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  • The KSP: Beta Than Ever FAQ



    What is KSP: Beta Than Ever?
    This is a new update to Kerbal Space Program, also numbered 0.90, as each update to the game has a number attached to it. It is free for existing players and new players will install this version when they download the game. It focuses on brand new upgradeable facilities, the Kerbal experience system, new biomes, new contracts, new parts and the usual batch of bugfixes and improvements. Check out the full changelog which always accompanies the release for a complete list of changes.

    When is it coming out?
    It is out right now. Purchase it from the KSP Store, Steam and other participating digital retailers.

    What happened to 0.26 to 0.89? Why did you skip straight to 0.90?
    We’re going to call our first Beta version KSP v0.90.0 (zero-ninety-zero, or oh-ninety-oh if you live across the pond), to make it clear to everyone that KSP is nearing a state of completion. Of course, that doesn’t mean we plan to do exactly 10 Beta patches to reach 1.0. It could be more, it could be less, we can’t tell. If we run past 0.99. the next version could be 0.100.0, or we could change the system a bit, and increment the revision numbers instead, depending on how much we feel a release has added. In a way, Beta updates really are more like revision patches actually. We’ll keep announcing new releases as we have always done in any case, so just hang around the community and you’ll never miss a release.

    What does being in beta mean?
    Think of it as being in the home stretch to scope completion - the long awaited KSP 1.0. While being in alpha was fun, it’s finally time that we share our commitment in wanting to deliver a complete, quality product to the table. Nevertheless, there will still be changes happening during the beta stage, as they have in the past, but now we’ve got the finish line in sight.

    Are you close to ending updates for the game?
    No. Even by the time we begin to implement some of the larger scale projects like overhauled aerodynamics or deep space refueling and beyond, we have no plan to put a hard stop on delivering updates anytime soon.

    What are the main new features in KSP: Beta Than Ever?
    You can read more about them HERE.

    What are some of the smaller new features in KSP: Beta Than Ever?
    Too many to mention here! As always, the change list included with the update will be very helpful. We’re sure you’ll be coming across a lot of details that have changed, starting even from the loading screens. Wernher now has a word of welcome for players in games with new saves. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Have any old features been tweaked?

    • The Editor has seen a complete rewrite from the ground on up.
    • The part filters were redone, and many new ones added.
    • Parts can now be sorted according to mass, price, size and name.
    • The SPH and VAB have unified camera controls.
    • New gizmos have been introduced to translate and rotate parts.
    • You can now select a new root part for your craft.
    • The editor keys are now remappable.
    • Symmetry modes can be toggled.
    • Also more of a complete overhaul rather than a tweak, but Porkjet has delivered a complete new set of Mk3 Spaceplane parts, and the cargobays will be able to fit 2.5 meter parts.
    • Need we continue?

    What bugs were fixed in KSP: Beta Than Ever?
    You can find a list of bugfixes in the readme.txt file in your KSP install directory or HERE

    Will this update break my saves?
    We do not intend to push an update that will break saves, but due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of an update push, combined with other factors, there’s always a small risk involved. If there are any problems, check out the support forums for help, or report them to the bug tracker right away and we will have a look at the issue. Please keep in mind that modded installs are much more likely to stop working. We recommend starting off with a clean install and add mods gradually so you can spot if one isn’t working.

    Have there been any improvements to the 64-bit build?
    Unfortunately not, the Windows 64-bit version is still very unstable and 0.90 has introduced a loving handful of new issues with the win64 build. The 64-bit issues are definitely on the radar though, and we do want to fix the issues if and when possible. If you happen to find any sort of fix or workaround to these issues, let us know. We appreciate any input that might better help us find a greater solution to these issues.

    I'm using the 64-bit build just fine, but why does my KSC start at the top tier?
    It's a unity bug with windows 64 that we unfortunately haven't had luck with fixing at this time.

    Will this cause any problems for the 32-bit build?
    The Windows 32-bit platform is the preferred choice, due to its stability.

    How long has KSP: Beta Than Ever been in development?
    It’s been in development for the last several months, starting from the end of 0.25, but even a little before that, as the roots of the upgradable facilities had been mentioned as a “secret project†by the art team before then.

    I thought updates came out “when they were ready.†Why did you rush to get this one out before Christmas?
    We wouldn’t say there was a rush, but internal milestones had to be hit. We wanted to bring this update to you by the end of the year so you could have more time to enjoy it over the holidays and we can start up a fresh development cycle in the new year.

    What are upgradable facilities and how are they upgraded?
    In Career mode, KSC facilities will now start in a more barebones version. All of them, from the flagpole to the VAB and the buildings will have a more basic appearance that can be upgraded using funds.

    Are there any perks for upgrading?
    The building in question will upgrade visually, both from the outside and the inside. More gameplay mechanics will be also be unlocked as the player progresses through the different building tiers. For example, allowing EVAs in space or being able to use maneuver nodes in the map view.

    Are there any limitations to upgrading?
    Upgrading buildings is only required in career mode. You need funds to upgrade a building, but be careful how much you spend because you still need to be able to afford your next rocket.

    How many tiers are there?
    Currently, there are only three tiers per facility.

    Will we still be able to access the old KSC?
    The “old†KSC, i.e. the one you know and love from previous versions, is the final tier. Once you have upgraded everything,your KSC will look very familiar.

