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  2. Hat trick: if you flip a 1.25-m circular intake and slap it on the back of a fairing, then slide it up almost all the way into the fairing, an engine mounted inside the fairing can fire through it without injury. It also completely kills the tail drag of the fairing, which is the important thing. I hit 680 m/s on the Juno at 8 km before I fired up the Spark, blew off the Juno, and pulled up under power using props in the fairing to get my apoapse to 50+ km. Then I used the decoupler to blow off the fairing and burned what remained of the Spark to get just shy of a circular orbit.
  3. antimatter goes backwards makes me think about negative time. could an antimatter big bang be going off in the direction of negative time while antimatter goes in forward time? one big bang causes 2 universes expanding in opposite time directions?
  4. Just a little something I whomped up...
  5. Good idea using the Twitches -- they have better SL isp. On my end, I just managed to go interstellar on 1.812 tonnes using a Dawn on top of a Spark on top of a Juno. It took a little cleverness with a drag-killing intake, though. It has 800 m/s to spare past interstellar velocity but other than just reducing some of the initial propellant load I'm not sure what else I could do.
  6. I hope it puts on a show. The last one I saw was Hale-Bopp back in '97.
  7. Destination Toutatis: Crew Castoff The crewed Nautilus NTV-LA, nicknamed Coyote, assembled in orbit It feels like there was a lot more prep for the Toutatis Mission than I planned, but everything is finally in place, and the crewed aspect of the mission can begin.
  8. No maximum payload. If you want a bigger payload just bring a bigger rocket.
  9. I'm not new to the game or the forums but just my first time posting. I'm very familiar with logs and information. I write code for a living. This is why I looked into the logs myself and saw that there was no relavant information. Regardless, here are the logs:
  10. i like to think of it more as an exploration of ideas, and that probably applies to any kind of fiction. of course where fantasy deals in the improbable, scifi, for the most part deals with the possible, the consequences of progress or the way people deal with new and unexpected situations.
  11. I'd have to claim that "comet of the [20th] century" was Shoemaker-Levy. That said, I have vague memories of Comet Kohoutek (mostly remembering local department stores full of telescopes, plus one boring evening trying to see it) and *think* I saw Halley's comet when it swung by (it was hard to be sure which "star" was Halley's). But Shoemaker-Levy's trajectory was already established once you heard about it (unless you are *very* well connected with comet hunters: a possibility on this forum).
  12. Not really - and after that sepratron effort I've got a feeling you're holding on to something about a ton lighter. Anyway ... this is 2.65 tons.
  13. I still wonder if aluminum foil would make an effective parachute for atmospheric braking/capture. I'm guessing that using it as an inflatable heat shield would make more sense, as that even with a large hole in the center a parachute contracts the adiabatically heated atmosphere while the heatshield spreads the heated mass over and around itself. So while you would have to use more foil for an equal frontal area, you would probably have more deceleration per gram of Al.
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  15. I liked the story about "positrons travel backward" enough that I had to ask if enough had been assembled to observe entropy. Alas, entropy was moving in the right direction: no "Practice effect" anti-matter for us.
  16. Oh I have so many more spreadsheets! And I have checklists and To Do lists. So over-planned!!
  17. I never use RAPIERS or NERVAs for anything. Duna is easy to get to using chemical engines, but I tend to use electric propulsion from Near Future.
  18. Atlas is starting to develop a tail and looking less like a fuzzy blob: It’s around V=8.2 right now. If I’m correct, that’s one of the brightest comets we’ve had since PANSTARRS.
  19. Thanks for the correction. I don't think it was on my radar until after Galileo took it over - it took me some time to get into planet packs. Now, there's so many great ones out there. A lot of them will coexist with each other - the key thing is to check the distance of the primary from "The Sun" - overlapping SOIs will cause problems. Also, if the planet pack is a replacement rather than an add-on (i.e. if 2 planets packs replace the stock system rather than one orbiting the stock system, or whatever replaced the stock system), then you will have problems. OPM adds-on, so it works with a lot of them.
  20. After updating OPT Reconfig, I'm getting a fatal error from B9PartSwitch on a bunch of OPT parts. Now I do the Delete the old folder and drop the new update in to ensure no legacy stuff causes problems (learned this with an other mod the hard way). Since it was after OPT update, I'm coming here first. KSP Log EDIT: The error caused B9 to force the game to quit. I am trying to figure out from reading the log what happened, so I might figure out a solution EDIT2: The Fatal Error Screen says:
  21. I've also started a Discord for the project -
  22. I see the problem, testing now. Looks like a line I added for a test wasn't removed. New release, Removed leftover line at beginning of ReadAllCraftFiles: if (HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight)
  23. Kraken? Are you talking about a literal giant space squid? or is this analogy to which you mean bugs? I think i'm in over my head. I'm trying to figure out how to use this new expansion and I'm completely lost.
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