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  2. I don't care if its the end of the tech tree, or you need to mine gas giants... its OP magic tech that is acting like an anti-matter rocket in its power output. The extreme acceleration is not needed to go interstellar. The OP'd neess of this drive means that you can easily ship helium and hydrogen (its likely hydrogen and Helium3 fusion). I don't know why you say "even H-4". H4 doesn't exist. He-4 exists, and its what you'll get on a terrestrial planet. H-3 is tritium, and is also relatively easy to get on a terrestrial planet (split lithium, or run hydrogen through a nuclear reactor). ICF drives that can do 0.01g brachistichrone trajectories are fine. ICF drives doing 7 Gs are magic tech
  3. That's not enough. The burn planner assumes instantaneous impulse and it works well enough for short burns, you just get a bit of manoeuvring loss. It won't work if you're burning through a significant fraction of your trajectory. You'll need a system that factors in burn time when planning your transfers.
  4. If the 'pre-alpha' footage is what they have now, then spring 2020 seems unlikely.
  5. Just look at the 1300$ and 1500$ setups.
  6. True, that's why we're getting thrust warping (Time warp but allowing engines to continue to operate)
  7. Well, it's a fusion engine, which means it probably needs H-3 or even H-4 fuel, which would only be minable from gas Giants. It's probably a late or even end game item, so if it is OP, probably OP for a reason. The solar systems are about 1 to 2 light years away from each other IIRC. A high output long lasting engine like you're saying would be great for those Journeys. It would be faster than Daedalus which would get you to 12% of C in maybe 3 to 4 months (Note: Daedalus was designed to get to 12% of C in 4 years IRL, but because KSP has a sized down system, I'm guestimating 3 to 4 months)? If you could get up to 12% of C in 1 month, it would seriously cut down travel time.
  8. Fusion drives are fine, but something like the Epstein drive that gives 7 G's of acceleration with an Isp of 1,000,000 s, and a dV of 5% the speed of light (and the total dV could be be much much higher if the fuel fraction is increased, but you could increase the fuel mass by 7x and still get 1G of acceleration. This is ridiculously OP, and the power output is ridiculous. If it was something like 0.01G and 1,000,000s, that'd be more reasonable... but still quite high... Since KSP 2 allows thrusting in time warp, ion engines and other high Isp drives can have much lower and more realistic TWRs, and then they'd be appropriately used for interplanetary and interstellar transfers, without silly things like Ion engine mun and minmus landers. Fusion drives should be great for interplanetary and interstellar drives, but allowing them the TWR to take off from the surface of a large planet is too much. You wouldn't need any drive but the Epstein drive in that case.
  9. @alexustas did you ever create a dedicated lander stage for Alcor
  10. Hey don't sweat it. I just finished a challenge I originally signaled intent to complete in 2014 SM - Elcano's of any sort are not easy!!
  11. Nope. This one is obsolete. However, forked version works with KSP 1.7.x:
  12. Every little bit helps of course. But burns that long would still need a new UI and system for planning and executing them.
  13. Am looking and seeing that V-1 was successfully pulsed propulsed long before straight jets became a mainstream. Also Daedalus has discrete thrust, too. it ignites frozen fusion pellets, not hydrogen flow.
  14. Imagine doing the interstellar docking scene with interstellar parts mod and just using joystick on home cockpit and of course playing no time for caution in background.
  15. I wouldn't think the Epstein drive is magic tech as Fusion reactors are being made as we speak and all of them use magnetic confinement to keep the plasma and radiation within the structure. The toroidal ring fusion reactor uses magnets to keep the plasma and radiation spinning in circles around the chamber. The, IIRC, German fusion reactor uses lasers to create a fusion, and I believe they are also using magnets to keep the plasma from touching the chamber walls. Fusion reactors exist today, Britain has been doing tests of their fusion reactor and managed to take their plasma up to 1000 degrees K sometime last year. They plan to go for 10,000 K this year or the next and then 100,000 K. If they can contain 1,000 K heat with magnets, I don't think it's too far fetched to use the same concept with the epstein drive. Edit: Apparently they have gone all the way up to 15 million Celsius. So yeah, Magnetic containment works. Epstein drive is not magic tech.
  16. I've ended up doing the same, except with a joystick : Even with the VR headset on, you can sense the buttons and remember which button does what. What they should do is add a third button on the little grey alarm meshes everywhere in the cockpit, and make that button warp to the alarm time when Kerba Alarm is installed. About VR: I'll give tips n this thread when I have time :
  17. Roshydromet described the Severodvinsk cloud composition. (upd: ninja'd) According to their description, the cloud contained products of radioactive Ba, Sr, and La decay. 91Sr (9.3 h) 139Ba (83 min) 140Ba (12.8 d) 140La (40 h) appeared from 140Ba and radioactive inert gases produced by their decay. 137Cs is not mentioned.
  18. RosHydroMet air sample analysis is in: strontium-91 barium-139 barium-140 lanthanium-140 and noble gas decay products thereof.
  19. some people have a load-ordering issue. this happens when the mods are not loaded in alphabetically order. I'll try to find a workaround for this. it is a real strange behavior.