    What happened to the barn?
    The barn tier of buildings were initially introduced to the community as the first tier of buildings that would be encountered in Beta Than Ever. However, both the community and the KSP team both agreed that more work needed to be done on them, so a decision was made to leave that tier out of this update. The status of the barn is currently unknown, but will be touched on internally once development on the next update has begun.

    What is Kerbal Experience?
    Kerbals are randomly assigned the role of scientist, pilot or engineer when you first get the choice to hire them. They can then gain experience that grants them unique bonuses based on their level and role. Pilots can take over some minor piloting tasks, engineers will be able to fix parts and repack parachutes and scientists will boost your science gains.

    What skill levels are there?
    See the tables in THIS POST for more information.

    How does a Kerbal level up? Can they level up in multiple areas?
    Kerbals level up by going on different missions in the solar system. If you want to level them up, make sure you send them to different planets and moons. Kerbals can only gain experience in the specialization they’ve been assigned, so they’re either a scientist, engineer or pilot; not a combination of the three.

    What is autopilot assistance and how does it work?
    Pilots and certain probe cores can now help you point your craft in certain directions depending on how much experience a pilot has or how advanced a probe core is.

    Will new piloting skill-based SAS restrictions work with unmanned vessels?
    Yes, the probe cores have different levels of flight computers built into them that can perform tasks just like a pilot can. Perfect for that one-kerbal mission where you need the SAS assistance.

    Where are the orbit markers?
    In career mode, you’ll need to upgrade the mission control and tracking station buildings to gain access to all the map screen functions, but you do start out with basic orbital tracking.

    What Mk3 parts are included?
    A cockpit, three liquid fuel tanks, three LFO tanks, a monopropellant tank, a crew tank, 7 size adapters and 3 lengths of cargo bay.

    What are the differences between these Mk3 parts and the old ones?
    The new Mk3 parts are noticeably bigger than the old ones and are also three-way symmetrical. They’re also new and shiny.

    New IVAs?
    Unfortunately not yet. Creating IVAs is a very time intensive process, and considering our developmental priorities over the past few updates, we just haven’t had enough time to give them the proper focus that they deserve. We know you want them and we intend on getting them in during a future update.

    What about cargo bays? You didn’t forget those, did you?
    Nope! There’s three sizes of cargo bays for the new Mk3 parts.

    How many new biomes were implemented?
    More than one hundred biomes have been implemented.

    Are there really “biomes everywhere?†and even if not, where are they?
    There are now biomes on every body you can land on. This means that they exist everywhere except the ‘surfaces’ of the Sun and Jool.

    Was Fine Print directly implemented into Beta Than Ever or is there anything different about it?
    There are some aspects of Fine Print that were directly implemented, and some aspects that were modified. For the most part, these changes were polishing the elements that are already there or integrating more elements of progression so contracts start appearing as you have the appropriate experience, upgrades, and technology. However, there was one significant change.

    We merged Aerial Surveys and Rover Surveys into a more general "Survey" contract. The reasoning behind this change was that we wanted to give the player more freedom in how they design their vessel and how they approach each mission. These surveys still include contracts that have clusters of smaller waypoints on the ground, which would be easier to do in a rover than anything else, but they do not actually mandate that you use a rover, a plane, or anything else. You might decide to use a VTOL for those instead. It is up to you now. Surveys can include ground waypoints, aerial waypoints, or even a mix of both. It is up to the player to design a vessel or series of vessels that can appropriately handle each contract. We also made these contracts a bit more interactive by requiring the player to actively take survey readings at each waypoint.

    How many new contracts were put into the update?
    The new contracts include Asteroid recovery missions, building space stations and bases on other planets. There’s also contracts for survey missions and satellite deployment. More than enough choice for players of any skill level.

    What’s new about the craft editor?
    New part filters, firstly. Parts can now be sorted according to mass, price, size and name. The SPH and VAB have unified camera controls and new gizmos have been introduced to translate and rotate parts. You can select a new root part for your craft and finally, the editor keys are now remappable. There’s a new button that shows basic vessel information such as size and mass and symmetry modes can be toggled. See THIS THREAD for more information.

    Can I still build my craft like I did before?
    Yes. The simple mode for part sorting is exactly the same and one can still use the QEWASD to orient parts.

    What are gizmos?
    Gizmos are new ways of rotating and offsetting parts as you’re building your craft. They’ll allow for more creativity than before and provide a more intuitive platform for tweaking your spaceships.

    How many different ways can I rotate parts in the editor?
    As many different ways as you can think of.

    Can I set up custom categories?
    You absolutely can. Go to the Advanced Mode and click the custom category button. You can select custom icons for your categories and you can even make custom subcategories, and that also applies to the subassembly category!

    How did you end up working with the ESA? When did this come about?
    This actually came about quite recently in a similar manner to how we ended up getting in touch with NASA. We said shared some pleasantries on Twitter, then took it from there.

    Will you be working with the ESA on anything else in the future?
    We love working with real life space agencies. The ESA has a long and distinguished history in spaceflight. In short, we would love to work with them in a greater capacity.

    What happened to the landing gears?
    Unfortunately, the landing gears we said we had been working on were not ready in time for 0.90. We intend to implement them into the next update.

    Does KSP: Beta Than Ever use Unity 5?
    No. We look forward to seeing what can be done with Unity 5 once there is a more complete release, but right now we are using Unity 4.5.5.

    What’s next for KSP?
    After a short holiday break, we’ll begin development of the next update. While we don’t have much to share on it for the moment, we hope you can get a better sense of some of our long term plans by reading THIS.


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