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  1. Finally! That is a very useful and much needed part. Thank you very much. Now the evil question... does it generate impulse?
  2. The work you made public here has always been an inspiration besides being one of if not the best collection of KSP craftfiles available. I even asked myself countless times, how you were able to manage and maintain all those craft and keep them up to date with each and every version of KSP. I wish you all the best on your personal adventures in the Kerbol system and beyond! I hope to see you around on the forums and am looking forward to see a screenshot or two of your adventures here and there. Have fun and keep on launching! o7
  3. Yup, i am in that camp as well. Variety was always key to good design possibilities.
  4. Good to see, that we reached the most classic engine parts with the revamp. All those new parts made the old ones rEally look out of place. Looking forward to it.
  5. Thats the spirit! - Well done! Back in the days where i played more frequently, i spent hours and hours to fit micro SSTOs into cargo bays for Laythe and Duna missions... Sadly, the physics model changed to much, that they don´t work anymore. I am sure, i will return to that in KSP 2, if it is an option to think, build, fly like in this lovely game...
  6. Very nice! Now make it foldable, pack it up and go for a ride on Duna
  7. Its dead Jim, but not as we know it.
  8. Awesome job and thank you very much to the Dev team.
  9. Looks great! This update will bring some cool New screenshoT opportunities
  10. Exciting times. Looking so much forward to 2020
  11. I am in total awe... watched the trailer about 10 times before even thinking about visiting the forums. I am in for the journey!
  12. Awesome... Definitely worth landing a new colony on...