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  • Christmas Giveaway [Results!]




    Hello everyone!

    It's time to tally the results of our Christmas giveaway. It was a fun contest, and a lot of people entered for a chance to win that signed poster! In total we received 550 valid entries, 1 person was disqualified because they tried to enter the contest 10 times, while 11 others who had submitted two or three sets of answers had their later entries removed.

    So, what were the correct answers?

    Question 1 asked what the moons of Uranus were named after, the correct answer being Shakespearean characters1. This is a bit of a trap, as celestial bodies are usually named after Greek or Roman mythological characters. The second question asked which planet in the Solar system has the smallest amount of axial tilt. The top three is made up of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, and the latter is definitely the correct answer here2: its axial tilt is just 0.01°! Question number three, arguably the toughest one: at what speed does the Solar system orbit the center of the Milky Way galaxy? The exact speed varies a little, but only one of the answer fits the data: the Solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy at an astonishing 230 km/s3. The second to last question asked how many missions Claude Nicollier (who signed the poster for the winner) had flown on the Space Shuttle: no less than four missions4! Finally, we asked what sport was famously played on the Moon during Apollo 14. Alan Shepard played golf, hitting two balls across the surface with a makeshift club5.

    Plenty of right (and wrong) answers for each question! Across all five questions a total of 265 wrong answers were given. Of course, some people answered multiple questions incorrectly and in total 377 entries remained after checking for errors. One of those entries was from a developer and was swiftly removed before the final draw!

    Number of wrong answers per question.

    The final draw was conducted quite easily. The chances of any individual winning the contest were 1 in 376, or roughly 0.27%. The chance to become a runner-up were 1 in 188, or roughly 0.53%. The Excel sheet containing all the answers was listed alphabetically and while KasperVld made sure no double entries or wrong answers had slipped through, Badie asked a website to generate three random numbers that would correspond to three row numbers in the Excel sheet.

    Drum roll please.

    The runners-up are: @Lukus and @marioluigi653! Congratulations, you'll be receiving a free copy of Kerbal Space Program! The overall winner of both a copy of KSP and the poster signed by Claude Nicollier is: @Tremzack! Congratulations!


