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    KSP 0.19 Released!



    I'm happy to announce we've just released the 0.19 Update for KSP.


    This update was a bit of a turning point in our usual way of doing things. We decided to not do a massive release with a huge amount of features, but release a smaller update sooner, with the features we had nearest completion.

    In any case, we did manage to include more features than even ourselves expected this time. Here are the highlights:

    * Linux Support:
    There is now a native Linux version of KSP! Official support for Ubuntu 12.04, but it should work on most distributions.

    * Atmospheric Effects:
    Watch your spacecraft flare up as they re-enter the atmosphere, and produce vapor trails during high-speed flight.

    * New Kerbal Animations:
    The Kerbals got a massive overhaul on their facial expressions! The new Expressions system uses the new Mecanim animation engine from Unity, giving Kerbals a lot more expressiveness. Watch their faces distort in total panic or gleeful joy, now also when you're out on EVA.

    * Rover Wheels:
    Drive across the surface of other worlds with the new rover wheel parts, which are steerable and self-powered. Construct anything from tiny unmanned rovers, to exploration buggies, to huge mobile contraptions.

    * Graphical and Scenery Improvements
    We've got a New Launchpad model at KSC, with 100% less launch tower, a new Runway, and much improved night-time lighting, making for greatly improved visuals, especially at night.

    * More New Parts
    We've added several new parts for general construction. Featuring panels, girders, and a lot more!





    And here's the complete changelog:


    * A Native Linux version!
    * Added visual (and sound) effects for re-entry and supersonic flight.
    * Overhauled the Kerbal Face Expression System with new animations, which are also visible on EVA.
    * Added wheel parts and modules for the construction of rovers.
    * Added several new general purpose structural parts.
    * New mesh for the launch pad area, now with 100% less launch tower.
    * New mesh for the Runway, with sloping edges to drive on and off it.

    Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

    * The sun no longer shines from below on ships and scenery objects at night, or while in orbit over the dark side of a planet.
    * Fixed the airspeed sound not looping properly, and adjusted the pitch range for it.
    * Various minor balance tweaks.
    * More texture variety added to probe cores, to better determine their positioning.
    * Fixed a few objects that were on the wrong layer.
    * Fixed an issue when comparing versions, which could result in false 'incompatible' warnings.
    * Fixed an issue with velocity changes when resuming 1x time while on a hyperbolic orbit inside a rotating reference frame.

    * Changed the debug toolbar key combo to ModifierKey+F12 (RShift+F12 by default)
    * Changed the quick scenario loader key combo to ModifierKey+F10 (was Ctrl+F10 before)
    * Removed an unused shader that caused the game to crash on Linux systems with AMD video drivers.

    * The Alt modifier key is now remappable, and defaults to RightShift on Linux.
    * Remapped all ocurrences of the Alt key to RightShift on Linux (as Alt is OS-reserved on most distros).
    * Fixed double-clicks not working properly.

    * Added a setting to tweak the mouse wheel axis scaling.
    * Input Axes now support linear scaling.
    * The Debug console can now also be toggled using the Grave and AltGr keys

    As always, you can get the 0.19 update as a full download on our Store.

    Happy Launchings!


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