more customizability, and support differential skin-internal temperatures and non-instant changes. We've also corrected some issues with the atmospheres of other celestial bodies, and better tuned re-entry and aerobraking across the board. When loading a long-unloaded vessel, unloaded thermal changes will be applied, too.   The concept of core heat was also introduced, which in combination with various fixes should stop unexpected overheating of parts. Probably the best analogy of how this interacts with the rest of the thermal system (internal and skin temperature) would be to compare it to your computer’s case temperature, the temperature inside of the case, and the temperature of your CPU. For example, the ISRU should be capable of smelting materials, yet not melt the rocket it’s attached to. In game, this means that the ISRU works best with a core temperature of about 2000K, even if the part only has an internal temperature of 200-300K. This system allows us to be very expressive with the core temperature and simulate things such as warm-up time & overheating without it being directly coupled to the part temperature, which would become problematic as we enter analytics warp and temperatures equalize.   New buoyancy model The water buoyancy has been completely reworked. Water is now less soupy and it's very possible to build seaplanes. In keeping with our commitment to make the game as moddable as possible all the physics values can be tweaked in config files. The density of oceans differs across celestials bodies, invoking new gameplay challenges. The impact speed not only depends on the speed of the craft when it hits the water, but also the angle at which it hits the water.   New rocket and spaceplane parts A wide range of new and overhauled parts were introduced. The toroidal aerospike rocket engine has had an overhaul, as did the basic- and ramjet engines, the radial air intake and many mk.1 spaceplane parts. Among the new parts we find a complete working kit for mk.0 jet engines, the "Goliath" turbofan engine that would be a great fit on a large airliner and the "Vector" rocket engine, which mimics the Space Shuttle's main engines. The mk. 3 Cargo Ramp is a brand new part as well. This'll allow you to drive a payload into the back of an aircraft, or perhaps you want to create a docking bay on a space station with it! These are just some of the updated parts, we're hoping to see many new creations that incorporate them. We've also added new stock craft in the game for you to play around with.   Bugfixes & Tweaks KSP 1.0.5 has seen a big focus on bugfixes. Over 100 issues were fixed, including launch clamps following you to orbit, . And good news for anyone with a fine eye for detail: the black stripes on the NASA tanks now line up perfectly! There were of course plenty more bugs on the 'fixed list', and a more comprehensive list is available below.   As always there is much more to discover in the update, and we hope that our fantastic people on the Media Group and KSPTV have given you a taster of what to look for.
    =================================== v1.0.5 ============================================================ Hotfixed (build 1028+): * Reduced engine heating: less explosive decoupling. * Fixed NRE on Kerbal when the part it's on dies. * Fixed IVA breaking on crew transfer. * Fixed typo on Dynawing craft. * IntakeAir resource is now fully hidden in Resources App. * Fixed body lift (it now exists again). * Fixed every instance of part name, so root parts can be detected in all contractual instances. * Used Unity drag to avoid integration errors on splashdown. * Clamped parachute radiation. * Upgrade outdated instances of vessel situations in career saves * Included layer 19 objects in potential enclosing colliders for cargo bays Parts: * Added 'Juno' 0.625m jet engine * Added 0.625m air intake * Added 0.625m Liquid Fuel tank * Added 'Panther' afterburning jet engine * Added 'Goliath' giant turbofan engine * Added S3 KS-25-1 'Vector' Rocket engine, with super-large gimballing range * Added Mk3 size Cargo Ramp * Added Mk3 engine mount piece * Added Mk1 crew cabin, seats two * Added new Mini-ISRU part * Mk1 Cockpit model overhauled * Mk1 Cockpit IVA space overhauled * XM-G50 Air intake model overhauled * Mk1 Fuel, Structural and Intake Fuselage parts overhauled * T1 Toroidal Aerospike engine model overhauled * J-33 'Wheesley' Jet engine model overhauled * J-X4 'Whiplash' Jet engine model overhauled * Engine Nacelle and Engine Precooler parts overhauled Contracts: * Added Station and Base Contextual Contracts, requiring you to modify/expand existing bases and stations * Added Satellite Contextual Contracts, requiring maintenance operations to previously deployed satellites * Added Survey Contextual Contracts, which target existing landed vessels to request (applicable) survey missions of them * Part Test contract generation logic has been modified. Each part now has a much more specific set of constraints before it generates, to give it much more consistent and realistic altitudes, speeds, and envelopes. * Passive Progress Rewards: gives a light reward automatically to any new achievement. These are given