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  2. Yes, we'll have to wait, but comparing the drive to the one in the Expanse concerns me
  3. I though it was supposed to be silvery shiny..?
  4. I mean He-4, doh… And it might not do 7 Gs. It's going to be scaled down. We'll just have to wait.
  5. I think what you are asking for, and it is a very good idea, is less about procedural parts and more about part organization. I agree the current part search is not great. Something simple, like having a main heading for wing parts and then a drop down menu with the various sizes, rather than having them all piled in one submenu known as aerodynamics would be great. Better yet (or in addition to), a way for the individual player to organize things in a manner that works for her/him. Allow the player to create subfolders, tags and metadata. @katateochi does this really well with his KerbalX craft mod, allowing you to name your craft, give it tags and then sort and search via those tags.
  6. Really nice clean rocketry and mission reporting going on here. Pity about the ARA 2 disaster, but by the looks of your balance sheet you will bounce back! I haven't read your previous playthough, but by the sounds of it, this will turn out to be an exciting report thread. Looking forward to reading more as I begin to plan my own career report SM
  7. Obviously we're going to create new terms, short hands, and nicknames for KSP 2, so let's come up with some and see if we agree on any. (This is merely just for fun, but if we do come up with or like similar terms, then hey, I don't see why they can't be official community terms, short hands, or nicknames) Rask and Rusk - The Twins, Death Twins, The Twins that started an argument about N-body in KSP 2 , R&R or RnR, Death Spiral, Rura (Rue-Raw) Thrusting while time warping - Thrust warping KSC 2 - The Rocks, The Islands, The Swamp Project Daedalus - Blasting Fusion Giant (BFG) 9000, Prodae Orion Drive - Keep Away From Danny2462, Death and Destruction, Who Thought This Was A Good Idea Colonies - Home Away From Home, Kerbal Factories Space Station Colonies - Kerbal Factory in Space The Two Runways - Two-lane
  8. They've been working on the game for 2 years. That Pre-alpha footage might have been made 6 months ago
  9. You folks aren’t thinking big enough. SpaceX have gone back to a traditional white painted rocket (although the shape is a bit innovative), which is now having its first engine installed prior to the hop test.
  10. Don't get me wrong, it would have been nice to speak about it to HarveteR however, he no longer works for them so it's a catch 22. His idea yes, but you working for a company and come up with an idea that makes the company huge money.. you never signed anything to say it's yours, copyright or anything. It's an idea that does well and I'm sure during his time of employment he was reward handsomely (assuming). The idea now belongs with the company, for what ever reason he moves on. Should they still run everything through him when he no longer works there? It's a catch 22 really.
  11. I don't care if its the end of the tech tree, or you need to mine gas giants... its OP magic tech that is acting like an anti-matter rocket in its power output. The extreme acceleration is not needed to go interstellar. The OP'd neess of this drive means that you can easily ship helium and hydrogen (its likely hydrogen and Helium3 fusion). I don't know why you say "even H-4". H4 doesn't exist. He-4 exists, and its what you'll get on a terrestrial planet. H-3 is tritium, and is also relatively easy to get on a terrestrial planet (split lithium, or run hydrogen through a nuclear reactor). ICF drives that can do 0.01g brachistichrone trajectories are fine. ICF drives doing 7 Gs are magic tech
  12. That's not enough. The burn planner assumes instantaneous impulse and it works well enough for short burns, you just get a bit of manoeuvring loss. It won't work if you're burning through a significant fraction of your trajectory. You'll need a system that factors in burn time when planning your transfers.
  13. If the 'pre-alpha' footage is what they have now, then spring 2020 seems unlikely.
  14. Just look at the 1300$ and 1500$ setups.
  15. True, that's why we're getting thrust warping (Time warp but allowing engines to continue to operate)
  16. Well, it's a fusion engine, which means it probably needs H-3 or even H-4 fuel, which would only be minable from gas Giants. It's probably a late or even end game item, so if it is OP, probably OP for a reason. The solar systems are about 1 to 2 light years away from each other IIRC. A high output long lasting engine like you're saying would be great for those Journeys. It would be faster than Daedalus which would get you to 12% of C in maybe 3 to 4 months (Note: Daedalus was designed to get to 12% of C in 4 years IRL, but because KSP has a sized down system, I'm guestimating 3 to 4 months)? If you could get up to 12% of C in 1 month, it would seriously cut down travel time.
  17. Fusion drives are fine, but something like the Epstein drive that gives 7 G's of acceleration with an Isp of 1,000,000 s, and a dV of 5% the speed of light (and the total dV could be be much much higher if the fuel fraction is increased, but you could increase the fuel mass by 7x and still get 1G of acceleration. This is ridiculously OP, and the power output is ridiculous. If it was something like 0.01G and 1,000,000s, that'd be more reasonable... but still quite high... Since KSP 2 allows thrusting in time warp, ion engines and other high Isp drives can have much lower and more realistic TWRs, and then they'd be appropriately used for interplanetary and interstellar transfers, without silly things like Ion engine mun and minmus landers. Fusion drives should be great for interplanetary and interstellar drives, but allowing them the TWR to take off from the surface of a large planet is too much. You wouldn't need any drive but the Epstein drive in that case.
  18. @alexustas did you ever create a dedicated lander stage for Alcor
  19. Hey don't sweat it. I just finished a challenge I originally signaled intent to complete in 2014 SM - Elcano's of any sort are not easy!!
  20. Nope. This one is obsolete. However, forked version works with KSP 1.7.x:
  21. Every little bit helps of course. But burns that long would still need a new UI and system for planning and executing them.
  22. Am looking and seeing that V-1 was successfully pulsed propulsed long before straight jets became a mainstream. Also Daedalus has discrete thrust, too. it ignites frozen fusion pellets, not hydrogen flow.
  23. Imagine doing the interstellar docking scene with interstellar parts mod and just using joystick on home cockpit and of course playing no time for caution in background.
  24. I wouldn't think the Epstein drive is magic tech as Fusion reactors are being made as we speak and all of them use magnetic confinement to keep the plasma and radiation within the structure. The toroidal ring fusion reactor uses magnets to keep the plasma and radiation spinning in circles around the chamber. The, IIRC, German fusion reactor uses lasers to create a fusion, and I believe they are also using magnets to keep the plasma from touching the chamber walls. Fusion reactors exist today, Britain has been doing tests of their fusion reactor and managed to take their plasma up to 1000 degrees K sometime last year. They plan to go for 10,000 K this year or the next and then 100,000 K. If they can contain 1,000 K heat with magnets, I don't think it's too far fetched to use the same concept with the epstein drive. Edit: Apparently they have gone all the way up to 15 million Celsius. So yeah, Magnetic containment works. Epstein drive is not magic tech.
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