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    ...however, raising one's hands above one's head is the universal sign of surrender, potentially triggering the bear's Easy Meat Response... not advisable. [this is what happened to my cousin, R.I.P.]
  3. I've been working my way through all my mods, and was pretty happy with the way things were going. I had actually finished updating all the code-based mods and was proceeding on the Part-only mods, when a bug report made me aware of a significant issue with a few mods. So I went ahead and built a full debugging environment, loaded up my new career game and took a look at the log file. Initially I thought it was just a bug, but then I found the same problem in 4 mods which were not mine, and 3 of mine, so I knew there was something pervasive and started to look. Then I started realizing that there had been various reports of KSP just hanging, just before it got to the main menu. As I started looking into this, I found that my new career install was hanging about 3/4 of the time before the main menu, but when I removed the bad mods (at the time, a total of 7 in a 150 mod install), the hangs disappeared. I realized I was onto something rather big. These were errors which weren't showing up in the regular log file, I needed to be running a debug version to see the errors; the debug version is much more verbose in logging. What I found was that as a result of the Unity upgrade, a lot of what used to be acceptable coding was no longer acceptable. Actually, in one sense the coding never should have been considered acceptable, but it worked, so was never an issue until now. I broke the issues down into the following categories: UnityException: get_dataPath is not allowed to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor (or instance field initializer), call it in Awake or Start instead. A somewhat misleading description, most often caused by trying to reference KSPUtil.ApplicationRootPath in either a constructor or as a property in a MonoBehaviour class UnityException: RandomRangeInt is not allowed to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor (or instance field initializer), call it in Awake or Start instead. This happened a few times, RandomRangeInt was being called in either a constructor or as a property in a MonoBehaviour class UnityException: SupportsTextureFormatNative is not allowed to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor (or instance field initializer), call it in Awake or Start instead. Very obscure, took a while to track down. A Texture2D or Texture3D was being initialized in either a constructor or as a property in a MonoBehaviour class Exception loading ScenarioModule *********** System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for *********.********* threw an exception. ---> UnityEngine.UnityException: get_dataPath is not allowed to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor (or instance field initializer), call it in Awake or Start instead. Called from MonoBehaviour ********** on game object 'ScenarioLogic'. A very obscure message. Turned out that the original mod was written as a ScenarioModule and worked well, but in the updated game it seems that things which were being done inside the ScenarioModule which should have been in a MonoBehaviour were causing problems. The symptom of this was getting null refs when attempting to enter some or all of the buildings at the KSC Unity not being thread safe This was a problem with the KSP-AVC and MiniAVC mods. I had seen a couple of messages about MiniAVC not working, and was planning on getting to it when finished with all the updates. Tracking these issues down in over 160 mods, written by at a guess of over 100 authors, turned out to be a major timesink. As of now I'm pretty sure I've caught most if not all of these issues in my mods. In total about 30 of my mods, both adopted and ones that I write, were affected. I also did some work on other author's mods to fix the issues and have submitted PRs (fixes) to all of those authors. Please note that while I listed the majority of the issues above, I think there were a few which I fixed which were mostly one-offs. The main reason this happened now was as a result of the Unity upgrade. The new version of Unity fixed a lot of bugs as well as adding significant performance improvements. Many of the issues I found and corrected were actually poor coding practice, but was accepted because Unity allowed it. There were times in the previous version of Unity that KSP used that these issues arose, but that was in some very limited and specific instances. For myself, everytime I adopt a new mod moving forward, I'll be testing it in a debug install to catch any issues before it gets released.
  4. Would space warships count? I'm one of those weird people that build them for laughs as I nuke people from above in a 100 meter long ship of doom. Some stock and some not. Reason: Orbital speeds are insane so the weapons on them should be as well. Also, what mods do you guys use? I would totally download those.
  5. pity there isnt a log file to look at. I bet that is reporting a nullref or something when it doesnt load
  6. 85m/s nice needs an eject button where the core ejected... well I gues if Jeb is in the cube he’s fine
  7. That's odd. It should be 1.2 GB. Are you sure you allowed it to download all the way through?
  8. I’ll try with an electric motor and see what it does, but for now what I do is bind the proper pitch to throttle (it correctly goes from zero to 150) and just set rpm and torque manually, it seems to work decently. I’d still like to figure out how to use the custom axis groups though; I’ve tried everything I can think of but to no avail.
  9. A DDS file converted to png. From astro.
  10. Thanks for the reply! 1. If i stay in the atmosphere around that altitude, I still lose output steadily 2. I can't test the Turboject in orbit because right now my only available propellant is atmosphere. But the reactor power continues to drop the longer I sit in orbit. (measured by the reactor control window).
  11. Recently: All parts that were using "mesh =" now using "model =" Renamed Docking Port toggle name to Toggle Nosecone from Toggle Transform (Thanks @Mecripp) Added RTG decay to Stage 2 when Near Future Electrical is installed (Thanks @Gordon Dry) Adjusted Stage 2 center of mass / lift (Thanks @Jso) Adjusted base Tweakscale values Eliminated B9+Cryotanks+CommunityResoucePack+DunaDirect incompatibility by doing the following: - Added two resource definitions for DDCarbonDioxide and DDLqdHydrogen - Mimicked Community Resource Pack definitions for Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Hydrogen - ISRU now references DDCarbonDioxide and DDLqdHydrogen - Community Resource Pack no longer required for ISRU functionality Patch to add 9x inventory space to Stage 1 and Hab if Breaking Ground expansion is present Replaced Return Vehicle (Stage 2) science experiments with custom experiments Lowered Stage 2 Engine's max temp to 3200 Fixed scaling issue with Stage 1 Engines (Thanks @JadeOfMaar) Changed Stage 1 Engines to use ModuleEnginesFX Hab has 4x custom experiments
  12. They are good at keeping secrets, I mean, they were already in pre-alpha when decided to tell us that KSP2 exist.
  13. i was talking to one of my friends, in their own language. i said "meow".
  14. sometimes i am ashamed to tell people my country of origin as we seem to ge going down the toilet lately.
  15. Yes, it sounds likely that the mod is responsible. The devs have been doing work to have the game "lift" vehicles properly in recent versions, and it sounds like the mod is fighting what the game is doing. No, the mod is not essential in any sense. The physics ranges are a text field at the bottom of your physics.cfg file, and it is trivial to extend them by hand if you want them extended.
  16. Yea, most of the work is the model and the textures. Also I have a lot of experience making game ready models in many, many engines. They all require basically the same setup so I should be good. Barring any weird model import setup or absence of mod tools it will be ready day 1, or at most day 1 and a 1/2.
  17. Make sure all dependencies are installed If that doesn't work, then post a log file (Player.log if KSP 1.8.x, otherwise output_log.txt)
  18. Today
  19. Always wanted something like this, Very cool mod. The only issue I've run into is that fairings don't show up.
  20. For real, we got the "this is how we decided to make the launch trailer" thing which tells us nothing and that's it. We're 1/2 the way to the original launch date from the original reveal and know nothing more about the game than we learned in the 1st week aside that it's been pushed back. Confidence is fading
  21. Which do you think is superior, given similar tech for both opponents?If one opponent nation went all in for mass produced cheap space vehicles, would that not beat one that produced a limited number of heavily armed spacecraft?Scenario is a space battle only, from deep interplanetary space to orbital battle.No planetary bonbardment
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