    People who answered all questions correctly:
    _Augustus_, 322997am, acc, ACCount, Acea, AcidRoot, Acvila, adsii1970, agent 902, agises, alamovampire, alanp, Alberto De Beni, AlexanderTeaH, AlexSilver, Alpha188, Alshain, anarkhon, Andre, AngelLestat, angusjimikeith, AnhDaBest, Aperture Science, Araym, ArmchairAstronaut, Atlanticrash, Auriga_Nexus, Avera9eJoe, Awaras, B787_300, Bedazzled, Beduino, BigFatStupidHead , Bioman222, Bizmaster, blubbermonkeys, Bobe, Browning, BrutalRIP, Budgie, CAKE99, CalculusWarrior, Calvin_K, Cannon, cantab, CaptRobau, Chemp, Chezburgar7300, Chronin, Cidsy, CobaltWolf, Cocox, CommanderSpork, Corw, CpPolar268, CrashTestDanny, CREEDOFTROLLS, csebal, CSflame, cubinator, Cuky, Dakosaurus , DanilaFe, DanJourney, ddenis, deathsoul097, Deddly, Delta_8930, Demian_Scales, dfthu, DirkLarien, disillusionedHerbalist, djsnowboy267, dlrk, Dman979, DonCamillo, DoToH, Dragon01, DrMarlboro, Duncan1297, DuoDex, DutChen18, EdusacconBR, einzelgaenger, EladDv, EliL, Emoss55, En_Dotter, Enma.Darei, Epthelyn, Espresso, eurybaric, EuSouONumero345, Evanitis, EvermoreAlpaca, expirity, falco1010, FanaticalFighter, FCISuperGuy, Fiddlestyx, Finox, Fl0oo, flamerboy67664, Flying Wolf, Foxster, Frank_G, Frybert, Garth Nailo, Gasofidas, Gelix, GeneCash, Glaran K'erman, gmpd2000, Gojira, Gooddog15, Gosye, Greenhornet553, GregroxMun, Gustave, HansB, harvell64, HatBat, HeckuvaTester, Henrick, hieywiey , Hodo, HollowHate, Hris, hzigy, iammr_schuck, ianril, icaruza, IggyHitokage, igor_perusco, Iliketrains0pwned, Insane1, ionn, Ixenzo, jaddbo, Jakalth, JaKerDo9, jaredkzr, Jeanjvs, Jenteb07, jesusfreeke, jjwb22101, jlcarneiro, JoseEduardo, joshwoo69, JPLRepo, just johnny, Kabal, kemde, kerbart, Kerbas_ad_astra, kerbingamer376, Kerbmav, KerbOrbiter, Kevin Kyle, killeracorn, killerkenny42, killerkevinn, kimjongspoon, Kiwi461, kookoo_gr, Krishanth Sai, Kyasarinn, lajoswinkler, legoclone09, leudaimon, linuxgurugamer, Liquidhype, LitaAlto, luinux, luizopiloto, Lukus, Mackilroy, magico13, Magion, MalfunctionM1Ke, Malich, marce, marcello639, marioluigi653, marius86000, martinezfg11, Martinoss, Maschbauer, MasjazZ, Matt77, mattbv, Max Q, MaxL_1023, McPoisoned, Melfice, MennoLente, metl, mhoram, michal.don, miketheveeg, Minarkhaios, minimalist, MK3424, Mobbo1980, Mods_o_joy, MrChumley, mrmcp1, mwg_test, MWJ, mythbusters844, Nagmeister, necKros, Nemeko, nfun, Nik_601, Nikolai, nimbim, Normal123, norup, NovaSilisko, Olympic1, One-Way Films, Orbin, Orbital_Phoenix, OrbitalEscape, Orbo, orcman, OzEtkin, pah_mar, Panel, peachoftree, pedorsf, pedrosaisse, PoorYorick, popeter45, Pronoes, Proteus, prykpryk, Przemqo, Pseudon , Psnaps, pss88, Puff3r, quyxkh, R4P70R, Radon86, radonek, -RanZ-, Razor235, rbray89, Rdivine, rdude71, Redshirt, REMD, Rezolution, rfmeijboom, richfiles, Ristse, Roberius, RocketBlam, RocketPropelledGiraffe, RocketscientistV, RockyTV, Roflord, Rolanvorxariat, RoverDude, rustysocket, RWB Barker, samsa, SasquatchM, scottishhaggis47, seanth, Seaview123, SecurityAttack!, Senshi, Sequinox, Ser, severedsolo, Shade, Shamus6200, Sheppard, Shunix, sieve, Sigma88, Sirine, SKGaming, SkyRender, Snarfster, sneezedr424, Sniper296, Sochin, softweir, SofusRud, Solsys, Space Viking, SpaceKitty, SpaceplaneAddict, Speijker, Spheniscine, spikethedoggy, ssdctm, stargate525, stargazer1235, steuben, steve58, Stewy13, StrandedonEarth, StrikerJG1, stupid_chris, Sturmgeschutz, SuperDudeMax, swjr-swis, T3Kaos, Tanuden, Taowulf, T-BENZIN, T-Bouw, Tech_Spec, TeddyDD, Teslamax, ThatOneBritishGuy..., The Aziz, The Error, The space freak, The White Guardian, theJesuit, theonegalen, thetechgeek4, TheWildHun, Thiagobs, Thomassino, TimothyC, Tipped, tjsnh, TKO, tmccreight651, toadicus, tobjv, TobyZ28, Torgo, Torih, TotallyNotSatan, Trann, Tremzack, TronX33, tsinik55, Ulico, Vallius, Valo56, Varden, VBM, viktor19, Vive_moi, vosechu, Warmachine2019, waterlubber, Wayfare, WDZOrangeJuice, wealthysoup, WeirdCulture, Wolfos31, Wonderstruck, woodzor, worir4, Wylde, XKerman, xrayfishx, xxhansonmaxx, Yakuzi, YargJay9991, Yasmy, YoetoJoe, YogoPig, Yukon0009, Zargg, Zylark



    Hello everyone!


