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  • [Spoilers] KSP: Economic Boom Gameplay Videos are Here!


    Kerbal Space Program: Economic Boom Gameplay Videos are Here!

    Check out your favorite KSP Youtubers as they get their hands on the pre-release version of KSP version 0.25, also known as Economic Boom. Want to know what's new? Does the update contain enough excitement to fuel a hype train? Watch the videos and let them show you what the KSP: Economic Boom is all about.

    KSP-TV will be streaming 0.25!
    Looking for a more interactive experience? KSP-TV will be streaming version 0.25 from the moment this article is live until exhaustion gets the better of them. [thread=84562]Check out the schedule[/thread] to see when your favourite KSP streamer takes the wheel, or head to the KSP-TV channel directly!

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