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  1. A lot of news outlets have published articles about this: Am I missing something? They all say 70x the mass of our sun but that doesn't seem particularly massive for a black hole.
  2. I think a major update dedicated solely to QOL changes and tons of bug-fixes as well as smaller additions to the game would be nice.
  3. In KSP1, it's easy because the Sun is at the center of the universe and everything goes around it. However, if you have different stars that are gravitationally unaffected by eachother, then how would the positions of those objects be decided? Especially if you were to manually edit their orbits?
  4. Came across an old video on youtube. Link is in my signature
  5. Windows Analytics can be turned off entirely, although it usually requires a third party program in order to do thoroughly and completely. The point is though, it can be done. A handful of us (myself included) do not use Windows 10. Edit: Another thing I feel should be pointed out is that it may not just be 'boring metadata'; the fact that KSP is closed source means there's no way to find out what exactly it's sending. Depending on what you classify as boring metadata, it can be used to identify people uniquely in some pretty interesting ways, such as recording how fast you type down to the millisecond and then pairing that up with other data to give you a unique ID (which is a real thing), all without you knowing. Although more commonly it'll just identify you by your IP or physical address There's two main problems with this: 1. It's often given to third parties, which T2's EULA admits to. We don't know who these third parties are, which on top of the privacy issues already at hand, makes it an even more alarming security and privacy issue. 2. Data breaches happen, potentially making the information collected on you public. Many companies, especially ones that are supposed to be entrusted with our personal info, don't even bother with security. Combining those two points, a notorious example of this was when Equifax got hacked. Granted, I seriously doubt T2 is elevating its data collection all the way to social security numbers (though it definitely has the capability), Equifax *somehow* got ahold of hundreds of millions of SSNs, most of which from people who've never even used their service.
  6. T2 has one of the most egregious data privacy policies I've ever seen from a company. Just stick with 1.3.1, the newer versions have almost nothing of value besides for a few new parts and bits of functionality. KSP 1.3.1 is what I use and it works great. IMO, this is the best approach. Also as a sidenote, wireshark might be useful for figuring out where it's sending requests to. With this aggressive anti-privacy stance from T2, that's another reason why I'm skeptical of KSP2. I understand most people don't really care about that sort of thing and it'll probably do fine regardless, but I know that I'm not going to waste my time trying it if it's as privacy-invasive as KSP 1.8 is. As another side note, don't trust 'opt out' features. I remember facebook had something like this and it didn't respect whether a user had opted out or not. T2 might be the same way. It's also possible that the Unity update may have to do it, as they don't have the best privacy track record either. Though it's probably T2. Lastly, unlike the original KSP team, T2 doesn't care about making a good product or respecting its paying customers. Like most big companies, especially just big gaming companies, they just care about making money through any means possible, even if that means taking away the player's right to privacy. It's a shame that situation befell KSP, although not surprising. Anyways that concludes my mini-rant lol. This post ended up being a lot bigger than i intended.
  7. This came to mind a little while ago and I'm trying to find out if it's theoretically possible or not, but am not getting a clear answer anywhere. Say you have two entangled particles. One is put into a spaceship on orbit, the other is on Earth. Then, you use a giant laser or some other means to propel the spacecraft in orbit to very close to light speed. At that point, the spacecraft is traveling through time very quickly due to time dilation. From the ship's perspective, it would've traveled much farther through time. Through the entangled particle on Earth, would you be able to use this to 'see' into the future (or interact with the distant future), or is something missing here?
  8. I do agree that the gas giant is an eyesore, and that's a complaint that I, too brought up in the past when I first started playing the game. However, not all gas giants in the game look like that and I should've picked a different one. i'll forward that complaint to the developer.
  9. The modern environmentalist movement frustrates me so much. It's no longer about the science, it's about economic reform and unrelated social issues (i.e 'reparations'). They reject actually feasible methods of clean power like nuclear and hydro and are against pretty much everything except for wind and solar. No biofuels, natural gas or geoengineering is acceptable to them, even though they're all potentially useful tools to combat climate change. The people at the head of this whole thing have no spine. also see:
  10. This is quite an interesting idea. I'll try it out when I get the chance.
  11. Maybe I should've picked another gas giant for that scene then, because most of the gas giants in the game don't look that eccentric. Same can be said for the spiky moons. Most gas giants look more normal, such as this one: Also, the game is still in early-access development (which I should've made clear earlier) and is entirely developed by one person, so I guess some lack of polish is what you'd expect.
  12. To be fair, we only 'know' the appearance of a handful of gas giants, so it's possible that some may actually look like that.
  13. Just putting this here in case any of you are interested. Basically it's a game about colonizing space in a kind of post-apocalyptic sci-fi settings. There's 270 billion planets and any player can contribute to the game's current network of player-built jumpgates, colonies, and soon, terraforming. The ultimate goal of the game is to find Earth. Scott Manley also made a video of it a while ago, but it's fairly dated. Even if the game doesn't interest you or you don't want to shell out $20, you may enjoy the video that I made, which obviously is inspired by the KSP Build Fly Dream video.
  14. 5G sounds cool in some circumstances but because of how short-range and noisy it is, I doubt it'll ever fully replace 3G or 4G
  15. I already see KSP as feature-complete, so all that would really be left is to fix bugs and improvement performance