  20. Well in Elite Dangerous spaceships require fuel, so......
  21. Well, this thread is nearly a year old, but OP still hangs out, and this is a Heritage Challenge, so the massive necro-post is entirely justified This mission has always been unfinished business for me. I originally signaled intent in October 2014 and started my first foray into one of Death's challenges,which are regarded as detailed, well thought out, and challenging. Fast forward to April 2015 and I'd melted my copy of KSP under the weight of mods and irretrievably broken my game, and my will to play KSP for some time afterwards. Here is my failed Dunaprojekt. Fast forward again...nearly 4.5 years. I present my unfinished business - A collaboration of Goliath National Products, C7 Aerospace, Maxo Construction Toys, Probodobodyne, Steadlier Engineering Corps, and of course Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium. I even through in an Elcano of Duna for good measure VON BRAUNCANO - A DAS DUNAPROJEKT MISSION REPORT FULL MISSION REPORT As you go through the mission report you will see Mission Logs numbers with links to the full mission detail, and below each link to the imgur album with full details you will see a mission summary by way of some explanation and a couple of pertinent pictures. MISSION STATISTICS Mission Statistics: Version - Stock 1.7.0 Wet weight - 198.585t Dry weight - 124.575t Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588 Mass per crew - 33.0975 Science points - This is not a science mission Crew Manifest: Gusbert Kerman - Scientist Hans Kerman - Scientist Kagas Kerman - Pilot Ragas Kerman - Pilot Endous Kerman - Engineer Dudgar Kerman - Engineer Cannot recommend this challenge enough for those looking to do something interesting and meaningful in KSP SM
  22. I was initially optimistic about KSP 2 stock content. The statement that they wouldn't have magic tech/warp drives,/etc was very reassuring. The consulting with an expert to make realistic planets was reassuring. Then I watched the dev video instead of just reading, and this lead guy doesn't give me confidence. I get the sense he's the kind of guy that will take an astronomer's qualified statement about a planet being "potentially habitable", and report it as "habitable", and stuff like that. So now there's a few things that concern me about KSP 2 - that can be modded away I hope, because an optimized engine with nice graphics, axial tilt, etc, should still be a big improvement - I'm not saying KSP 2 will be garbage - just to head off any misconceptions. In one of the interviews, he seems to think alot of KSP is about crashing and explosions: This concerns me. To me KSP is about the challenge of building something that works, the explosions aren't a goal, and aren't why I play it, and I think that hold for many others. Rask and Rusk: this system will not work right without N-body physics. I'd like to see lagarange points, I don't think this is too complicated, as simple hohmans and getting to orbit as people do normally work just fine in Principia. Principia's performance is actually quite good with KSP already, so an optimized KSP2 engine should handle it just fine. Principia's only fault as I look at it now is the user interface (can't even click on a point in the orbit and add a maneuver node) Then there's the tech, which seems like it may be magic tech after all: 1) Metallic hydrogen rockets? This would only work if metalic hydrogen was meta-stable, and would remain metallic after being compressed even if pressure was let off (similar to a diamond). - This is unknown and is speculative. Its not like an Orian drive that we know would work. Its not even like an ICF drive that we know would work (at what scale it would need to be built to work is another question). They are getting very close to being able to examine the properties of metallic hydrogen, and its entirely possible that in a year or two, this type of engine will be shown to be firmly in the magic-tech category. 2) "kerb-stein" drive: Magic tech: Scott Manley on the Epstein drive from the expanse Its magic tech as far as the reaction rate of the fusion, and its magic tech as far as efficiency and energy output. Such a drive with such a ludicrous power output would vaporize itself in a fraction of a second if it was even 99.9% efficient with 0.1% of the energy going to waste heat. And lastly, I'm concerned about all this future tech in a 1/10th scale system... way too OP'd. Will stock KSP 2 be just mincraft in space, with it being trivial to move around the system? At least I'm confident that mods will be able to save it if my concerns turn out to be valid
  23. I would be happy with (and maybe even prefer who knows) a middle ground between procedural and lego parts. Mostly fuel tanks and structural parts, of course. If we had all the parts we have now, but you could place one of them and convert it to another in a UI-friendly way, that would satisfy most of my wants with procedural parts. Imagine unlocking the next bigger tank, and then opening an old ship and just stretching out the current tanks on it to be bigger. Delete half of them (that have nothing attached) and double the rest (not losing any attachments on them) and bam same ship, updated. Or even allow selecting 2 adjacent parts and merging them if a tank of the proper size exists.
  24. Hmm food for thought! Still, makes me realise I haven't even really explored Kerbin that much either. I don't think I've ever actually visited the poles or Keverest for example! I don't think so no - the challenge isn't 100% clear, however I read this line as rule that I had to capture the capsule directly from interplanetary. EEM with room for 6 to land on Kerbin from interplanetary transfer Honestly I thought the whole mission was lost at this stage. first off the capsule would just explode on contact with the upper atmosphere. then I figured out that at 6km/s the fairing was just instantly overheating, so I tried again with the fairing ejected. It still exploded. then I figured out that changing the angle of re-entry just off of a straight up retrograde actually helped the capsule to survive longer. From there it was a matter of finding the angle that the capsule needed to make it. Definitely a sweaty moment though! This reminds me - I need to post up the mission report to the challenge thread SM
  25. tracking distance is not needed for Recovery bases. They will show up on the map according to your settings. open the kk menu on in the map-view. then you might set it visible. maybe ckan is messing up your install and not extracting the new dependency. Thats a CKAN issue and not one from KK itself.
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