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  1. Thankfully they've already confirmed that KSP 2 will not have loot boxes or microtransactions. Might have some kind of DLC though
  2. Unity is usually a good game engine, but with large games (space and physics oriented games especially) like KSP, there's often technical limitations or weird unfixable physics bugs that appear (e.g. the Krakens). Though on the other hand, it makes sense if they want to port KSP 2 to various platforms, which would be completely unfeasible if it were written from scratch without a proper game engine.
  3. It's not really a single mission but back in 2014 or so I went to the Mun, Minmus (both of which for the first time), Duna, Eeloo, Jool and Laythe in one sitting
  4. KSP 1.3.1 is still my favorite version by far. It seems to have the best modding support, very stable (comparatively), the last version before being bought out by T2 (i probably would've kept updating if it weren't for the redshell scandal though), and the later versions of KSP don't really add enough new stuff to make me want to bother upgrading my mods.
  5. KSP 2 will (hopefully) be created from the ground up, making it faster, overall better and will increase what they can do in future updates (though the fact that it's reportedly being created in Unity as well does somewhat bring that into question). i.e they said it would include interstellar travel which isn't really possible in a practical sense in KSP 1. All these DLCs and now a sequel to the game does come off as greedy to me as well (and i probably won't buy KSP 2 unless it truely lives up to its hype), but it's by definition not fraud.
  6. It would be cool if they supported raytracing.
  7. Even if they did re-implement redshell (which they almost certainly won't because of the backlash from last time they tried to), you could just delete the redshell DLL to disable it without impacting the rest of the game.
  8. All of KSP's music (except for the title screen song) is royalty free.
  9. Rockets. despite having played KSP for 5 1/2 years i still can't create a functioning plane.
  10. According to the trailer, KSP 2 will be available on PC as well as consoles. Will the console and PC versions of the game be cross-compatible? (i.e you could transfer a PC save to console or play multiplayer on PC with console users)
  11. There won't be any discount for veteran KSP players.
  12. Probably made from scratch with C++. If they use a proper engine like Unity again they're going to run into a lot of the same bugs and issues that KSP 1 has EDIT: nope, looks like it's Unity again
  13. I feel like updates are being released way too quickly now. Not like that's a bad thing on it's own, but the recent updates (not including dlc) have been so small and hardly significant, adding little more than a few extra parts, reskinned parts and other changes. I can hardly even tell the difference between 1.7 and 1.3. And it seems like modders are having a difficult time keeping up as well, from what I noticed.