independently of accepted World-Firsts Contracts, but are not as substantial. * Contract Decline Penalty: A small reputation penalty is incurred when a contract is declined, to prevent Mission Control from being abused as a slot machine. * New early game part haul contracts - easier part tests that only require you to bring the payload to a designated location. * Early game focused surveys balanced to be much more forgiving. * New part tests added for fairings and heat shields. * Many milestones added that involve the player doing hidden fun stuff. Strategies: * Added Leadership Initiative Strategy: increases passive rewards for achievements, at the cost of reduced contract rewards. Useful to boost self-driven playstyles. Progress Tracking: * Added new World First contract types for space walking, crew transfers, and flight on atmospheric planets. * There is also now a fourth record "track" for oceanic depth. * Many progress nodes now track progress in separate manned and unmanned tracks. This allows several contracts to appear at more relevant times. * Base and Station, plant flag, kerbal recoveries (rescues), crewed surveys, tourism, and some World Firsts contracts now require manned progress. * Satellite contracts now require unmanned progress. * The algorithm to choose planets for all contracts is now more reliable. Max CB "distance" has been reduced to two. This means you will no longer see contracts for Duna and Eve right after taking off from Kerbin. Science and Comms: * Science Transmission messages now show strategy changes to science, funds, and reputation. * All antennae now cut a transmission that has been interrupted due to power loss to prevent severely devaluing the resulting science. * Added an option to antenna context menus to manually enable partial transmissions. * Interrupted transmissions no longer delete science data. The data will attempt to return to the container it came from. * Transmission from orbital surveyors and science labs was tweaked slightly to look and behave more like standard science transmissions. NavBall: * The navball is now available on EVA to assist in surveys. * The EVA NavBall follows the orientation of the camera, rather than that of the Kerbal. This allows looking around to get your bearings. * The navball throttle and RCS lights are hooked up to the EVA jetpack. * The IVA navball now functions with survey navigation. * Survey navigation icon will now automatically target the next/closest adjacent waypoint in a survey upon completion of a targeted waypoint Thermodynamics: * Introduced the concept of 'Core Heat'. Allowing part systems to work much more expressively with temperatures, reducing unwanted cross-talk between temp effects on internal logic and heat transfer to other parts. * Radiators should have a significant impact on core heat, allowing ISRU modules to operate at peak efficiency. * Incredibly hot cores should bleed off some of their heat to the parent part, with the vessel very slowly getting warmer over time. * Parts should not explode from core overheating, but ISRU modules may shut down. * Thermal efficiency should be consistent across all warp levels - no cheating! * The mini-ISRU is balanced in that it cannot operate indefinitely. It will eventually shut down due to overheat and have to be allowed a cool-off period. * The RTG is also part of this mechanic, making it a viable heater (Kerbals have the added advantage of not requiring any potatoes for unplanned long-duration stays on desolate planets). * Fixed thermodynamics issues from 1.0.4 regarding unclamped conduction, shielded conduction, and other runaway cases. * Reworked upper atmospheres of planets for better aerocapture experience. Added convection and shockwave temperature multipliers per body. * EVA kerbals handled properly. * Lowered max internal temperatures of crewed parts. * Heating from engine exhaust rebalanced. * Thermo at high warp is now no longer instantaneous, and is moddable via new interfaces. * Unloaded vessels will have thermo applied for the unloaded time on reload. Buoyancy and Water: * Displacement is now calculated per part using dragcube information to estimate total actual volume of the part. * Bodies now have an ocean density: Kerbin/Laythe is 1 tonne/m^3, Eve is 1.5. * The lowest and highest points of parts are calculated with respect to the water, and a submerged fraction of volume is calculated to modify buoyancy force. * Impact speed (tested against crashTolerance) depends on impact angle, with a configurable minimum multiplier. * Drag in water uses drag cubes and an accurate dynamic pressure calculation. * Drag scales from high on first vessel contact down to a lower value after a few seconds. * Drag also ramps back up when the vessel is below a minimum velocity (to model the highly turbulent flow when starting from a stop, and to make sure vessels do come to a stop). * Lift behaves similarly, starting near zero for the madly turbulent flow of initial contact or first movement, up to a reasonable value. * Various hollow parts have their displacement tuned to account for hollowness. * Solar panels lose flow rate underwater, rocket engines lose Isp. * Added underwater