    The year is coming to a close, and what a year it's been: we've officially come out of Early Access with the 1.0 release, we're almost done with a major engine update, many modders have joined the development team, we have a new community manager and a new producer... The list goes on and on. But that's not important right now!

    What is important is that we want to thank you, our community. As we've said on social media and Squadcast earlier this week:


    You're awesome.

    And you are. Kerbal Space Program is a project that started almost five years ago, and had its first public release four and a half years ago. Ever since then people have embraced the game. Thank to your support the game has grown from its humble beginnings to a major indie title. The dedication to the game we see from you every day is amazing. Fan art, mods, volunteers who help run the community.. wow!

    We want to repay you for the trust you've shown, and the support that you've given. Of course the free updates are one thing, but sometimes organize community contests with prizes. Today we have such a giveaway, and it's a bit special. Because it's a bit special we want everyone to be able to participate, so instead of an art contest or perhaps a modding contest this is one that only requires you to answer a few questions.

    First, lets lay down some basic rules

    • You may only enter the contest once. All entries will be scanned for duplicate IP addresses, fake forum accounts etcetera. Lets keep this fair.
    • The contest runs from now until Thursday, December 31st 23:59 UTC. The winners will be announced in the following week.
    • Any entries submitted after the deadline mentioned above will be disqualified.
    • The winner will be picked at random from the list of people who have submitted correct answers to all five questions on the form below.
    • Squad reservse the right to unilaterally make a decision about the validity of an entry. These decisions are final and not up for debate

    What are the prizes?

    • For the winner: a copy of Kerbal Space Program and a poster signed by ESA Astronaut Claude Nicollier!
    • Two runners-up will also receive a copy of Kerbal Space Program, for them to keep or to give away.





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      Announcing the results


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      Well I knew 4 of the questions. The last question I gave the best guess I could. But at least I got all the questions right! 

      And congratulations to those who won!

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      Giving applause for winners
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      That was quite unexpected. :) Thank you to Squad and everyone involved! KSP over the years has really turned out to be a great experience and has fostered an even better community!

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      Congratulations @Tremzack! Hope you enjoy that poster. 

      I like this event and i hope SQUAD do more in the future. :)

      Preferably 375 more times so that statistically I should win one.

      Edited by worir4
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      Yay! I didn't win! Just as I expected (no I'm not autistic, only very much so).

      Too bad for the winners though, now they have to ask the spouse where they can hang the poster, and need to socialize with other virtual rocket enthusiasts with enough spare time to play a quite addictive and time consuming game in order to find a friend to give the game to. Poor fellas.

      So good luck to the winners.

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      On 8-1-2016 at 10:24 PM, Mods_o_joy said:

      Just saying, Isnt it pointless to give someone a copy of KSP? everyone here owns the game -snip-

      Also Congrats to the winners!

      They can give the copy of KSP to someone else, and perhaps brighten their day :)


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      5 minutes ago, Mods_o_joy said:

      Lol, Also i have a question about the game demo, Why does tt suck so [Redated] Much?!, If i had never played the game i would never consider buying it based off of Demo gameplay. You get 2, No i think 3 Wopping parts to choose from and you cant use half of the buildings, No sandbox mode Either.

      I believe the demo gives you around a dozen parts. The purpose of the demo is to demonstrate the basic idea behind the game, and it's not supposed to be something you'd play for dozens or even hundreds of hours :)


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      On January 13, 2016 at 7:39 PM, Jeanjvs said:

      My username is mentioned on a official post! I'm going to be famous! :D :cool:

      You and me both! ...And a tad few others ;).... Yay fame!

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