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  1. Awesome... Definitely worth landing a new colony on...
  2. All the best to you! It was a long and cool journey and i am not planning on leaving any time soon
  3. Clouds / atmospheric effects would be nice and a revamp of the last engine and tank parts, just to move away from KSP being an ongoing construction site.
  4. Its a time predator... Just one launch... Two hours gone X.x Honestly, the worst thing for me is the lack of proper IVA instrumentation. I really hate to rely on mods (that is true for all games) and to have something like a basic version of RasterPropMonitors would make the list of game features close to perfect.
  5. I liked Making History, but Breaking Ground is awesome in all aspects. The new parts and construction features, the tons of new possibilities... it is just awesome.
  6. They mark comms connections from your craft to the ground bases and relay satellites. You can switch to different comms views, using the little icon located on the top left of the screen. They are quite handy, if you play with "connection required" on, as probe cores can only be controlled and science thingies can only transmit with established connections. Celestial bodies block connections and the quality of the connectIon is balanced between antenna strength and connection distance. Transmissions are also blocked by re-entry plasma generation, if the option is turned on. Adds quite some planing beef to the game, if you choose to play with these options.
  7. I could imagine a fully closed helmet and the portrait showing the Kerbal with Ironman like HUD in the lower corner... X.x
  8. Very nice and welcome to the forums! If you copy the bbc-code from your imgur picture site and paste it into the post, the picture is shown directly here, so people don't need to leave the page
  9. Thank you very much for the article! The new parts really changed a lot in KSP. So much new things to experiment and play with.
  10. Custom - a nice hard shell exoskeleton like suit.
  11. Continuing to experiment with VTOL propeller craft, with the goal in mind to have one of these serving a surface base on Duna or Laythe one day... It uses fixed RPM settings and throttle controlled propeller deployment-angles, as well as controllable pitch for the engine nacelles. and it already flies stable enough, that i don´t need the help of any SAS...
  12. Snack Poker - crack the Snackpot and win the ultimate amount of deep space nutrient bars Kerbal Metro Sim - build and manage a city on Kerbin and import it into KSP
  13. I was thinking about using a robotic arm, to move the shield away from my Eve lander, before releasing the shield. The arm could then be used to support the landing gear and adjust the landed crafts position for optimal launch conditions.