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  1. I only used visual mods on "classic" KSP... so if KSP2 looks good by default, well... that it is for me :)
  2. Thank you for the update! Take all the time you need, to make KSP2 the gem it deserves to be!
  3. Launching the most basic rocket... of course with the parachute executing in the same stage as the main engine. It is tradition!
  4. All the best to you on your new orbit. Always aim for the stars
  5. Godspeed and all the best on your way! Land safely, wherever you are going. o7
  6. In these days of early access and hasted releases, it feels so good to have a finished product at hand, with nothing left but a little care-patch here and there maybe. It was a great journey and i very much look forward to continue the journey with KSP2. Thank you so much for countless hours of fun, explosions and all the space related knowledge, that i was err forced to grasp during playing the game. Never stop going forward. Godspeed!
  7. I play both career and sandbox. The only mods i use are of visual nature (clouds, shaders and such things). I very much like well planned missions with conscientious tested vehicles and spending time on putting craft through all kind of tests is one of my most favorite parts of playing KSP.
  8. I love the look of Blender in the morning :D... Well done, nice touch of details. Will the wires at those legs/arms be rigged to move and deform with the limb? Are you using blendshapes for that? Just curious
  9. Well... i seriously thought, the SSTO would need some in depths re-design to lift a full orange tank into orbit, but actually it succeeded on first try with some oomph to spare. It made it safely back to Kerbin in one piece, but i de-orbited too early and could not make it over the mountain range at KSC due to lack of fuel... landing in the wild isn´t that bad though. The rear wheels were definitely a good idea, otherwise it would have lost its rear engines... There is a weight-shift problem though when picking up payload from orbit and returning it to Kerbin. The craft tends to tumble out of control due to weight shift to the back. I guess, simply exchanging cargo and utility bay would do the trick, as the payload would be located in the front section of the payload area. But that is something for tomorrow.
  10. Today i updated my Mk. 3 spaceplane, flew a little mission and returned safely to Kerbin. Tomorrow i will try to put a full orange tank into orbit with this six R.A.P.I.E.R. configuration. Launching from KSC: Cruising to altitude: Building up speed: In orbit: Deploying cargo: Re-Entry: Desert Airfield in sight: Landed at Desert Airfield: Orbital SCIENCE!
  11. Today i built a 3.75 m / 7 kerbal command pod. Features loads of RCS fuel for orbital shenanigans and cargo capacity for tools and other useful stuff.
  12. For payloads under 35 tons and size of Mk2 and below, i definitely prefer spaceplanes. For anything above or for more spacious cargo, i use rockets. My own preferred limitations are pre-defined fairing types though. All my transfer stages are pre-designed and come in two fairing versions - a profile fitting fairing and a slightly wider fairing. Launchers also come in different versions with a single configuration, strapped on SRBs or triple configuration, using two additional, identical rockets as LFO boosters. All launchers and transfer stages are tested and the results of long optimization phases. Their capabilities are documented in the vessel description and once the payload is ready, i can choose appropriately with a save launch and a go-to-orbit-today guaranteed. I haven´t touched the field of reusable rockets yet though... that might be a good field to explore in future designs.
  13. Confirmed. For me too. There is also an issue, with the lights not keeping color on launch. I guess, this minor issue will be solved soon
  14. I really took a long break from playing KSP, but all the cool new features in this update got me back into the game. Enjoying it again, so a big thanks to you, dev-team
  15. Today i came up with a new design for my Constellation style Duna lander. More cargo capacity, sleeker design and in opposition to the old one, quite a good glider at altitudes above 5.000 m. It slightly tumbled out of control once at 7.000m , but the base design is something to build and experiment on. Here you can see it on its maiden test-flight above Kerbin. Deorbiting: Parachutes out: Touchdown imminent: ...and back on solid ground:
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