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  1. I recently put together a quick video documenting the history of space flight, I just thought I'd put it here in case any of you find it interesting/entertaining.
  2. I'm not entirely sure where the correct place to put this is, but I recently created a "This Is SpaceX" video based off of the one they did in 2013 which you guys can watch here if interested. Sharing would also be appreciated as I have no other way of publicizing these kinds of videos other than word of mouth and whatever the youtube algorithm feels like doing.
  3. I'd like to pick this up again whenever I get back into KSP, but it's fairly dead at the moment.
  4. I'm pretty sure the idea of aliens in KSP 2 has been soundly rejected already. Perhaps some rare plant/microbial alien life would be interesting though
  5. KSP was supposedly doing fine financially before they introduced DLC, which """coincidentally""" started coming out at around the time they were bought out. I would much rather have had them simply raise the base price of the game in exchange for the DLC content being free. Uh what??? I think you missed my point entirely because I have no idea what you are talking about. I was referring to the intrusive telemetry present in newer versions of the game. I seem to recall the aircraft hangar having a pretty nasty one. I haven't played KSP (or used the hangar) in a while so maybe it got fixed. My main issue with reusing Unity is that they're missing a lot of opportunities to improve the game. Especially with the extra DLC money they're bringing in not to mention being owned by a massive corporation, I'm sure they could've afforded to create it from scratch and have a much better end product. While I don't think KSP 2 will be bad, I expect that it will be very similar to KSP 1 but with some engine changes that will allow for some extra functionality. Unity can be extremely buggy and its physics engine was directly responsible for a number of the "Kraken" physics bugs present in the game. Not an argument While this isn't true, it first must be stated EULA's as a whole are a violation of users' rights and should always be condemned when games use them. Most of the time they just say the usual stuff such as no distributing copies of the game or reverse engineering it, but KSP uses a blanket EULA used for other T2 games that gives them permission to collect a bunch of sensitive info that they don't need. Furthermore, Take Two's EULA also contains a highly anti-consumer binding arbitration clause, which basically means that you essentially can't sue them for anything, ever (well you can, but it's guaranteed to go nowhere), and it instead goes through an arbitration process that almost always sides with the company. This practice is so egregious that it's banned in most countries outside of the US. Doesn't address my point Most of what I've seen with the recent updates is a few new parts or reskins for old parts. They don't add much in the way of gameplay like older updates did. Honestly I think they're just doing it so the community doesn't stagnate before KSP 2 comes out.
  6. most of my kerbals (the useful ones anyways) have already been launched into deep space, so they are safe from the kerona virus.
  7. KSP is one of the few Steam games that has no DRM, so thankfully you can just copy it somewhere else and play it without Steam messing it up. Just stick with an older version and you should be good. 1.3.1 is still my favorite version of the game.
  8. Man do I have a lot of these. -DLC -Spyware -Rampant memory leaks and other bugs that don't get fixed -KSP 2 using the same game engine (unity) -Not implementing the old barn models for the KSC -Terrible, awful, indefensible EULA -Still quite inflexible when it comes to modding -Recent updates tend to be mediocre, rapidly pushed out and lack quality and content.
  9. - Make Jool a lot bigger - Move all the planets much farther apart. Right now, I feel like going to different planets is too easy. Real life space missions basically never thrust all of the way to a distant planet because of how far away they are, but instead use gravitational assists and other tricks to make the trip. In KSP, gravitational assists are hardly ever necessary to get somewhere. - More procedurally generated features. For most of the planets in-game, once you've seen it once you have basically seen it all. Procedurally generating some terrain and land features could make exploring more worthwhile.. - And lastly, the Gas Planet 2 that we were all promised but never got.
  10. Depends on who you ask. I don't play on the newer KSP versions, nor have I purchased any of the DLC, but it seems overpriced in my opinion. Not to mention much of the same functionality can be added with some mods. I think you should just research the expansions and if you think you'll enjoy playing on them, then get the expansions. What other people think about it shouldn't matter.
  11. Plane building/flying. For as long as I've played this game I still can't for the life of me build a plane that flies smoothly, if at all.
  12. Stationary points. Having all the stars be moving relative to each other would be a complete nightmare to program.
  13. Rockets exclusively. For how long I've played ksp i still can't for the life of me build a spaceplane properly.
  14. Does anyone have a copy of this I can download? Looks like the site in the OP is currently broken
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