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  1. Which mod are you using to capture your science data? Looks really useful!
  2. Can't remember which mod it was, but one of them (possibly a version of scatterer) let you view a wireframe model of the world, which let you see the different levels of detail the planet had. Might be interesting to see if the two match up?
  3. Going off of what was mentioned here: Taking a rep hit every time you create a craft isn't a bad idea. The REP hit would increase dramatically with increased spending, so if you blow the bank on a single launch, you feel the consequences. Launching the craft and getting it into space, on the other hand, would net you a REP bonus, which would be dependent on how much payload you've taken to orbit (how much of the rocket reaches a stable orbit), and the mass of the craft in the first place, or other factors. So if you build a massive launcher and it fails on the launchpad, you take a hit
  4. Situation report: Designs for the ball part of the navball are progressing nicely. I now have access to a 3d printer all the time, so as soon as I get this finalised I should be ready to print and do a test fit. With Christmas coming up I'm hoping that I can get the motors required, so that will no longer be an issue as well. Finally, I have been looking into human interface devices in order to connect the final device to my pc - it seems excessive to have an ardunio doing something as simple as reading serial information and moving some motors.
  5. Yeah that fixed it, was running with deadlyreentry's ablative shielding even though I'd removed that mod.
  6. Since updating to 1.1.3, (jumped directly from 1.0.5) I've been getting loads of NullReferenceException spam, which has been slowing my framerate down to about 20fps. The problem still persists when all the .dll files have been removed, so I doubt it's caused by that. Using save file editing to remove craft has been semi-helpful, in that when the number of craft is less than 28 the problem goes away. It doesn't seem to matter which craft I have installed - I checked by duplicating a simple command port craft that had been used for a rescue mission, and the exception spam still occurred when th
  7. I know exactly the problem that you're having with intercepts, having tried to tackle the same problem myself when working on a KSP calculator. Best of luck to you guys!
  8. After being inspired by a number of physical ksp interface projects (most notably NeoMorph's REAL Nav Ball Project), and knowing that I'd have a lot of time on my hands this summer, I decided to delve into the wonderful world of physical interfaces. So far I've managed to bodge together an altimeter, as a proof of concept and to test my codebase. I'm using a needle dial display that I had lying around, together with an arduino and the KRPC plugin. Nice and simple so far, but I'm pleased with the progress that I'm making.
  9. If I understand correctly, they procedurally generated smaller craters for the Mun, which were then added to the displacement map. So the craters do not change between saves, but the smaller craters were not added manual.
  10. Back in 0.21, the Mun was given a make over with procedural craters, which has made it a much more interesting place to visit. Does anyone know if there are any plans to impliment a similar cratering on other bodies in the Kerbal System? I'd love to see them applied to Duna - would make driving on long missions more interesting than it is now
  11. With the revamping of the map gui system, will we be getting improved useability? Like the ability to sticky the inclination nodes?
  12. Welp. I also saw your tweet, and have been working on this in my own time (without telling anyone because I have a terrible work ethic and never finish anything). If anyone wants to have a look at the finished article, which should be done in at most 2 weeks, I'll be happy to put it up here. Any constructive criticism would also be greatly appreciated! I've also been considering making a part similar to this in a different style, more in line with the B9 parts (not sure how great the spindly parts are going to look in game)...
  13. I'm having a little trouble with a custom config, where the engine fails to change Isp when using different fuel mixes... Can anyone suggest why? MODULE { name = ModuleEngineConfigs type = ModuleEngines origMass = 0.098 configuration = NTO & UDMH CONFIG { name = NTO & UDMH maxThrust = 16 massMult = 1.00 IspSL = 1.00 IspV = 1.00 PROPELLANT { name = NTO ratio = 2.1 DrawGauge = True flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH } PROPELLANT { name = UDMH ratio = 1.0 flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH } } CONFIG { name = Lqd Oxygen & Kerose
  14. Ah, fair enough. Probably not appropriate for that purpose then... Thanks for pointing out what was pretty obvious!
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