fog and tint, fixed camera issues underwater. Physics: * PhysicsGlobals now properly create the default values when Physics.cfg is removed. It includes many new values. * Drag coefficient changes based on the same factors as turbulent convection (a Pseudo-Reynolds number). This means higher drag high up in the atmosphere, and slightly lower drag when going very fast very low. * Asteroids have correct drag cubes now. * Fixed issue with radiator dragcubes being incorrect when the panels rotate. * Add missing drag cube overrides for hollow parts. * Kerbal EVA drag cube can now be specified in Physics.cfg. * Fix issues with override drag cubes and root parts during revert/quickload/vessel switch. * Fixed issues with female kerbal ragdoll rigidbodies. * Fixed a bug in calculating how solar flux diminishes in atmosphere. * Jettisoned Fairing panels now exist in a new layer (L19) dedicated to non-part physical objects. * Contact with L19 objects does not cause vessels to shift into 'landed' state. * Kerbals are allowed to stand on L19 objects, regardless of their own landed state (similar to how they behave when on ladders). * Contact with L19 objects only allows Kerbals to stand and walk while within a surface-level altitude/speed envelope. (contact with these objects in orbit has the same effect as bumping into anything else). * Eve and Jool had upper atmosphere changes to thin the top band. Duna now shares the molar mass of Eve but has a lower presure than before, leading to the same density (and drag) at sea level but better physical characteristics. Misc: * Fix surface horizontal velocity being incorrectly calculated. * Launch clamps are now properly kept at the launch pad, they will not follow the current vessel. * Fix an issue with localisation and settings.cfg. Fix an issue with plugging/unplugging controllers breaking/losing settings. * Save and load kerbal trait in save games, trait is generated from name hash only if not specified in the save. * Fix issue with solar day length not being calculated correctly when setting Kerbin's rotational period. * Workaround for kerbals becoming debris added, to prevent serious issues. * Sped up finding a given AvailablePart (especially relevant when populating the Load Craft menu). * Sped up craft loading slightly. * Sped up FlightIntegrator and in particular the Occlusion part. * Fix some bugs in resource requests that would lower throttle or miss resources. Optimized resource calls. * Jets now use a fuel mode that draws an equal percentage from all reachable parts (no-crossfeed parts will block crossfeed). * Fixed an issue with camera pitch underwater. * Fixed an issue with error spam from failed raycasts when >600m under water. * Fix an issue with fast EVAing kerbals leading to NaNs. * Fix an issue with compound parts and zero look rotation vector logspam, also slight speedup. * Optimized several contract/progress parameters to not require any code running in update-loops (they're event-driven now) * Fixed orientation of the sun light in IVA * All older careers will have their contracts upgraded to new versions, maintaining compatibility. * Many new career cheats added. * Contracts.cfg now fully comments itself. Editor: * Fix an issue where non-root parts spawned in the editor did not have their partInfo set correctly. * Fix an issue where symmetry mode could be increased past its limits. Part Class and Modules: * Fixed some issues in RCS, made RCS toggleable in the editor and gave it a thrust percentage slider. * Solar panels and radiators: fixed curve issue with solar panel efficiency where when at high temperatures the generated EC could go negative. * Solar panels and radiators now use dynamic pressure instead of (linear) velocity when calculating breakage. * Fix Solar panels and radiators to support sun tracking drag cube changes even if no extend/retract animation is specified, add support for an offset angle when tracking the sun. * Solar panels can now extend and retract in the editor. * Solar panels now respect aero shielding regarding EC generation. * Parachutes: fixed exception spam in parachute module in the editor, fix where parachutes would cut on decouple. * Parachutes now have a disarm option when armed and not yet deployed * Parachute stack icon background shows red when unsafe and yellow when risky. * Parachutes no longer flutter identically. * Parachutes no longer instantly snap to the velocity vector. * Parachute tooltip in the editor shows safe deployment speed near sea level on Kerbin. * Allow alternators and FXAnimateThrottle to be bound to MultiModeEngine, to an indexed engine module, or to a named engine module. * Fix some issues in ModuleAlternator, add support for a threshold below which no resource will be pushed/pulled. * FXAnimateThrottle can now optionally depend on engine output or engine currentThrottle, not on the vessel/UI throttle state. Can also modify anim speed rather than time. * Added support for layers to ModuleAnimateGeneric, ModuleAnimateHeat, and FXModuleAnimateThrottle. * FXModuleAnimateThrottle can now weight its animation based on wether the engine is active or not (used with multimode engines). * Allow MultiMode engines to