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  1. Frank_G

    History and Parts Pack and Free Update Delayed

    Developers who care about delivering a solid product are good developers. Take your time - your effort is really appreciated.
  2. Frank_G

    What was the first thing you did when you bought KSP?

    The first thing? I failed miserably but with a loud laugh... ( that parachute staging thing, we all did )
  3. Very cool! Looking forward to the new looks and features
  4. Finally. Thank you very much. A laser-altimeter was really missing.
  5. "Lauch" is the german word for leek... as we know, we just have successfully grown some seeds on the moon, so Kerbals might have tried it with leek and succeeded big time... as usual. Edit: It could have gone worse... Earlier in a nuclear missile silo: I said lunch, not launch...
  6. Frank_G

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    Getting back from Eve... like in the olde days, when we needed 12 - 15km/s of deltaV... Just get your stuff together and do it man...
  7. Excellent work. The revamped parts really brought me back into KSP... already fiddling with some new designs. Looking forward to the upcoming visual improvements
  8. The whole overhaul actually got me playing again after 2 years of absence... Looking forward to coming changes. You are doing an excellent job
  9. Frank_G

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    My best / worst mission failure? This here: After assembling this thing in orbit, which took a dozen launches, all that was left was the heatshield... and then the Kraken struck... I spent seconds, if not minutes staring at the screen, before i started laughing. I never repeated the mission. Instead i got back to the drawing board and designed something new. Which resulted in the Duna Trek mission, which is still my favorite mission to date.
  10. Been there ages ago - This game is so addictive, i can only fight it with learning to code and playing Elite: Dangerous... which both do require the same obvious thing X.x
  11. Frank_G

    A farewell is necessary!

    Good luck on your future endeavors . Full speed ahead and enjoy whatever you do!
  12. There is no fun in trial and error, only good calculations or more data to take into account for the next time. Okay, there are those trials were it all goes boom... that is fun... Fly dangerous! o7
  13. After so many years, this is still my most favorite thread. Thank you Raptor9 for your inspiring work
  14. Where was this feature in the early days? Thank you so much for this very need addition. And it looks convenient too...