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  • The Forum Upgrade's back in the VAB


    Hi, everyone.

    As you can see, things haven't really changed much here in the forum. Unfortunately, while the upgrade to new forum software was a success, we encountered several unforeseen changes to vBulletin during a final round of post-upgrade tests. These changes would have made for a radical inconvenience to all forum members, both user and staff alike. On the bright side, these changes had nothing to do with post wiping, unlike the last update

    While we had mentioned that the downtime would last for *at least* 48 hours, we did not intend to leave you without a forum for more than that time. With this, we've decided to publicly roll back to the forum software we're all familiar with. At the same time, we will continue to test the new update in a more fully formed test environment on the side. We fully intend to make a public roll out of new forum software in the near future. Once tests are complete and it's ready for release, it will require another period of downtime. However, knowing the changes we know now, we are confident that the results of the next downtime will be far smoother than what came out of this one.

    Thanks for your patience.

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