share throttle state when switching and to have automatic switching be disabled (and the toggle for it not show up). * Made ModuleAnimateHeat more tunable due to new thermo. * Docking ports now have gendered as an option, and support limited docking angles. * Docking ports crossfeed state is now persistent and can be toggled in the editor and by action group. * Docking ports can have their 'decouple' mode set to stageable. * Docking ports node type field supports comma-delimited lists of valid types. * Fix an issue with shielded docking port orientation causing logspam in the editor. * Various Claw bugs that could break games are fixed. * Fix Airbrake action group persistence. * Give airbrakes the same thermal tolerance as other airliner parts. * Fix issue where the airbrake had no orientation vector set, thus resulting in continues "Look rotation vector is zero" messages when trying to attach in the editor. * Lower some out-of-norm crash tolerances for aero parts. * Ladders now properly have multiple drag cubes (due to their animations). * Fixed ladder extend/retract failing after a load in the editor. * Shrouds no longer glow on revert and can be set to only detach when the node opens, not just when the part is activated by staging. * Shrouds can be toggled off in the editor. * Control surfaces deploy state is now properly persistent. * Offset cargo bay interior nodes so the inside and outside nodes do not precisely overlap, to aid in part placement. * Procedural fairings set part mass in the editor as well as in flight, properly offset CoL, CoP, CoM depending on fairing state, properly reset drag cube after deploying. * Fixed issues with intake logic and display airspeed. Intakes can now have mach curves which can affect their efficiency at different mach numbers. * IntakeAir is no longer displayed, since it was confusing, instead engines show whether their current requirements are being met. * Engine modules support new curves for modify Isp based on air density and current mach number, so multFlow no longer exists as a toggle. * Fixed an issue where throttle was not reset to zero on flameout. * Engine modules now show percentage of their current propellant requirements being met. * Fix flow cap not being used in tooltip info. * Corrected an issue with the 'fuel flow' display. * ModuleAnimateGeneric events and action can be independently enabled/disabled per scene. * Make hatch obstruction check distance tunable per part. * Allow no-activation-when-shielded to be toggleable in cfg for engines and RCS. * Fix bandwidth calculation typo for ModuleDataTransmitter. * Activate gimbals when an engine activates, not only when an engine activates from staging the part. * Fix Brake Torque tweakable on wheels to have fuller range, allow adjusting stiffness in cfg. * Fix flow cap not being set in jet engine cfgs. * Intakes and engines can be set in their MODULE config to be disabled when under water (disableUnderwater). * Decouplers can have their staging and their crossfeed toggleable. * Fixed several edge cases where CargoBays would not update the shielded status of contained parts correctly. * Connected cargo bays now propagate any state updates to all bays in the connected space, ensuring all bays refresh when any of them does. UI: * Units have been added to various part tooltips and Thermal Data, and the part tooltip has more and better information shown. * Thermal Data shows when skin temp shown is the exposed temperature only or the unified skin temperature. * Heatshields now show data when Thermal Data is enabled. * Fixed temperature gauges bug where it was using internal max temperature, not skin max temperature, despite comparing that against the current skin temperature. * Made edge highlight separately toggleable from the gauges. * The settings menu now shows the various settings, and F10 toggles through all four possible arrangements. * Flags no longer count as active flights on the Resume Game interface in the Main Menu. * Fix issues with FlightLogger's values not accounting for reference shifts. * If a part on a vessel is targeted, display the vessel label over the part, not the center of the vessel. * Fix Center of Thrust marker in the editor (was not properly calculating direction). * Fix an issue where loading a save via the Load Save menu would not properly clear, nor load, AppLauncher messages. * Fix an issue where an unreadable agent texture would break agent loading (and contracts generally). * Made crew transfer available from the part right-click menu. * Made 'rename vessel' available in flight for a vessel whether or not it is under command (though a ModuleCommand still must be present for renaming in the flight scene). * Fix issues where partname not part title was used. * Fix vector to target (on navball) to calculate from current control-from-here transform to target transform, rather than vessel root transform to target transform. * Fix an issue where a tweakable being open might spam OnVesselModified events in the editor. This also lowers memory leaks. Input: * Double-tapping RMB now enables a mouselook-toggle mode, similar to RMB behaviour in IVA views. * Added independent key binding [backslash] for mouselook toggle * Mouselook mode can be cancelled by double-tapping LMB, MMB, or by tapping RMB or Esc. * Mouselook mode will also self-cancel on any scene changes, but persists through camera mode changes, for uninterrupted panning through multiple view modes. * Tapping ModKey no longer releases mouselook in IVA. Graphics: * AeroFX now tuned better (and more tunable), leading to mach effects down low without flaming rockets at mid-altitude. * The glow parts make when they heat too much (not the same as the highlighting they get when near maximum temperature) has been tuned. * Fix issues with flags resetting to default, flags never changing for first two Pad tiers. * Fix Val's missing visor in the main menu scene. * Add RenderType to some PQS and Scaled shaders to aid in visual modding. * Allow eye position offsets specified for seats in IVA, both for normal view and for the portrait view (different variables). * Allow IVA and IVA-kerbal rescaling. * Credits scene now has column bars on screen aspects wider than 16:9 (clamping max aspect ratio to 16:9) Modding Support: * Support having KSPEvents available even when the vessel is not under command (defaults to false, can be set true for an event). * Fix an issue with VesselModule / PartModule instantiation order differing for fresh and loaded vessels. * Fix an issue where VesselModule order could not be set, they now can override GetOrder, by which all VesselModules are sorted. * VesselModules default to order = 999 but FlightIntegrator has order 0 (this will allow easy setting of some modules to run before FlightIntegrator and some afterwards, 0 is a good delimeter). * GameVariables are now aware whether they are called from the rocket (VAB/Pad) or spaceplane (SPH/runway) side. * Catch errors during ScenarioModule and Contract loading, preventing breakage when mods throw exceptions during these times. * Fix an issue in assembly dependency version checking. * Added a new interface IActivateOnDecouple that will call the stated method when the part decouples on the stated node. * ConfigNodes/values support comments (which will be serialized on write). * Add fallback tech tree URL in case the main URL fails to find a valid tech tree. * PartModules can toggle their part being in the staging list or not. * Decouplers (and docking ports, but it defaults unstaged) have it on by default. This is part of the base PartModule so all that is needed to implement is add some settings to the MODULE. * Resources now have an isVisible flag, which determines whether the resource is visible on the right-click menu. Applied it (as false) to IntakeAir. * KerbalEVA now uses the rotPower member. * Fix enum parsing in BaseFields (i.e. KSPFields). It should now work. * Support tagging models with Drag_Hidden (like Icon_Hidden) so they will not be rendered when rendering drag cubes. * Added OnFlightUIModeChanged event, fired from FlightUIModeManager. (notifies of changing between Staging, Docking and Map modes in flight) * High-warp (analytic) thermo supports three interfaces, IAnalyticTemperatureModifier, IAnalyticPreview, and IAnalyticOverheatModule for better customization, and uses new fields in Part for tuning. The update is now available on the KSP Store, Steam and will soon be available on GOG. We hope you will enjoy Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5 as much as we enjoyed making it.
    Happy Launchings!
    Update November 11th
    Hello everyone!
    As announced in the devnotes today we have published a 'silent' patch for 1.0.5. This quick patch brings a few fixes to issues that popped up in the update:
    - Reduced engine heating: less explosive decoupling. - Fixed NRE on Kerbal when the part it's on dies. - Fixed IVA breaking on crew transfer. - Fixed typo on Dynawing craft. - IntakeAir resource is now fully hidden in Resources App. - Fixed body lift (it now exists again). - Fixed every instance of part name, so root parts can be detected in all contractual instances. - Used Unity drag to avoid integration errors on splashdown. - Clamped parachute radiation. - Upgrade outdated instances of vessel situations in career saves. - Included layer 19 objects in potential enclosing colliders for cargo bays. (fixes some occlusion errors) Steam users will not have to do anything to have this patch applied to their game, those of you who have downloaded it through the KSP store can redownload the game, and finally if you've bought the game through GOG the patch is currently in their approval process, we'll update this thread once it's available. The build number in the main menu will jump from 1024 to 1028 after the patch is applied.
    The update is now available for download.

    Hello everyone!

    Update 1.0.5 is coming very, very soon. And as is customary, KSPTV will be livestreaming late experimental builds to give everyone a taste of whats to come. [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Livestreams will start at noon UTC on Saturday November 7th. The schedule is currently as follows, but is subject to change.

    Join our streamers and some of the developers who worked the update starting tomorrow, as they show off all the new features!
