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  2. The issue is generated with the Permaprune function in Janitor's Closet. Step 1, have two parts from two different mods with part upgrades. In this case I am using Luciole and Near Future Launch Vehicles. Using the part upgrade system through B9, but this issue isn't specific to B9's upgrade system, but don't have any ready made upgrade code using the stock method: Step 2: Check that the parts are in the correct positions and upgrades are visible: Step 3: Check the upgrades are visible: Step 4: Perma Prune the Mosquito (order is important here, partupgrade has to have run before before the goldfish). Step 5: Restart KSP and load save Step 6: Check the tech tree: As I mentioned in the previous post, this is not really an issue in Janitor's Closet. This is a stock bug that manifests itself if you remove a part from the game that has a part upgrade. Outside of my personal mod, there seems to almost zero real world cases as so few mods use upgrades in any extensive manner. I am guessing BDB is the only mod susceptible to this to any degree. I am not sure that you need to fix this given it such an edge case other than I thought to give you a heads up on the chance that someone complains. However, I would suspect a solution would involve searching through Part Upgrades that use partIcons from the Perma Prune list. I am not aware that I can condition that precisely using Module Manager, but if you do happen to have any solutions using MM, I am definitely open to them.
  3. I took a look at the docs of the library we use, and it only supports "deflate" (and "store", which isn't a compression method though). As far as I can tell that's also what most zip utilities are limited to. On CKAN's side we just give optional packs different identifiers, and make the optional pack depend on the base mod. They can have totally different version numbers, although it would make sense to keep them in sync to not confuse everyone. For something like textures with different resolutions, that aren't really optional because you need one (and only one) of those resolutions installed for the mod to work, we use so-called "virtual modules". We make the base mod depend on some new identifier that all the texture modules provide. During the installation process, the user gets asked to choose one of the available texture modules. It's mostly SpaceDock that gets to feel the big zips, but bandwidth isn't really a problem there currently. As you mentioned above, splitting the optional extras into a separate mod is a good start to reduce the size, so is separate mods for different resolutions. Then you should also make sure that your zip only contains files really needed for the mod to work, plus a README and LICENSE file. So no documentation, or other files that are "by-products" of the modding process.
  4. I am challenging myself to go the mun in 5 min do anybody have tips?
  5. This mod development is going on here: Thread locked to avoid confusion.
  6. Yeah I did, apologies. I was hoping nobody would spot it but I had an embarrassing typo-bugged release stretch from working too late, lol.
  7. It's official. My main game is switching to this mod. I can't stand it anymore. PS: Linx, you may want to correct the lines about Kopernicus. While I tested 1.9.1 and it indeed works now, 1.8.1 isn't supported by your mod I think (or is it)?
  8. If any of you ever wondered how many comets it would take to terraform Mars:

  9. We all had to learn to do that. Space is difficult and you’re going to make mistakes, but as long as you keep learning from them you’ll be doing Mun landings in no time, and landing on other planets shortly after that. There are plenty of people on these forums so if you need help, just ask!
  10. That alone doesn't explain why it's a problem in Beyond Home but not in JNSQ. Hence my guess at it being related to multi-star stuff. I will get some more info from my install as soon as I get some time for it.
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  12. Looks like @R-T-B replaced that version shortly after the upload. Our bot already caught it and updated the metadata, just hit "Refresh" now and try again.
  13. You did a great help here: you pinpointed the problem to something on Unity or KSP without any doubt. DirectX and OpenGL are pretty different engines, they would not give us the very same bug - you ruled out a device driver (direct) bug - it may be something triggered by it, but not something on it. You also kinda ruled out the Particles as inherent part of the problem. They are just one of the triggers (if that), whatever is killing the game with a TLA, it's something that also happens on the Editor Scene too. I'm updating my guesses to Lights and/or Reflection. Or shadows... Create carefully a new backup with the current blowing game (so you have a solid way to create new test beds for this problem!). I think you should try to contact Squad now, as you have an invaluable debugging artifact for them and they are the ones that really (should) know what happens on the scenes. In the mean time, and using a backup , and without meddling with the frame rate, and if you are on the mood (obviously!) try to reduce the Pixel Light Count, the Shadow Cascades or the size of the reflection thingy on the Graphics Setting to see if anything different happens...
  14. An expansion ratio of 107:1 (Elon says it could get a little bigger) is not exceptional for a vacuum engine, but it is amazing at sea level. High chamber pressure really helps! RVac knocks the socks off RS-25 (67:1) as a sustainer engine but not a pure vacuum engine like MVac (1:165) or RL10(1:280). There are still trade offs like being able to fire at sea level, fit in the engine bay, and regeneratively cool a nozzle that large. But the number of things this Raptor is great at (if not exceptional) certainly beats every other engine. It seemingly has no weaknesses.
  15. Google translation: Thank you !!! It works well and it decreases the stall speed by about 25-30% but on the other hand it does not increase the stability. Welcome to the forum, @Lucky_Gaming! The recommended language in the forum is English, but there's an international section where you can post freely in French. Also, this is a necro post (a very old post, last comment was from 2017). Probably the people involved moved on.
  16. Well - in case life began independently on all three planets (+ Europa, Enceladus and whatnot) it should really help the biology to finally partially figure out the process of abiogenesis. Three (or more) data points are better than one.
  17. Merci !!! Ça marche bien et ça diminue d'environ 25-30% la vitesse de décrochage mais par contre cela n'augmente pas la stabilité.
  18. I saw this exact behavior before. And I got it fixed. Can you reproduce it on a pristine game (only stock parts + KIS)?
  19. My brains hurting pretty bad from some botched Kopernicus releases due to simple typos (hard to track those guys down), so yeah, same.
  20. "Aah, the sweet couple of seconds before I remember why I'm sleeping on the lawn..." -- H. Simpson. (unrecalled episode) "Build a man a fire and you warm him for a day, set fire to him and he'll be warm for of his life." -- Terry Pratchett (Jingo; Discworld Series)
  21. I get an error i've never seen before while trying to download teh latest Kopernikus mod:
  22. If no one has solved the problem by tomorrow morning (my time), will take a look, my brain hurts atm from work...
  23. First: linuxgurugamer thanks for creating and/or maintaining all these mods, they are awesome! Second: I am getting a lot of NullRef Exceptions when I enter simulation. The exceptions themselves don't seem to reference KRASH, but they seem to only happen when I enter simulation. Could you (or someone else) please have a look and see if they are a KRASH issue or if I should be looking somewhere else. My Player.log: (The first thing I did after loading the game was saving as test001, then I entered VAB, loaded a vessel and went into simulation.) I'm running 1.10.1 with RSS, Kopernicus Bleeding Edge, LRTR and a 100 other mods. Thanks!
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