      Time (UTC) Time (Eastern) Stream Title 12:00 - 15:00 7 AM - 10 AM NewbiusMaximus streaming Newb's Adequate Space Adventures 15:00 - 18:00 10 AM - 1 PM MatoroIgnika streaming Contractual Obligations on a Maturday Morning! 18:00 - 21:00 1 PM - 4 PM EJ_SA streaming The Joy of Rocketry with special guest Ted 21:00 - 23:00 4 PM - 6 PM Akinesis Gaming streaming Aki's Awesome Assessment 23:00 - 02:00 (Sunday) 6 PM - 9 PM kofeyh streaming The Weekly Grind with special guest Nathankell 02:00 - 05:00 (Sunday) 9 PM - 12 AM ShimmyTheJJ streaming Shimmy's Space Quest with special guest NathanKell 05:00 - 07:00 12 AM - 2 AM 1stGhostLive streaming Serious Space Watch live!

    Hi all,
    It's always a pleasure to bring you good news. We're in a pretty fantastic position where we have developers working to create and develop features, and a behemoth of an engine update going on at the same time. After assessing the work that the team have completed so far, in terms of features, the engine upgrade, tweaks and fixes, we've decided to plan a 1.0.5 update for KSP.
    We're including the further development of the contracts that Arsonide/Brian has been working on, Porkjet's fantastic new (and overhauled) parts, refinements to the Thermal system that Nathan and RoverDude/Bob have been working on as well as a rather large number of fixes and tweaks that the team overall have been working on. Of course, the pace that we did those fixes and tweaks have been massively sped up by the ever invaluable work of the QA Team in triaging, reproducing and fix-testing bugs. 1.0.5 won't be built off of Unity 5, instead using Unity 4.6.4 which is the same as 1.0.4.
    We're including the following work in 1.0.5:
    Arsonide's Contextual Contracts The contracts in KSP up until now have been pretty self-contained and independent of much of the player's actions, and the rest of the game. Contextual contracts aims to remedy that with a new system that detects and creates contracts for existing vessels. Satellites, for instance can be tagged in a contract to adjust orbits into an already existing satellite network. The chance for these to appear increases as the player builds and places more assets, causing these missions to show up more often in place of contracts requiring new vessels. RoverDude's Thermal Improvements Radiators, the ISRU and RTGs are all getting a bit of attention from RoverDude! Notably, the radiators can now be hotter than the parts they're cooling, allowing for active refrigeration, the ISRU's core now heats separately from its skin and the RTGs now generate appropriate amounts of heat.PorkJet's New, and Overhauled Parts Porkjet's parts
    We've showcased a few of the parts that Porkjet has been working on in the past, namely he's been working on a Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) analogue, an overhauled Mk1 Cockpit, overhauled versions of the Basic Jet Engine, Turbo Jet Engine, Mk1 Fuselage, Mk1 Structural Fuselage and Mk1 Intake. You can view these parts in this album, though for now we haven't made a final decision on the Mk3 ramp yet, as it requires a bit more coding. NathanKell's Thermal Tweaks and Fixes EVA kerbals now handled properly. Energy neither created nor destroyed when exposed area changes. Physics constants and ablation tweaked. Ablation rate is now based on the maxAmount always, not the current amount. Heating from engine exhaust improved and rebalanced. Fix engines not resetting throttle on flameout. Add missing drag cube overrides for hollow parts. Flags no longer count as active flights on the Resume Game interface in the Main Menu. Fixed issue with flag resetting to default. Fixed issues where parachutes would cut on decouple. Make crossfeed toggling on docking ports persistent and also available in the editor (and as actions). FXAnimateThrottle can now optionally depend on engine output, not throttle state. Fixed issues with FlightLogger's values not accounting for reference shifts. Fixed Airbrake action group persistence. Ladders now properly have multiple drag cubes (due to their animations). Kerbal EVA drag cube can now be specified in Physics.cfg. If a part on a vessel is targeted, display the vessel label over the part, not the center of the vessel. Make control surface deploy state properly persistent; fix an issue in the editor update method for them. Fixed an issue with localisation and settings.cfg. Offset cargo bay interior nodes so the inside and outside nodes do not precisely overlap, to aid in part placement. Fixed ladder extend/retract failing after a load in the editor. Procedural fairings set part mass in the editor as well as in flight. Fixed issues with intake logic and display airspeed. And more... Work is still progressing just as quickly as it was on Unity 5, with 1.0.5 serving as our way of releasing the work we've been doing around that to you all. Felipe and Jim continue with their UI tasks, Mike and Dave plow on with KSPedia, Bob continues with the Probe/Antenna Relay feature (he took some time out to improve the ISRU, radiator and thermal features) and much much more that you can read about in this week's Dev Notes!

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